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12 weeks tomorrow!!!

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I am starting to get excited and feel like this is real-finally!
I go for my U/S next week, and I am looking forward to seeing the little bean.
I think because I was dealing with all day nausea until the last couple of weeks, it was really hard for me to get excited/feel like it was real (I just felt like this pregnnacy was "wrong", bc it has been so different from my first).
So-that's all-just excitement!
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Congrats, fridgeart!! I'm so happy for you. Pls. post once you've had your ultrasound! Glad to hear your nausea is letting up a bit. I *completely* know how you feel about difficult to get excited/feel it's real--I'm still lurking in that territory b/c of the major blood loss/threatened abortion I had a couple of weeks ago. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to feel a bit more 'out of the woods', maybe. I *have* starting wearing maternity now at 13 weeks, b/c the tummy is demanding it, and I've had 2 ultrasounds showing a bean in there, but I am still feeling like I can't count on this pg to continue. But lurking a lot still in our DDC, and so happy to see others progressing and starting/on their way to feeling a bit better! So, again, congrats!
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