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I've only given Ian 3 baths in his little baby bath...other than that I have just wiped him down. ::looking around guiltily:: It's just so cold around here....I do think you can give a baby a bath as often as you want unless you see his/her skin not reacting well or something. I have worries about eczema with this kid so I have been relaxed about bathing him too often.

Interestingly, he loves his baths though. He just looks around and has never even squawked once. I wondered if it was because he was a waterbirth. Our big-person bathtub has been out of commission for months and dh almost has it fixed. I can't wait to take a bath with him in the next few days, I think he will really love that.
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i think you are absolutely right. she would always feel cold to the touch after the bath. now, we usually shower w/her but sometimes i will bathe her in the tub with me. the bathroom is all nice and warm and steamy, and i dry her in the bathroom, then take her right out to the changing table for a lotion massage and a change into PJs. her skin is all warm, she's happy and cooing, and it's so adorable. i feel bad for the times i tortured her in that tub.
Yup, both of mine hated that tub too. And they have both LOVED nursing in the tub. With dd #1 as a first time mom I remember being surprised the first few times I would bathe with her that she would cry every time I got too close. Took me a little while to figure out that the cries coincided with every time a naked nipple crossed her path and she wasn't getting any! Once she was able to happily latch on at will she loved the bath.
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I took an herb bath with him everyday for the first week, and then either bathed him or brought him in the shower with me every 2-3 days. (His skin gets pretty dry)
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Jon is a month old and he has had 3-4 baths and 2 showers. He's got really oily skin and also sleeps in dh's armpit so the two combined makes for a stinky baby.
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Ds gets bathed once a week with just water. I do use soap on his hair though. He has a lot of hair and it gets all crusty from dried milk and spit up.
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Jack has had a few baths. I do it when he stinks. He spits up a lot, so I am paranoid about him stinking. I have never taken him in the shower... is there anything special I need to know to do that? I hate baths, never take them, so in order for us to bathe together it will have to be in the shower.
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I have the same tub Muffin does, and Olivia tolerates it reasonably well, but it makes sense that they get cold in it ... I think now that I've stopped bleeding (I think) I'll do the next bath with her - that sounds fun!
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I've wiped her down here and there, shampooed her hair with a washcloth twice when it was getting a little stinky and used some Burt's Bees oil on her scalp...

But, no real baths yet...I love my baby's stank! :
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i've got another one of the stinky armpit babies! we've only given him two baths in his five weeks of life. but we do take him in the shower once in a while. Sometimes I just wash his hair over the sink to get the stinky armpit/spitup smell off!
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no baths or showers... just washcloth wipedowns
he's just not smelly or dirty
i wish i had a water sling though so i could feel comfortable taking him in shower
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Madison gets one about once a week and she takes it with me.
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ds gets cleaned one way or the other at least once a week. Most of the time DH just gives him a sponge bath. I have also taken him in the shower with me twice (we have a water pouch) and he and I have taken a bath together once. We haven't used soap on him yet, though. I have really sensitive skin and want to avoid anything that will bother him until we absolutely have to.
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I think she's had 4 baths in seven weeks. :x First one wasn't until like 3 weeks old or so. Well, a few days shy. Pretty much she's bathed whenever we go to MIL's house since it smells like smoke.
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Cyrus has had one bath, more because it sounded like fun than I thought he needed it. We put him in one of those mesh bath chairs in the big bathtub, and he adored it. We took plenty of photos for his prom date. He doesn't seem dirty or smelly, so I'll probably keep them infrequent until he starts, y'know, making mud pies and stuff. They're fun but they are a bit of a production.
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Originally Posted by *MamaJen* View Post
We took plenty of photos for his prom date.
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ryan's not had a bath yet @ 3 weeks, i've washed her hair, once after birth. other that that, i wipe down her face and neck, and her butt of course. her skins been really dry so i don't want to bathe her too often.
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Crikey! Alex has had a bath with either Daddy or Mommy every evening since he was born! I guess at first I wanted him to get used to floating freely (we support the back of his head far enough up so that his ears don't get wet, let alone face) just incase he became colicky like his older sister. Long baths combined with numerous nursing sessions were truely what got us through her colic. Alex has indeed followed in his sister's footsteps and is colicky, and like his sister, long baths are a godsend. He stops crying as soon as he hears the water running, and we even got one of his first smiles in the bath.

*knock on wood* his skin hasn't dried out, so well keep on with the nightly ritual.
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was bathing nicky in her little tub about twice a week, plus a washcloth top and bottom as necessary. she's minded it less and less (see first and second and later). but our apartment is super drafty, so this morning we put her in the shower with daddy which she loved! he held her with washcloths, but i'll definitely need to get a mesh sling. am now officially over baby tub, too hard to fill one-handed.
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It was killing my mom that we hadn't bathed Zara in her first few days of life. She is 11 weeks now and we bath her maybe 2x/week. DH always does it b/c I'm actually scared of bathing a newborn, dumb I know but this way he always does it I just gave her one the other day and it was kind of fun. Anyways dh always put her in the kitchen sink and then the big tub. She loves it! I love BB apricot oil on her afterwards.
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After both my boys having dry skin and reading about the skin problems that can come from bathing too frequently... we give Jasmine a sponge bath once a week. If she's stinky we'll do it a little sooner... but I prefer to let her skin absorb her natural oils and not get dry like the boys did. Eh... that's just us.
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