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Question about sodium ascorbate

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I have seen it posted here several times about keeping sodium ascorbate on hand for illnesses - especially VPDs. (Mods, please leave this post here as I want the answers from those who currently are not vaxing.) I was at the health food store today, so I picked up "Sodium Ascorbate Crystalline Powder - 100% pure buffered vitamin C pharmaceutical grade pH 7.1". I want to make sure this is the right stuff before I open it! Is this the correct kind? Also, I need a link to the thread which mentions how much to give by weight. Thanks so much!
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Since this isn't about vaccines I'm moving it to H&H, leaving a redirect in Vax so everyone there can find it. You might also like to see these from the Vax & H&H archives:
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Keep in mind that while taking vitamin C or SA has been shown to have some effect on illness it seems to work best when they body is under extreme stress and only for a while. There are tests done on extreme athletes and it did afford them some illness control. I do think it is wise to take when an illness is coming but there is no evidence that shows it is going to cure an illness. So, all the opinions to take it when you have a VPD are just opinions.
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Thanks! Gitti, that was the exact post I was looking for. I thought I had saved it to my favorites, but I couldn't find it. Thanks again!
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