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Anyone with a cling-on?

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Viano has seriously been OK out of my arms FOUR times since birth. Four. I have to take her into the bathroom with me or else she gets really upset. She hates DH, hates the boys. I secretly love that she loves only me, but sometimes I wish I could eat with both hands, ya know?
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That's pretty normal. I really suggest a sling, they're lifesavers.
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Oh, I know its normal - just funny. She is in the wrap right now, notice the capital letters. My boys were both pretty mommy-obsessed as newborns, but never like this. Not that I blame her, I smell much better than her daddy.
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same here! and my ring sling and fleece pouch work great...outside the house and in perpetual motion. any suggestions for an indoor hands-free baby device?

and i was going to ask how you managed the caps in your post!
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Originally Posted by brooklynbabymama View Post
same here! and my ring sling and fleece pouch work great...outside the house and in perpetual motion. any suggestions for an indoor hands-free baby device?
Baby Hawk and a back carry, m'dear. How do y'all think I get *anything* done?? I just made from-scratch pumpkin bread and banana nut muffins, and did all the clean up, with Olivia on my back.

I think I should have a black belt in babywearing by now - I can even "use the restroom" (said in a manly way) with her on my back. I cannot put her down and have her sleep unless it's nighttime and we're sleeping side-by-side.
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i'm too scared to try the back carry with Calvin, but it must be much easier to get things done! My dd only wanted me as well, but Calvin will go to dh sometimes, but he wants to always sleep in the fleece pouch and be held!
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I have a cling-on here. On a rare occasion, she will be ok in the swing or with dh, but it's rare. I have to rush-post.
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i've decided that kieran thinks he is still attached to me via umbilical cord. and i really don't mind
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yes. baby seems helplessly, devoted to ME!!

The sling is our best friend and almost as necessary as breastmilk right now. I love having him with me all. the. time.

I do wish he could relax with dh once in a while though.

I sort of feel like I'm still pregnant but the baby's on the outside!
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Ian's like that, too. My DH wants to wear him in the Ergo with the infant thing in it & he screams and screams, but he's pretty dang happy in my pouch. He's pretty much in my Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch 15 hours a day. When my DH comes home, Phoebe says to me, "Maybe Daddy can hold the baby . . . " and it makes me sad for them.

I don't remember my girls being all about mama this young. Now they certainly are, but not as tiny newborns.

For me, constant babywearing is also just a necessity. I literally don't trust one of my girls for 2 seconds with him and they're all over him if I ever try to put him down. She came up and pushed him nose down hard the other day while I was right there changing his diaper.

I love wearing him, but my shoulder is starting to hurt.
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Simon will go to others occasionally thank goodness, because lately he will not go in any baby carrier for more than 3 minutes, he just wants to be held by me - needless to say you do not want to see what my house or dinners look like lately (I have mastered one handed PB&J sandwiches).
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Ash is a pretty indiscriminate cling-on, he wants to be held by a warm body, he doesn't really care who's connected to it.

Right now he's asleep in bed, without me, and has been for half an hour, I think this is the longest he hasn't been in someone's arms since he was born. I'm alternating between gleefully racing around the house getting things done and then running into the bedroom in a panic that he's not breathing.
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