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I added you.

Our total is now 107 mommies on the due date list!
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I finally got an official EDD - 10/6/2008. Would you please add me?

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Added you.
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Could I please be added to the list?
I am due Oct. 31, 2008
Thank you!

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My EDD is Oct. 23rd
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Wow! That puts us at 110?! YAY mamas!
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Make it 111. EDD 10/29. First prenatal next Thursday at 7w, 1d. Happy to be here!!
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Originally Posted by TaraRae82 View Post
Wow! That puts us at 110?! YAY mamas!
109. We lost 2 mamas in the last couple of days.
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^Oh, I forgot to account for that.
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Not that its much of a difference but my u/s today moved my dd up a day to Oct. 20th
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Forgot to ask to be added here!
October 26 . . .
thanks, Amy
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I know it's only a few days, but would you please move my edd up to Oct 21? Thanks!
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Aw, man, I'm losing my dd buddy?!
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Ha! Losing one, gaining another!!
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Could I be added on 10/28, please? TIA!
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Sorry AmberLion! I'm just hoping that an earlier edd means fewer days of m/s. I know, wishful thinking. I'm glad you found a new buddy though!
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Add me to the list!
Baby #2 due sometime in Oct. I'm not going to specify a date due to my past experience of going overdue...I'd estimate that this baby will be born sometime between the 5th and the 25th.
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Had my dating u/s today so I finally have an official due date of October 18 for baby #3!
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Due with my first on Oct 13, which is one day after my own birthday! The little scamper was probably conceived on my husband's birthday, too. Neat, huh?
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