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wow, tiffany, it sounds like you're really close! good luck with all that fun mucous and bloody show!

me, i'm starting to really, honestly feel sorry for my baby. there is seriously no room for him to move anymore. i have a very long torso, and he's had a lot of room this pregnancy to get comfy, but it's to the point now, where i can't imagine he's having a good time in there anymore. i know it's all warm and familiar, but seriously, how much fun can it be to have your knees shoved into your nose? there's not a lot of mama belly there, if that makes any sense, and i can feel that his is so crammed in there that i wonder if he'll even be small enough to fit into the going home outfit i made him. don't want to guess on size or anything- that doesn't seem quite fair- but geez, this kid is out...of....room....

41 weeks tomorrow and i wonder what the mw's will say. i don't want my membranes swept, but if it comes down to the wire, i'm willing to try almost anything short of Pit. i have a feeling it won't get to that.

anyway, i ramble. time to go exercise. be back in a few hours. happy laboring, amanda! good luck, everyone else...

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Tiffany- I've gotten those comments, too. I usually just say "well, my dd was 10 days past her due date, so I think this one is just taking her time, too. She'll come when the time is right" and that usually shuts them up
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I'm having uncomfortable contractions, but they don't seem to be forming any sort of pattern yet. Ugh. Definitely stronger than Braxton Hicks, but not quite that full-blown "I know this is labor" type of contraction.. I wish it would just go one way or the other!
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Originally Posted by hadassah View Post
Hi girls....

Still here, pregnant of course. Thought I was maybe going into labor last night, I was having some stronger but not to painful contractions...lots of what felt like period cramps in my thighs and lower back and some in my lower tummy...altogether they were lower and somewhat different then what I have been feeling for the last week and a half but I went to sleep and it all went away. I was so tired so I am glad that I went to sleep and got REALLY good sleep. And now I have somewhat the same cramps but not as strong.....so I am still waiting. Thinking of you all of course......sounds like we are all in the same boat and some of us are starting to get the show on the road

I am brewing some sitz bath tea to soak some pads in and then freeze......I had forgotton to do this.....so it feels good to be DOING something......

I really think if I went for a walk it might help but Mamazon, I also live in Spokane....
you know with all this snow.. this one can stay in a little longer.... just a couple days at least... but on the bright side.. DH did say we may end up having a homebirth.. he has lots of tools in his shop...
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Amandamac, I've been thinking about you today. I hope you're doing fine and holding a new babe by now.
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