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Our baby is here!

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Hello, this is To-Fu's partner posting. We had our baby boy last night at a planned homebirth, January 25, at 5:44pm after 13.5 hours of labor. He is a beautiful, healthy 20.5" long 7 lb 12 oz baby who has yet to be named. Once Mama recuperates she'll post the birth story and some pictures.

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Thanks for sharing the good news!
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Congratulation!!!! Hooray Tofu and family!
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YAY To-Fu! You knew it would happen soon Congrats Mama!
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::ban ana:

Yay To-fu,

You did it!!!!!! What great news!

Get your rest mama.....enjoy your baby moon!

Can't wait to hear the story and see some cute pics
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yaaaay for to-fu! (thanks for updating us, dp)

many warm congrats to you guys- i seriously can't wait to hear how things turned out- i know it felt like labor was taking forever to get going anywhere.

i hope things were peaceful and wonderful- now that your little guy is here, i'm sure you have a lot to be joyful over.

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congrats and happy babymooning
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Congrats to you and the family.
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So happy for you!!! Congratulations!!!
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So happy for you! We were due the same day and when I was in labor on the 23rd, I kept thinking of you and wondering if you were having your baby yet. So glad you did!
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yay!! welome baby! congrats mamma&pappa!!
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Congratulations!! I hope you're all having a great babymoon
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yay! congrats tofu!!!
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Congratulations To-Fu!
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Congrats - I'm so curious to hear about your birth. Be well, enjoy baby and recouperate!
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Congratulations, To-Fu!!!
So many blessings for a happy and peaceful babymoon!!!
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Yay! Congratulations To-fu and family.
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