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Ergo or Mei Tei?

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I'm going to purchase one of them, which do you like best and why?

Thanks so much!!
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I have never used an ergo, but I have a babyhawk (basically a mei tei) and I LOVE IT!!! It folds up small to stash in my diaperbag, baby goes in easily, the padded shoulders are much more comfortable than other wraps and I love the flexibility of being able to put him on my back, my hip or my front.

Everybody is different though, I had to buy several, try them and return them before I found one I was happy with. Good luck
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Personally, I'm eyeing up one of the other soft structured carriers. http://store.attachedtobaby.com/Pikk...y-Carrier.aspx seems kinda neat but I don't like the nylon. http://store.attachedtobaby.com/Beco-Butterfly.aspx looks great but a little pricey. I'm torn. I don't care for Ergo's business practices, so they're not in the running for me.
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I have a MT and a Beco. My DD is heavy so I use the Beco the most. Made in the US and super cute...
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I have an Ergo that I really like. I used my friend's MT once, and while it was super lightweight and portable, I didn't feel it was quite as secure and easy to use as the Ergo. I also think it would be harder to use for back-carry, since you'd have to cross the straps over your boobs! The Ergo isn't overly comfortable for back-carry either (you have the little strap across your upper chest), but it's not bad. I'm sure you'd love and get used to either one, so if you want something very portable that you can fold up and through in a diaper bag, the MT may be better for you. If you want something really quick to use, I really like the Ergo. HTH!
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We have an ergo and I love it. It is very comfortable and ds always falls asleep in it. One of the reasons we went with the ergo is DH feels more comfortable wearing it - to him the mei tei looked too feminine.
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I have two MT's that I LOVE, and a Beco which I HATE, but DH loves it. So the Beco is all his. I intentionally didn't get an Ergo, because I am very dissatisfied with their business practices of late and will not give them my business.

Also, I never cross the MT straps over my chest for a back carry. It isn't necessary. I use a lexi twist under his bum to give some added support, though.
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We love our babyhawk (mei tai). I had the Ergo and it didn't feel supportive enough. Plus the waist strap was sooo stiff and uncomfortable. I've used the BH with my 25lb 2 year old on my back (didn't cross the straps over my chest, I just rucksacked them) and it was very comfy. In fact she still asks me to "tie!" whenever I have it out. Right now I'm using it with my 7weeker and it's great for front and back carries with her.So supportive, comfortable and pretty!
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I tried the Ergo and returned it. I have a babyhawk mt now and LOVE it!!

The Ergo felt way too structrued and didn't really distribute all that much weight onto my hips, which I was hoping for.

The babyhawk is great and compact, love it for backcarries too!
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I love my Ergo!
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I love both equally! Now that my dd is older and bigger, though, I find myself using the Ergo more. I made my mei tai and it is so cute. I never got the hang of using it on my back, though, and gave up on trying once I got my Ergo.

What has Ergo been doing that people are unhappy with? I bought mine used a year ago, so I'm pretty clueless about what baby carrier companies are doing what these days.
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My ergo is ok but I also do not like their biz practices. My ellaroo mei tai is great. But, my beco 4th gen is awesome. Even my dh will use it. It is comfy and beautiful. I use it every single day, at least twice a day, for hours at a time. (baby naps in it) Totally worth every penny.
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Here's a vote for the Beco.

We have a mei tai too but the Beco is easier to put on/take off while sitting in the back seat of the car and more comfortable when sitting down and standing up (the mei tai kind of has to be adjusted when you sit down). Also, if I take her out of the Beco I just leave the waist strap on and let it hang down, but if I did that with the MT the straps would drag.

DH finds the MT more comfortable, so if he's going to be holding her a long time (say, if we went on a long walk or something) he uses that. Also I would think you could wash a MT more often. The Beco recommends spot cleaning and occasional washing -- it says not to wash it too often. I guess the padding gets bunchy or something? But I guess that would depend on your MT.
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I own one of each and they both have their pluses and would vote for both. The biggest plus to the Mei Tai is it is more adjustable if you are plus sized and bumpy. DH can get the Ergo much more snug to his body than I can because of all my lumps . Because I can adjust the MT snugger it is more comfortable to wear long stretches. Although for shorter trips they are about even. The Ergo is quicker to put on and easier to back carry when you are alone. The Mei Tai straps drag on the ground when you are putting it on which is a PITA when the ground is wet. DH hasn't tried the MT so I don't know if he likes it as much as the Ergo.

ETA one more thing. The back of the Ergo is shorter than the Babyhawk so DS doesn't have as much seat in the back. I have heard some moms prefer that. Personally I like the high back to the MT because it is better for naps. That flap thingy on the Ergo is really silly.

ETA again I didn't use my Ergo with a newborn I got it when DD was 6 months. I have no opinion on the infant insert.
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LOVED my Ergo -- never tried a Mei Tei though.
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We have a whole forum dedicated to babywearing, so I am going to move you over there.
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I prefer the Mei Tai. I have a WAHM made and a toddlerhawk. I tried a becco, but it was not for me I returned it. I like that I can hold the child closer with the mei tai. It really is a personal choice depending on your own preferences. I really was excited to get the Becco and could see it was made well but it didn't work for me.
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I am going to get a Beco, it looks so easy and comfortable. So I'm going against the choices and saying "Beco"

But I've heard equally good things about a MT and Ergo! Good luck!
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I have an ergo and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I also have a cute becco carrier (very similar to ergo) and love that too. So easy for quick in and outs and very comfortable.
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