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February No-Spend Challenge -- How did you do? What will you do differently next month? What... - Page 19

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I am changing my plan. I am only going to consider "in-budget" days and "out-of-budget" days. I like to stop and pick up an onion or whatever. I feel like aiming for no-spend days is making me spend more. I try to stock up too much just so I won't have to spend.

1st $186 food; ate out w/ DSD $30
2nd $36 thrift store; $1.73 coffee
3rd $10 gas

Food: $186/$550
Eating out: $30
Gas: $10/$200
Diapers: $0/$60
Trip to NYC for interview: $0/$50
Misc.: $38/$40

Total Spent this Month: $226/$900

Within Budget: Over Budget:
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February Spending Goals:
No Spend days: 5/27
No etsy/DS/ebay: (except ds trades only!) 5/27
Non-necessary Spending: <150
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Goals for February
3/21 no spend days
NO spending out of budget

= NO spend
= Spending within budget
= Spending outside of budget

1st: Had to change this because I forgot about a bill I paid, but it was budget spending
2nd: 2 more bills paid
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2/2: Yay, made it through the rest of trip without impulse spending! Also came home to check mail and find $100 Wal-mart gift card (work bonus), $10 cash from relative, and $40 extra check from husband working a few hours last week. Since husband is seasonally laid off this is all really needed!
2/3 - found a new way to save money today after realizing I was paying double the price for trash bags with the drawstring. I think I spent $6.50ish on a years worth of trash bags today!
2/4 :
2/5: So I spent $3.47 on 5 great pieces of clothing, but it was not in our budget, and they are out of season, so they weren't exactly needed yet, unfortunately, clothing is not in our regular budget right now. I spent part of my son's haircut money for the clothes.

: No Spend
Spent Within Budget
Necessary but Unbudgeted Spending
: Impulse or Unneeded Purchase/Spending

$0 Added to Savings
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No spending or driving for me today. Yay snow!
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Feb 1: no drive,6.49-stuffed toy at FAO Schwartz
Feb 2:No Spend/No Drive (some food and transport were on stipend, but will be reimbursed)
Feb 3: No drive, 7.48-gifts, 22.00 museum fees
Feb 4: 9.98 printer ink (very necessary),22.95 mat/nursing clothes 18.45-groceries
Feb 5: Groceries:56.98,Gas 8.00, +400.00 to CC! I'm counting today as a no spend, because I didn't go out of budget by even a nickel AND I was under budget for groceries!

Feb Goals:
No spend days 12/29 actual:2/29
No Drive Days 8/29 actual: 3/29
No frivolous spending over 100 actual: 13.97/100
Sold items 0/50
NEED Maternity clothes/nursing bras can spend up to 30 actual:22.95/30
Decluttering 30 min day 2/26(not counting first three days of month)
Grocery budget 75.43/350
Baked/bulk cooking 2/15
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No spend, 60 minutes on the treadmill

February 1- stayed within budget: $38.35 for pizza, paid bills
February 2- stayed within budget: $110.02 household/misc., $297.39 groceries
February 3-
February 4- stayed within budget: $37.35 gas, paid kids' bowling league fees for the month
February 5-

My goals for February:
Track Grocery Spending: $297.39/$550
Track eating out/take out/entertainment spending: $38.35/$150
Track my gasoline spending: $37.35/$180
Track household/ misc. spending: $110.02/$200
Track frivolous spending: $0/$0
True no-spend: 2/18 days
No frivolous spending: 5/29 days
No credit card use: 5/31 days
Stay within 15 miles of home: 4/22 days
No-drive: 1/12 days
Exercise: 180/1000 minutes on the treadmill
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2/1 - : $13 on beer.
2/2 - : $13 on lunch out with the kids, $35 on dinner out with everyone, $40 on
non-essential grocery items.
2/3 - $8 on crusty bread and beer. But hey, it was the Super Bowl!
2/4 - $30.01 (so close!) on 3/4 tank of gas. $13 on essential grocery items (fruit, milk, juice)
2/5 - $11 at the grocery store (essential)

Key: No-spend day
Spending within budget
: unnecessary spending
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Budgeted spending on 2/5: $21.19 for another safety gate for DS.

no spend at all
unbudgeted but necessary
: unbudgeted and unnecessary

1/9 spend days
4/20 no-spend
0/0 trips and $0/0 groceries until Feb 13
0/4 trips and $0/200 groceries for Feb 13-Mar 13
0/3 trips and $0/10 farmer's market
$0/30 eating out (or cooking valentine's dinner)
$21.19/? safety gate for DS
$0/10 household supplies
$0/20 clothes
$0/12.48 gift-making supplies, DH and DS valentines, chocolate
$0/43.51 DS bday in March
$0/0 unbudgeted spending

Fri 1
Sat 2
Sun 3
Mon 4
Tue 5 $21.19 safety gate for DS
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2/1: : $18.17 at Pizza Hut
2/2: : $9 at lunch, $42 at Disney Store (will get $20 back Monday), $38 at BRU (all necessary)
2/5: : $3 on snacks

Goals (Total/Goal/# of days in the month):
True No-Spend days: 2/19/29
No-Car days: 2/14/29
Decluttering days: 0/10/29
No Caffeine days: 1/15/29
Take a walk days: 0/20/29
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I have got to go to the dermatologist today, so I will have an unplanned co-pay (have to have him look at a spot that just came up).

