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Calling All Trannie Families!

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Any trannie families out there? I'm a born-female queer type married to a transitioning MtF. We have two small kids. I'm interested in connecting with other trans families and ready to provide support, swap stories and ideas, have a laugh - care to join in?

- galJack
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Well, I hope to hear more from you. I am not trans, but my son may very well be.
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We aren't but glad you're here!


My wife passes all the time but she id's as female. Its just the rest of the world that does the opposite. May I ask you some questions about your family? Dont want to pry...

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Ask away!

- Jack

PS - Sierra, I tried sending you a PM, not sure it worked...
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Soooooooooooooooo... (ha ha)

Have you and your gal been together pre transition? Did you have a legal marraige beforehand if yes? How did your children come to be?

To trade nosey info for nosey info: Me and mine have been together for 8 years, our donor is a good friend, (an ex lover of mine) Everything is fab.

How much do the kids understand of your girlfriend's (wife's?) transistion.

Our kids dont know yet. Too young to understand.

Hope to hear from ya!

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galJack, I didn't get your p.m. .

You can try emailing me. You can email me by clicking on my profile.

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We met pre-transition, post-coming-out; we are legally married (just goes to show how silly the whole marriage debate is...); and our kids came about "the very old-fashioned way". Obviously the short version!

As far as what our kids know, they're too young to notice much, though our daughter (2-1/2) gets a bit confused about calling her other parent "mummy" - should've stuck with it from the beginning, but we wimped out for a year so she got used to saying "da". At least it won't be as confusing for our son - he's about 8 months. We'll be fairly open with them about everything, in an age-appropriate way.

- Jack
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We are not a trans family, although my PhD research is on transgender activism and we are raisiong our child around a lot of trans people and as gender-ful as possible. I am bi, female-born and fairly femme. Dh is the first man I have ever been with. He is very femme and is always read as a gay man. He jokes that we are a lesbian and gay man passing as straight.

Dh wears skirts sometimes, carries a purse, paints his toe nails - but he also has a beard and such. Gender-fuck.

Welcome to mdc.
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tee hee-

Hi Jack!

I've hi"jacked" your thread to thank you for suggesting the mothering discussion board. I'm now set up with doula info, parent groups in my hood, and tons of advice.

Say hi to the fam for me.

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