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That is the million dollar question, will epic flying training come down? We have been wondering that here too, I don't have epic flying on either of my 70's. Has Bliz even shared official info on the use and usefulness of flying in Northrend? I don't think I've seen anything official on that.

My dd told me that she saw a Blue post that season 1 Arena gear would be removed from the game once season 4 starts.
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It's true
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will be removed for purchase, if you have the stuff it wont poof, but i guess they only want three seasons of arena gear out at a time. although, did you see all the faction pvp rewards they put in, that will be very nice for people who just ding 70, im excited to level some more alts to 70 now.

http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=5383.0 scroll down to the arena .5 gear message. /cheer
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Yes I understand that it's removed for purchase

I jsut think season 2 is ugly and don't want to wear it. Also I'm disappointed because I wanted to get season 1 for my priest (yes because I think it's pretty lol), but I know there is no way I will hit 70 on her and grind the gear before season 4 arrives. She has been hovering at level 36 for quite awhile lol.

Eh I suppose I could get dh to give me a week of dungeon power leveling and get her to 70.
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neat! that'll be great for my lvl 66 hunter, Saemai who is still sporting Rhok'delar among other now useless tier 1 and 2
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I report people AFK all the time. Nothing bugs me more then having someone mooch marks and honor off of your hard work.

When you report them it will send them a message: "Shalena has reported you AFK, if this isn't true type /AFK Cancel or enter combat. Thanks!"
I'll usually call them out in /bg too. I was accidently reported once before WSG started, so that's how I know what the message says.
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OMG do not fall for that /afk cancel. You can not cancel the afk report debuff that way. And that message you got before the BG started, that was a player being a jerk. They use these macros in /say so they can trick people not paying attention and when you /afk cancel all it does is remove you from the game. Don't do it!

People suck. I swear.
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oh whoops sorry .. <- that guy confused me.

im pretty sure if you type /afk cancel you will be kicked from the game. ive never been reported afk that i noticed, lol, so i wouldnt know, "that reminds me of people being like, hey target me and type /d for donation!"

arduinna, did you see that some dutch guy got to level 70 in 1day and 17 hours played, INSANE i tell you!

omg after i posted that i went to look for the actual post and found out that the guy who has claimed to do that is athene. the "youre a pro or youre a noob, thats life" guy, so i dont know if i believe it.

i think he and his girlfriend make a cute couple though.

ok way OT, ill shut up now.
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yes /afk in any battleground will kick you out of it, no matter what you put after it. Don't do it unless you want to leave.

I saw a tauren post with screenshots (that showed the /played time) a few months ago that they leveled a pally alt to 60 in some insane amount of /played I can't remember how long anymore but it was under 2 days. They did it over one weekend just dungeons all day long.

We started doing that with my priest that was already level 22ish, and got her to level 36 fairly quickly but it's mind numbingly boring. We have done Cathedral I do not know how many times. On the plus side, I've gotten plenty of enchanting mats, especially shards lol. And I already have money for my mount, that she earned herself. And you never need to buy gear

I called him and asked if we could resume because I really want season 1 for her.
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Eh forget it, we did one run to Downs and I just didn't want to go again. Getting that priest to 70 is hopeless lol.
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I got Juise to 70 pretty fast because some of my friends and I all started alts at the same time, and made a complete group. We just ran dungeon after dungeon, which is very easy when you have a solid group and all experienced players. It wasn't exactly a day and a half, hehe, but it *was* quite fast, and a lot of fun. When you're all actually the level you're supposed to be for a dungeon, you get *lots* of exp
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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post
Has Bliz even shared official info on the use and usefulness of flying in Northrend? I don't think I've seen anything official on that.
I haven't seen anything official, but my understanding was that you wouldn't be able to fly for most of the time.
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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post

People suck. I swear.
They do it in general chat all the freaking time in AV. I usually tell them to go first. Or to type /camp. Does /camp even do anything anymore? I think it used to log you off.
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Everytime I see jerks using that

/e macro that says "jerkwad" has reported you afk to cancel type /afk cancel I say something in the BG chat. It's griefing as far as I'm concerned. I wish they would ban people from BGs that do it. they spam it and when I say something they say crap like, well now all the noobs will leave and we can win. /rolleyes

Yes it used to, but I haven't used /camp in so long I'm not sure if it still works or not. Heck I'm still annoyed that you can't cook on the bbq from my picnic basket ( the loot card one)
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You don't get a message when reported AFK, just a debuff that has a piggy icon. If you hover over it, it says something like "enter pvp combat to remove"
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I see you, DawnaRose!
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step away from the WoW
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Oh 2.4 wherefor art thou

I wonder if we will get it this week?
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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post
Oh 2.4 wherefor art thou

I wonder if we will get it this week?
Please, no. Our first new post-dramariffic-guild-split Kara run is scheduled for Tuesday and I really want it to go well. I would be heartbroken if the server was borked from the new patch and everyone was off at Sunwell Plateau instead of in Kara with me.

How 'bout next week?
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