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Shannon Eloise arrived!

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She's a beautiful little 6lb 10 oz, 18 3/4 inch tiny doll. Shannon is a name we loved, Eloise is my middle name and has been in the family for over 200 years (I even have the jewelery!).

I posted on Wednesday morning that my water had broken at 3:30 in the morning. She was born at 4:30 that afternoon, after 13 hours of labor. I had a great experience, everything went pretty much the way I had dreamed.

I labored at home until around noon, hanging/laying over my ball for every contraction. They started as soon as my water broke, and stayed about 3-4 minutes apart the entire time. At noon I threw up and realized I was probably further along than I had realized, so I called my midwife and headed in. When I got there she checked me and I was at 6! I was so excited to have done all that work at home. Around 1:30 I got in the water tub (what I had been hoping my whole life to do) and knew I wasn't getting out. At 3 I was at 8 cm, transition never really got hard- everything just stayed at 3 minutes apart, just contrax getting harder. At 3:50 I started getting pushy and started pushing, she was born just 1/2 hour later!

Thankfully the pushing stage was so short, it was SO hard and not fun for me at all. She was born peacefully into the water.

I did tear, so I'm a bit sore from that. Otherwise feeling good and loving this long-awaited baby.

We're working on figuring out the whole nursing thing and I know that I'll have to work even harder when my milk comes in here in the next day or so. But I'm so proud of myself!

I haven't been on the computer much but I'll try to get around to read everyone's stories.

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congrats on the birth of your daughter! she must seem so tiny!! 8bs seems tiny to me!
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Congratulations! What a little peanut, I bet she's adorable!
Good luck with the nursing
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Congratulations!!! An ideal birth!
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congratulations! shannon is my sil's name, very pretty!!
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congrats mama
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Congratulations and good vibes for the nursing!
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Congratulations, Erika!!!
Have a beautiful babymoon with your new little bundle of love !
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Congratulations! She sounds simply lovely - happy babymooning!
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Sounds like everything went wonderfully! I hope you heal well and have lots of time to spend with that precious girl. I really like the name you chose, too.
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I'm so glad everything went so well and your baby is here! Congrats!
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Wamest Wishes to you and family at this special time!
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Thanks for the wishes everyone! We're doing great- every day I feel a thousand times better than the day before! Shannon is the most perfect baby (no bias here!) and only cries when she needs to eat or is getting tortured (aka: diaper change). We are enjoying snuggling together in bed at night and she's figured out eating! I am so proud of myself for my labor and feeding her! What an amazing thing.
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