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I sent a letter to Oprah!

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I was watching her show yesterday and they were talking about how much Americans waste and how we are such a throw away society. So I got online and wrote to her about cloth diapers!!!! Wouldn't it be wild if she did a show on cd!!!!
I feel like even if people don't want to use them, they should at least be informed before they decide not to use them, ya know? I hate it that everyone thinks they are all pins and rubber pants 30 yrs later!

Anyone wanna join the bandwagon and write to Oprah?
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good for you!
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That's great!!!

What's the addy you used to write to her?
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then I went to the section about ideas for shows.
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Good for you!!! That would be so cool if she did a show on it, or at least a segment. Hey, maybe she would do a blurb on bfing too.

Oh, I can see it now... she could have WAHM's on the show, and a part where babies model different dipes. How neat would that be???
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I know, as I was typing the letter I was picturing Linda on stage talking about HH,
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Ya know, Oprah does a whole lot of those "I was a SAHM and I started ___ business" shows. It would be great if some of these WAHMs got recognized for their work. I can just see it now...interviews with celebrities that have ordered from that WAHM and freebies to audience members. Watch out...our little cd world could experience irreversible expansion...YAY!

Only, I really don't know if we want our favorite WAHMs to get MORE popular...
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What a great idea - I just wrote to her too!!! That would be so cool to see.
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I'm giddy! What a great idea!!! You guys are so smart! I sent one too! What did y'all write? Here's what I wrote:

How to raise an eco-friendly family in a disposable world.
From birth to adult, little things you can change about your daily life that will help your children and family learn to respect the planet that we all share.

Buy organic whenever possible but especially the following products because the conventionally grown versions are particularly prone to heavy pestacide contamination:
Corn – most are genetically modified
Grapes (and raisins)
Apples and apple juice
Dairy products (organic dairy cows get lots of fresh air, and are not given growth hormones or antibiotics) plus you can taste the difference – yum!

Organic cotton – cotton is doused with chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides – of all crops, the most chemicals per acre are used on cotton. Cotton seed oil is use in many packaged prepared foods!
Cloth diapers (the wonderful underground world of cloth diapering – could probably make a good show all by it’s self!) Very important – diaper your baby in cloth! Cloth diapers are soooo much easier than they used to be. I promise you that you will be amazed. So many moms out there think cloth diapers are all about pins, plastic pants and dunking. If it were REALLY that way, I wouldn’t do it either! But cloth is easy, fun, and fashionable. Did you know some Hollywood stars are closet cloth diaper-ers! Here are a few sites with info:

oops! (this is my “momma owned and operated” web shop)

http://www.theorganicreport.com/pages/59_diapers.cfm article by eco-baby for the organic trade association.

Here are some cute momma made diapers: (most companies that sell cloth diapers are momma run and a lot are home based businesses)

There’s so much more, but that’s about all that I have room for. Thanks for reading!

ETA: oops oops oops is my favorite Recipe for “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” accidently put my url in the post - sorry ladies! (realized what I did as I was pulling diapes out of the dryer - wouldn't ya know!)
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I sent in a letter too. I just want to see if one little message board has the power to influence an international hit show. Any wahms and/or diapering mamas in the Chicago area should e-mail indicating a willingness and availability to share their knowledge on the show. I seem to recall that the producers like using local guests because they're easier to pull together at the last minute. I would so love to see this topic covered, but I'm even more excited to see if we're that powerful together. Just think of all the possibilities. I'm even e-mailing like minded friends who don't do MDC.
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This is soooo cool, I am proud of all of you who wrote to Oprah. I think I will too if I get a chance tonight.
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i just wrote to her too!!

wouldn't it be a gas if she actually did it! and had some of us on too!!!!!!!!!!!

what would our kids wear??
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Oh my! What would the babes wear???? It would have to be thought out very carefully!! Only the absolute cutest things you have!

Are there any wahm in Chicago? Any members there?
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I am not in Chicago, but

I am only a few hours away! I would LOVE LOVE to do Oprah! LOL I e-mailed her too and I hope she at least does the show! ~
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I'm not a WAHM, but I do live in the suburbs of Chicago! I can have my DS be a model.

Off to write a letter....
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You know she just might put a show on.... there are at least 20 other ladies on the Baby Center board who are doing the same thing!! Not only to Oprah but someone is composing a letter to send to government ppl on supporting cd etc. It would be cool if Oprah did it as it is a widely watched show.

here is the link to the other thread going on over at baby center... everyone should get together to make this full forced cd-ing issue! warning its a long one!!

Just though I'd add my .02 here

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I live in Chicago, but I don't know if I want my, um, addiction. . .exposed.
I hate it that everyone thinks they are all pins and rubber pants 30 yrs later!
Edited to add, but we have to be careful not to knock this system, either . . .it's cheap and effective! ('K, but I'd pick nylon/wool over rubber and a Snappi over pins, but that's just me!)
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No No No! Don't write Oprah! If she does a show on cloth diapers, can you immagine how hard it will be to get an SOS? This could completly upset the entire cloth diapering economy!!!

Okay, just kidding. I think it's a great idea! I'm going to write a letter too!
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What an awesome idea for an Oprah show!

I'm not a big Oprah fan, but if she were to have a show on cloth dipes, I'd be there!
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