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Headaches while pregnant?

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I was just wondering...I have been having major headaches almost eveyday with this pregnancy. I didnt have that at all with ds but I dont know if these headaches are from the hormones or what. I upped my water intake to almost a gallon a day, but still have them. I do have a cold, but had the headaches even before that so...I dont know I just thought I would check and see if this was just a twin preg. thing. Also having lots of cramping at only 16 wks, but since I upped my water it hasnt been as much. I just cant help worrying. I feel like everyday there is something new going on in my body, and it is soooo different than when I was pregnant with only one. When I first found out that we were having twins, I just freaked, but the thought of something happening to one of them now makes me worry so much.
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Lurking... pg. Might be twins. I have had more headaches than normal for me and more than I had when pg. with dd....

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Hmm, I would have said more water but a gallon a day is good. I didn't notice any headaches when I was pregnant with the twins so I'm not sure what to say. Do you see a chiropractor? That would probably be a good option anyway. Are you getting enough sleep? As far as the cramping, just listen to your body and rest as often as you need to. I had very strong contractions throughout my whole (40 week) pregnancy. As long as you are drinking plenty of water and resting when you need to, it should be fine. I started getting as many as 10-15 in a hour, which is supposed to be cause for alarm but nothing ever came of it. You just have to rest alot with a twin pregnancy-sometimes getting up and walking across the room would bring on some whoppers of contractions for me. Just take it easy as much as you can.
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My twin pregnancy was the first that I had big headaches. For me it was the fatigue + dehydration.
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Oh, I'm sorry about the headaches... that is no fun at all! I have had migraines since I was 12 years old. The only thing that would touch them was a drug cocktail that included codeine, which obviously I am not going near when pregnant. So after getting a really bad migraine 1x a week for 3 weeks in the early part of this pregnancy, I went to an alternative medicine doctor for cranio sacral therapy - basically a touch/energy treatment that ensures proper flow of your cerebral spinal fluid through your spine and skull. After session 1, I didn't get any more migraines. After about 4 sessions, I have not had any more headaches - this is totally amazing for me. If you can find someone who does cranio sacral and also is skilled in pregnancy support, that would be the best - b/c yes, our hormones are totally whacked right now, too!

I hope you find some relief soon.
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Are they sinus related? I always get sinus headaches while pg though for a while I didn't know they were sinus (never had probs in the past). I think I was told it was due to the increased blood flow. What works the best is a hot mug pressed on my cheeks. Relieves the pressure and the headache.
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