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I wrote a letter too! I hope she does the show!!!!!!!
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Several times a couple of years ago MANY MANY of us sent letters to Oprah....about Cding, and WAHMS.....who knows, maybe she'll finally do one. Hopefully, as usual she will do her homework and have ethical WAHMs represent the WAHM community
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I sent a letter too! And I plugged my business. :LOL I bet being on Oprah would really bring in the orders. HAHAHA
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I wrote, too!

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Here's my letter...

Several other moms on a message board that I visit, the Mothering.com Diapering board, decided that we would write to you. Apparently, you recently did a show on what a throw away culture we are. Well, I feel that there is a significant, and largely unrecognized group of women who are taking one of our most obvious throw-aways, disposable diapers, and making the conscious choice to not add our waste to the mix. We choose to cloth diaper! Not only is it environmentally friendly, but there are numerous health reasons that cloth diapers and wipes are the better choice.

Gone are the days where the only option was a cotton pre-fold and a pair of rubber pants. Sure they still exist, but there are so many different choices available now. From the softest felted wool covers to a polyurethane lined All-in-One that is as simple to use as a disposable.

There are still large companies producing diapers, but also there are hundreds of work-at-home-moms who have created unique, functional, and artistically beautiful products. They do it as a way to support their families, while still being able to remain at home, but also they do it to provide us, the cloth diapering consumer with choices.

And speaking of consumers, you wouldn't believe it if I told you, but there exists a rare and much feared animal called the diaper hyena. This is a cloth diapering mama who will go to any lengths to get the "in" diaper of the moment. This is the woman who will spend over a hundred dollars at auction for *one* wool cover. This is the mama who will stay glued to her computer every minute of the day when that favorite online diaper store is scheduled to "stock". This woman lives for the thrill, and walks away happy only when she has won her prize. Who ever knew that anyone could get that excited about a diaper? It's a phenomenon that you wouldn't believe unless you had seen it.

I just think that this would make an interesting and unique idea for a show. You would be giving some work-at-home moms the recognition that is greatly deserved. It would also provide much needed information for moms willing to cloth diaper, but without the knowledge of where to begin. Just think of the impact that millions of less diapers in our landfills could have on this world. If anyone can help bring such a change around, it's Oprah.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jennifer Ostrum
(a cloth diaper consumer)

It's kind of lame, I know, but I am in Chicago, and I would love to contribute to a cloth diaper show. However, I would have to ask for a rush order on my FMBG covers..... And then, of course, I would have to order some more Toot Sweet diapers. At least I would have a good excuse to shop!
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Wow Jen, that is an excellent letter! If that doesn't provoke them to do a show, nothing will!!

I am off to write my letter.
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Here is my letter...
I have heard through the grapevine(well on a message board, mothering.com)that a story was recently done on our throwaway society.
There are many of us out there that choose to live our lives in ways to produce less garbage. While companies like J&J, Pampers, and Huggies are busy making products that feel "feel just like cloth", we are chosing to use products that *are* cloth!
There are thousands of moms in this throwaway society chosing to use cloth diapers, wipes, and other products for their babies and themselves. There are many benefits to their choice above and beyond the environmental ones. It is healthier for baby, it supports work at home moms, and small businesses, and hey, they are cute too!!
I think this would make a great show. Most people don't know that cloth is an option anymore, and the majority definately don't know the amazing choices available for cloth diapers today. There are wonderfully absorbant fitteds diapers(with elastic, and snaps or velcro), beautiful soft wool covers, all in ones(just like a disposable, only you wash it), and these can all be made from your choice of fabrics from hemp to organic cotton.
Please help America to become healthy consumers, your influence alone could save our landfills from millions of disposable products.
Thank you,
Debi French
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Those are great letters!

I hope she does a show. I don't watch TV anymore, but know Huggies and Pampers used to be big advertisers during daytime TV-- I wonder if this will have an impact on her decision? I don't know if these advertise on her show- I just know that in college I watched All My Children and there were a lot of disposable diaper commercials.
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I couldn't help myself. I sent one, too. I ended it by mentioning that one child in disposable diapers from birth to potty training supposedly creates 2 tons of waste! Then I said, "If even just a few people try it as a result of the show, wouldn't it be worth it?"
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Has anyone sent Oprah a picture of a cute diap? I don't want her to be bombarded by new e-mails (sounds like you ladies have done a great job of getting the word out!) but I think if the staffers at the show SAW what you are talking about, it may help influence their decision to do the show. I know Oprah is a stickler for cutesy, cool, new, unique, functional products- and awesome cloth diapers are definitely ALL THAT... I bet we'll here about this show very soon!!!
Edited to say: DUH! I just reread some posts and saw you left a link... Sorry, I am a blonde and all...
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So, I finally wrote OPRAH - here it is:

So slay me, I'm a few months late, but hey . . . I'm going to mail in articles as well as some pictures. I encourage anyone else to mail in too - that email space given at the site is too small and you can't attach anything for viewing.

Oh, and edited so as not to spam.

Dear Oprah,

Re: WAHMs (Work-at-home-Moms) selling Cloth Diapers and Natural Parenting Products.
In response to recent show on our throwaway society.

