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Vote on Midwife Gift

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Okay, so I needed something frivilous to distract me after all of us have been sick all week (including, now, LO--yikes!). :

I am putting together a gift for the midwife practice I used for our two dds, since we don't intend to have anymore (IUD next week, yay!) Photo collages of the girls and their births. Trouble is, I like 2 styles and can't decide which one to go with. Need some help deciding--which do you like?



Don't know if I shared these correctly or not, so tell me if you can't see! You should be able to see a larger view of the project by selecting "view poster" at the bottom of the page.
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I like the second one! They are both beautiful - what adorable kiddos you have. : But the second one is my fav.
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I like the second one also.

Hope you are all feeling better soon. The plague hit our house hard recently too, and nothing is as scary as a wee baby with a fever and cough.
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Another vote for the second one.

What a great idea!! I should do something like that for our Midwives...

Hope you guys get better soon. Silas and I got sick when he was 2 weeks old...it was rough!!
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I like the first one....in the second one, having the smaller photos closer in size to the main one, and having them arranged on two sides of the main one, makes it seem more disorganized or cluttered or something. The first one just is more soothing to look at, makes more sense to my eyes, IYKWIM.

The only thing I dislike about the first is, IMO, it would look better with a wider angle on the main picture, so that the inset pic doesn't cut off your older dd's chin, kwim? And maybe a thin black border instead of the shadow effect applied to each of the insets would be a bit more defining.

Actually, the only thing I dislike about the second one is the size of the photos. I think there should be a more obvious difference in size between the color one and the sepia ones. If the sepia were smaller (and the color one larger), the layout would work a lot better for me.
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I vote second one

Hope u guys are feeling better!
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Thanks everyone!!! I went with the group consensus.
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