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New idea for pocket diaper insert...

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OK, now I know this is going to make the mamas who only use all natural/organic stuff :Puke and but I just have to share...

The background is that I have two sons, 3yo and 4mo and both are HEAVY wetters. 3yo is only wearing HH trainers at night and he was peeing through them if I stuffed them with two joeys... he could get by with two joeys and a prefold, but OMG, he looked like elephant butt boy and the pants didn't fit so well, let alone the fact that he could hardly walk LOL... the 4mo was wearing HH's at night with three joey's and he looked hysterical with his legs up int he air from so much "butt packaging"... so...

I was at the 99 cent store the other day and saw one of those weird towel thingies that they sell as an alternative to chamois cloth for drying your car... so, I thought, well.... I could try that... so I bought one.

I cut "strips" that were about 5" wide off of the width end. Then folded them over and stuffed two of them into the HH trainer for my ds. Trim, trim., TRIM!!!! And they HELD ALL NIGHT!!! He usually sleeps from about 8 to about 6 but last night he slept from 730 - 730 and those inserts were SOAKED, but nothing leaked... NADA........

I think I'm going to buy more. I was able to cut six inserts from ONE 99 cent towel thing... that is too good of a bargain!!! And I figure, since they aren't touching his genitals, I'm not too worried... I'm just hapy that he's COMFY for once!!!

I'm going to try them on my 4mo in his HH and I'm also going to try encasing them in some flannel (make like a flannel "envelope") so that I can use them inside prefolds or WIO's or QD AIO's for more absorption.

Just thought I'd share... please don't hate me for using such a horrible product... it WORKS

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Ya know Lo, if it works, then more power to you. No one here is going to condemn you for wanting your baby to be comfy and dry
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Hey, they're reusable, so !
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I think that sounds way cool. What exactly are they made of? Are they the ones that feel like a very thin sponge? Or are they those microfibre things? I'm trying to picture what you are using...anyways, I think it sounds like a pretty neat idea. My DD has major bubble butt at night. It isn't a problem for us, but your tip could come in handy!
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Sounds like the Wal-Mart microfiber towels (that are just like the FuzziBunz microfiber inserts).

But that's a great find for 99 cents!!
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Someone else was talking about these. She got a bunch at Costco.
I want to know how clean they get and if they get stinky like hemp, in time. If they clean well in the washer, they sound great to me!
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That's cool! They do sound like the microfiber towels from Walmart. I just fold those in half. SUPER absorbant!!
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i'm thinking she's talking about those almost rubber-like feeling cloths that you use to dry your car with, not microfiber towels. i never would have thought of using them but with our smelly hemp, anything sounds pretty good.

btw, i couldn't take those microfiber towels from wal-mart. they made my skin crawl just touching them. yuck!
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yep, they are those weird "rubbery" things you use to dry off your car. i have no clue what they are made of, there wasn't a fiber content on the package, but i know they aren't microfiber

they work like a dream and washed up beautifully... no stink and no stains yay!!

can't beat it for 99 cents!!

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Are you talking about those blue things they sell at the fair also? That would be a great idea, I'm curious to hear how they hold up over time.
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Yep, Linda, it's just like those things they sell at the fair, only these are orange. I got them at the 99 cent store on Baltimore (by the El Torito, Burlington Coat factory, etc.)

I'm curious to see how they hold up over time, but since they are costing me a whopping 20 cents for each insert even if they only last a month I'm still ahead of the game LOL!!

I'll keep youposted on how they hold up to my "industrial" use LOL!!

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Resurrecting this thread...

I saw something last night at Target that piqued my curiosity, so I did a search for "chamois" and found this thread!

It was some sort of cloth next to the chamois in the auto dept., "ultra absorbant" - I wonder if it's just like a chamois (but not leather)? The small size was $4-something, and I'm tempted to pick one up just to see/feel it (they were in plastic)!

Does anyone know what these are? At the risk of sounding dumb, could it possibly be harmful to a diapered-bum? We use the microfiber towels fine, they work great IMO. I'm just thinking WOW, something like this would be WAY trim in a pocket!
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i would love to hear an update on how they worked too. I know exactly what she is talking about, my dh buys it at the autozone store.
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i'm still using them!

i find they aren't as absorbent as hemp over time, but they mske an excellent doubler. i did contact the mfr and they told me they are made of viscose. you are supposed to let them air dry, but they get stiffas cardboard, so i dry them in the dryer and just know they won't be as effective as if i let them air dry... for 99 cents and this trim it's a steal!

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Thats a great idea, those things work great for drying our van, and thats a heck of a lot of water. Glad they are still working, thats so cheap... if we start having problems at night Im definetly remembering this!
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I believe it's 100% rayon. Competitive swimmers and divers use these to dry off and then ring them out, so that they're able to absorb more. They absorb up to 10x it's weight in any liquid. These are supposed to be wonderful for lots of things. I foundthis website that explains some of it's uses.
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You can get these microfiber towels at Costco, a package of 12 for $8.99. They are an abnoxious bright yellow and they bleed when you first wash them, so wash them by themselves 2-3 times before you use them. They have them at Walmart too. They are super absorbant and great to stuff in pocket dipes with or without a JB. I'm doing laundry and stuffing with these right now!

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Just to clarify, the Walmart Microfiber towels are a totally different product from the one I started this thread about.

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I'm sorry Lo! I reread the thread (more carefully this time) after I was done being distracted by laundry. Now I know what you're talking about. That sounds kinda cool. What a deal for 99 cents.

Sorry I misunderstood.
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I caved and bought it at Target...


Not a great picture, but you can get an idea of what it looks like. $4.99 at Target. Now to see if it works! I'll LYK!
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