First, I can’t believe I’m writing OPRAH (now how many say that?) Okay, now that THAT is out of the way, I am finally getting around to writing you regarding a show from a few months back on our throwaway society. As you well know, the online communities world-wide discuss your show’s topics when relevant to their interests – and well, this one was relevant to the community I take part in. I believe many wrote in from our community following that show for we have a vibrant discussion forum at www.mothering.com that desires to focus on Natural Living and Parenting. Within that community is a growing number of mommas that have chosen more environmentally ‘sound’ decisions – such as to cloth diaper their children. Convictions run strong in this arena and many of us even work to sell cloth diapers and ‘like ‘accessories’ as WAHMs (Work-At-Home-Moms) in online stores. Though we aren’t filthy rich, we DO what we love – and we do it AT HOME in the midst of our families’ lives. And what is it that we DO? Well, we sell cloth diapers and all things related to naturally parent our children in a mainstream world.

I am one of these moms and I have attached some of my articles, pictures, etc. . . to give you a small peep into my life here in WAHM-World. I own two online companies – one is strictly a resource (and recently opened) at thisplace and the other is an online cloth diapering store aptly named that. You can find us at someplaceonline.

Though all WAHM stories in this field vary, I came into selling cloth diapers online with my 2nd daughter, who proved to be allergic to disposables. Once I began to research what exactly she could be reacting to, I discovered more about disposables than I preferred to know and consequently, switched to cloth. With knowledge at my fingertips, I never looked back and learned more and more – until I was writing online articles for mine and other Natural Parenting online sites. Spreading the ‘gospel’ of cloth diapering as some of my friends say.

Being a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) is most challenging. We answer emails between diaper changes and while nursing our babies (which is quite a trick actually) and process orders between sippee cup refills, potty-training, evaluating Play-Doh creations and mediating disputes. I personally have 3 children (ages 7, 3 ½ and 10 months), but many of the WAHMs have more. Some of these WAHMs share the conviction to home-school their children as well. We carry a good amount on our shoulders and are the Queen Bees of multi-tasking. We are MOMS first and fore-most, and by the way, we run businesses too.

There are moments when we want to pull our hair out and there are moments when we bask in the blessings of being home with our children. At all moments we BELIEVE in what we are doing – are proud to sell a product that isn’t our ‘grandmother’s diapers’ and to introduce mothers on a daily basis to cloth diapers in the New Millennium. We know the landfills are growing taller and there are less places to deposit the world’s trash. We are preaching the environmental aspects of cloth diapering as well as the health benefits – we are staunch believers in ‘you reap what you sow’ and we want our children’s future to be a beautiful one.

We laugh and share our funny moments – like last year when I nearly mailed off Sheriff Woody in an international package to Spain (thank goodness he was ‘missed’ by my 3 year old before naps). There are times when we share heartaches – a child is sick, a momma miscarries, a husband loses is job, how will we manage it all . . . day in and day out . . . everyday. WAHMs usually join communities like Mothering.com and we support each other – we are a ‘culture.’

I know you have done shows about WAHMs before, but I’ve not seen one that involved Moms working in the midst of their kids, selling a product that many feel is obsolete or unmanageable. We are committed and IN THE THICK OF IT - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please see attachments.


Heather L. Sanders
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I wanna be Heather when I grow up
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Originally posted by feebeeglee
I wanna be Heather when I grow up
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Originally posted by feebeeglee
I wanna be Heather when I grow up
:LOL me too
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Okay, now get serious :LOL . . . if you haven't already - write your letters! Post them here! The more they add to their growing file, the stronger a force we can be. Make sure that you say you are from here . . . maybe the more numbers from one place will make a difference!
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I wrote mine...

Dear Opera,
Sorry, I don't have time to say much but I really wish you would consider doing a segment on the cloth diaper renaissance and the wonderful “Work at home moms” who make, sell, and distribute these little, practical, works of art. For examples please see my favorites www.fuzbaby.com , www.naturalbabies.com , www.sugarpeas.com , www.sugarbums.com .

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Short and sweet . . . whew . . . that gives them something to look at, eh?

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did anyone see that show on what i believe was "good morning america" the other morning, i think thursday, right before "ellen?"
it was about a woman who was all into strollers..they call her the stroller queen. this show did a segment on all of her fancy strollers and apparently she is in an internet group where they trade and research strollers, etc. it reminded me a bit of this CD community and thought how awesome for them to have a segment on CD with someone like heather sanders, dreaming mama, or lifetapestry who really knows all types of deluxe diapers.
i think it is just a matter of time before the new and improved cd's explode! i read an article about fuzzi bunz that said they might break the million dollar mark this year! wow!
we are getting there!
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I "know" Janet (aka Stroller Queen) from the stroller board at ParentsPlace.com and from the StrollerSwap list on Yahoo Groups. She really does collect strollers like some people collect Diapers! :LOL
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Originally posted by UlrikeDG
I "know" Janet (aka Stroller Queen) from the stroller board at ParentsPlace.com and from the StrollerSwap list on Yahoo Groups. She really does collect strollers like some people collect Diapers! :LOL
You know, initially I was thinking "Stroller, who would want to collect STROLLERS?" But then, I had to laugh at myself. Umm . . . we are a strange lot ourselves. HA! I would be interested in seeing her stroller collection. Does she have a website?
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