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Awhile back i mentioned to my hubby, could i use those chamois things in diapers and he LAUGHED at me, told me i was absolutely crazy!
Cant wait to tell him about this thread!
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Re: I caved and bought it at Target...

Originally posted by momofthecloth

Not a great picture, but you can get an idea of what it looks like. $4.99 at Target. Now to see if it works! I'll LYK!
Please let the rest of us know what you think!!
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Here is what I have http://www.usjesco.com/magicloth.asp

It is called the magicloth, and the ones I use now are as soft as the fleece inside the pocket dipes. VERY absorbant. Made in Germany. They are 100% rayon and I would think safe, because the FB inserts are a poly/rayon mix.

I got 2 2packs and a mop for like $25, they are machine washable, but do NOT dry them in the dryer. They dry pretty quick on the line or laying flat. I like them.

Here is a pic of mine... http://www.angelfire.com/film/filmart/100_0887.JPG
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WTG Lo! Time to run to my local Dollar store!
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Hey Joanne...

Sorry if I sounded like I was scolding you! LOLOL!! Totally didn't mean it like that!

Where are you in So Cal??? I'm in San Diego

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We have a pack of these--I use them in my kitchen.

So what's the verdict---more or the same absorbency as hemp? I don't use pockets anymore, and do try to go organic, but if I have major nighttime problems, I'll remember this....
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Hi Lo,

No, you didn't sound bothered, but I felt kind of silly for not paying enough attention to the thread! Thanks though

I'm in the OC in Orange. I love SD! I graduated from high school in Escondido (eons ago) What part of SD are you in?

Hope you enjoy those new inserts, I may have to try them.
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I'm trying the magicloth right now in DS's HH.
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So, lemme get this straight. You use these AS the insert, right? Not in addition to.
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I wrapped it in a CD burp cloth, LOL, it worked pretty good. The burpcloth was dry and the magicloth was wet, LOL
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