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WOW...I did not actually think I'd find a forum so perfect for these next few weeks of waiting on AF or NOT:namaste  Well my AF was due 9/9.  I took a HPT before my missed period just being overly anxious:flippedLOL.  We're ttc and have had two angelsbrokenheart.gif not make it due to missed m/c.  So you can see why I can be a little impatient.  SO on 9/11 I had an appt with my infertility doctor to begin research as to why I miscarried.  She checked my uterus everything looked normal except my lining was not thin enough for not being preg. and not and barely thick enough to get preg. 7.5m  (again I'm only a few days late for AF) and DOC:thumb says...I have a Huge Egg sitting in my uterus waiting to be fertilized and that she hopes I had sex recently, I told her I did last night!  I was shocked because my cycle has been normal since the miscarriages, however now my ovulation is when AF is suppose to be here.  My doctor also took a HCG urine test that day. SO we confirmed no preg with the 2nd. BFN.  Okay so meanwhile, I'm nauseous, frequent urination, tingling feeling around my nipple area.  However 9/16 did a HPT..still BFN.  Here it is 9/25 still no AF and all the pregnancy symptoms are here.  I even sware I can taste metallic today.  I do not feel like taking another HPT.  So tired of wondering and thinking about it. SO I have been literally trying to NOT think about it. However today makes 16 days late and the boob sorenessfaint.gifis not helping me to not think about it..  I have an appt on 10/5 for a Sonogram with the Raidology dept. It's part of the research of my fibroids and cysts to see if these caused either of my miscarriages.  I was thinking I could just wait till then an ask the tech to tell me if he sees a little bean in there. .  That is not that far away but again still not soon enough.  I hope I made some sense I know it's a lot to take in:blah.  Please any advice from anyone?? BTW if it helps...my last miscarriage was 6/21 and again I had two normal 28 day cycle since until now.  

:Rainbowbabydust to all ttchearts.gif 

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I was reading yesterday that the 99.9% accuracy pregnancy tests claim is made by artificially adding hCG to non-pregnant urine. The real statistic is that a certain percentage of women won't test positive until several days after they miss a period, even on the very sensitive tests. There's even an hCG variant that causes urine tests to turn negative because it bonds incorrectly with the dye on the test strip or something like that. Don't give up until AF crashes your party. smile.gif
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Hi Everyone...Update!  Still no AF..Now 22days late!  

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Hi everyone. I really hope someone could help me out. Last month I had my period, but it was not a regular one for me. It was not a constant flow, and it was brown, no red at all. And it lasted two days. I took a test and it came out negative. But my body keeps feeling off. Peeing a lot, boobs hurt and feel heavier, starving, exhausted, back aches and very slight and dull cramps. I tested AGAIN and still negative. I figure by now a positive would show up if I were indeed pregnant. This is driving me crazy, I'm on birth control and my next period isn't due until at least 10/15.
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I am in a similar boat.  I am currently 2 days late for AF.  I had 2 days where it was spotting only in the morning when I first woke up and mild cramping on and off through the day. .  I have not taken a test yet. Mainly because I am nervous that it will come out negative. That and with my first little boy I did not show positive on a pg test until I was almost through my first trimester.. Well that and I do not have insurance.

Bridget for you it may be the bc.  When I was on bc I did not have any visits from AF. even when following the directions exactly.  If you still have not had AF then I would take another test or go into the doctor. They will be able to confirm if it is a side affect of the bc.

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Ok so this is my story: My last period was October 13 2013, and today is November 29 2013, and no sign of a period.. My period is usually like clock work or MAYBE it'll be ONE day late... My boobs are sore for some reason, and around the beginning of this month I had some brown discharge(TMI) sorry, but still NO PERIOD. My aunt made this pizza and it was really good, but after I ate it, It made me s sick I actually vomited.. And my mom had some left over and the smell of it made me gag... And omg! these back aches are killing me. And sometimes I feel like my period is about to come but NO SHOW... I took a HPT(home pregnancy test) exactly one week after my missed period and I came back negative and I haven't tested since then I'm scared too... I DONT want kids,... atleast not right now can someone PLEASE help me... some kind of advice or if you were in a similar situation... what happened??

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I am in a similar boat. I missed my period (should have been Dec 9 and it is now the 21st). My boobs have been sore & heavy for the last 7 days, which is unusual. I tend to get nipple sensitivity around ovulation and a little soreness before my period but not like this. Pregnancy test has been negative.

I'm going to take another test in a few days but in the meantime I'm wondering what the heck is going on!
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I'm trying to figure out what's going on! I have one daughter and am NOT ttc right now, at least for a few years (my husband wants more, I'm indecisive, one is perfect for me!). But we had sex well before and well after ovulation, I could tell by the discharge I was definitely ovulating. But now I'm 5 days late, boobs are completely sore but two tests taken on 4th day after missed period were negative. I had been on Mirena for 18 months but had it taken out 15 months ago. I don't feel pregnant like I did with our first, but this is really bothering me that I have reaaaally sore boobs and a period that is late for the first time I can remember. I wanted to share and update for anyone with the same issue!!!

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Update! AF came today following an emotional outbreak, 6 days late. So, anyone with similar issue, it appears this happens sometimes.

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Hi ladies,
Am a first timer, going through a similar problem. PG negative and sore breasts and also pains and still haven't got my periods too! I don kno if I should be normal or be careful?
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Originally Posted by jmaries23 View Post


ok so this is a long story and I apologise in advance

for weeks now I've had symptoms which include sore boobs, headaches, nausua, bad dreams, hot flushes and just feeling uncomfortable in general. I've also gained abit of weight. I took several tests because I also missed my period last month but they came back negative. I had a blood test which also came back negative..

Now a few days ago I noticed white lumps around my areola. Took another test which was negative again!

I did go back to the doctors and have another alone test because I was worried I was going through menopause (I'm only 23).. About a year ago I had my right ovary removed due to a cyst. this also came back negative. So now I'm confused..
I'm still having symptoms about 4 weeks on now.
Is there anyone experiencing the same thing or can help.. I'm getting a little frustrated now greensad.gif
Thank you
hey. Im new to this. And i know this post is old. I hope its ok to ask. I just want to know if you found out what was going on with u as im having the exact same symptoms u were and im getting really worried. Thankyou
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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to let you know my story because I was in a similar situation and FREAKING OUT. I am not ready for a baby, so when my period was 12 days late, I was concerned. I had about a week of sore boobs and cramping. No period arrived. The breast soreness went away.. and then returned a week later. My nipples seemed puffier than normal and felt sore. I took 2 HPT's and they were both negative. I waited my  a few more days and was still experience cramping but no period. I took another 2 tests and they were both negative. During this time I was very stressed out. I googled all my symptoms and was reading blog posts about women who had negative tests but ended up actually being pregnant. I really thought I was pregnant, but then today my period arrived after 13 days late. I just wanted to say RELAX and your period will probably arrive. Stop working yourself up reading tons of posts :). Buy some more tests if you want, but not stressing about it is the best thing you can do for yourself! 

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