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Yah, congrats!
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Congrats To-fu! I am very glad your contractions didn't last for a week! I can't wait to hear more about your homebirth. It sounds like you did great!

I also can't wait to hear what you name your son!

Having your babe in your arms is such a wonderful feeling...It's been 2+ weeks with Nico here, and I am so happy he is here. Congrats again!
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I am so happy for you To-Fu...

can't wait to hear more of your good news!

Warmest wishes for a great Babymoon :-)

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congratulations! can't wait to hear more about your birth! glad you have your baby!
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Yay, To-Fu! Congratulations on your new little guy. Can't wait to see pics...

Rest and recover - happy babymoon!
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