2/1 - 182.28 (Walmart) - on groceries, shower gifts, medicine for sick DS
2/2 - 17.36 (Fred's) - went trying to figure out their coupon doubling policy - took DH and DS and we spent more than I expected
2/3 - 12.54 - additional part of wedding shower expenses
2/4 -
2/5 - - 4.42 Milk for DS; - 3.77 2 movies for this weekend (used rent one get 1 free coupon)


- No spend day
- Spend - planned and necessary
- Spend - planned but not REALLY necessary
- Spend - unplanned but necessary
- Spend - unplanned and unnecessary

$500 - groceries and household items
10/29 - no spend days - CURRENTLY AT 1/10
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2/02 : $1 baby gift crafting book plus seafood restaurant and a few groceries.
2/03 -Chinese take out
2/05 -$13 swap postage (budgeted)

My Key:
No Spend Days:
Spending Within Budget:
Frivolous Spending: :

Goals for February
2/17 true no spend days
2/5 take out/dinners out
$1/$100 personal unnecessary spending
$16/$500 groceries
Pay off the credit cards (that will take about $500)
*Paid $100 on CC 2/06
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Catching up from yesterday --

05-$6.38 lunch

Took DS to the doctor yesterday morning and we ended up stopping somewhere for lunch.
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No Spend yesterday !!! However, I still didn't get any decluttering done.

2/1 No Spend
2/2 $174.94 groceries; $50 household (Costco membership)
2/3 $43.00 donations; $86.69 groceries; $53.24 gifts for Valentines Day (budgeted)
2/4 $88.00 bowling fees; $56.76 gas; $26.00 allowances for kiddos
2/5 No Spend

Today is DS#2 birthday, so my spending will be $50.00 for gift. I am also allowing myself to get coffee today. I won't have time to get to the decluttering.


My Plan

Groceries: $261.63/$750
Household: $50/$150
Gas: $56.76/$200
Coffee: $0/$25
Frivolous Spending: $0/$100
Birthday for DS #2: $0/$50
15 no spend days: 2/15
25 no stores days (grocery or Big Box): 3/25
No Credit Cards: 5/29
2x eat out with hubby and/or kids: 0/2
22 hrs decluttering: 2/22
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Need some opinions, ladies!

My wedding ring is gone. DH and I have both torn our room apart numerous times, and my dad has kept an eye out for it while cleaning their part of the house. We even took our vacuum bag apart tonight and picked through the gunk looking for it. It's been gone for almost a month now. I NEED to get a ring. It's a petty thing, but I look *really* young. I'm 23, and most people find it hard to believe I can legally drive a car, let alone my minivan containing my two children. And I hate the dirty, nasty looks I get when I have the girls (one or both) with me. Somehow having my wedding ring on seems to help lessen those kind of occurances. Plus, my finger just feels naked and I hate not having it.

So...once our tax return gets here we're paying off a loan and will have an extra $300/month. I want to find and ring, charge it, and pay a little on it each month until that loan is paid off and then pay it in full (I don't plan on spending a lot on a ring. Probably $500 as the very very top amount.). Does this sound reasonable?
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Well, I would recommend waiting until you can pay cash, if possible. And maybe get a real cheap replacement just for looks in the meantime. Of course, we spent $70 on my wedding ring, so I'm probably not the most middle-of-the-road person to ask.

Sorry to hear that the ring is lost. I misplaced mine for a day when I was pregnant and swelling, and it made me crazy. I torn apart the bathroom trash at work. GROSS!

I have a question for everyone too. Where is the right place to swap (not sell) gift cards on MDC? Is there one? I have some movie theatre gift cards that I would like to trade for another chain.
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4th $5 on junk food
6th $6.96

Financial Goals:
1. No eating out!
2. No Big Box Stores for me!-- went on 02/04
3. No online shopping!
4. Try to eat out of the pantry and only supplement from the store when needed!
5. Live off of DH's income only!

Other Goals:
Exercise Days: 20 2/20
Let the Computer Rest Days 10

Jaime's Key:
No Spend Days:
Spend Days
Needed, yet totally unplanned for, spending
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Originally Posted by AGlimmeringHope View Post
Need some opinions, ladies!
I know I would feel the same way you do, I would want a replacment, however I think the pp is right in saying to wait till you can pay cash. You could find something cheap to hold things off. My friend bought a ver inexpensive knock off ring at walmart for during hedr pregnancy. or you could just get a band until you can save up the money. i know my wedding band was $60.00 at justice jewelers. Just some ideas. I am sorry you lost your ring!
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Dennie I think I would wait on the ring also. Find something you can pay cash for. I did a super quick google search and found gold wedding bands for less than $100. Here's one for $57 http://www.e-weddingbands.com/store/goldfl2info.html

Of course, this is coming from someone who doesn't wear her wedding ring half the time, because it makes me feel all free and liberated and *me.*

If you buy a ring you can't afford, where will the money come from? Just because you charge it doesn't mean it's free money. What other item will you not be able to afford if you buy the ring? What tradeoff are you making? Do I remember correctly that you live with your parents and would like to move out? How much longer would you have to stay with your parents if you spend $500 or $200 or $50 on a new ring?
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Sadly, yesterday could not be a no-spend day. We were having soup, and we were without a ladle. While I could have just scooped the soup out of the pot with a bowl, it didn't seem like an effective long-term solution . I was going to get one from the Dollar Store, but it was really shallow and I didn't like it at all, and a buck spent on something I'm going to replace later anyway is a dollar wasted...so, I went to K-Mart and got the $6 ladle. (With which I am much happier!) And, let us not pass over the fact that I was able to go into Kmart, get JUST what I needed, and leave

$37.76 groceries (out of $50 for this week)
$400 rent
$11.68 gas
$8.87 groceries
$3.71 household
2/5 $6.67 household
2/6 $1.61 personal (forgot to eat breakfast this morning; bought a muffin)

Goals for Feb:
$46.63/$200 grocery
$10.38/50 household
$1.61/$20 personal
$11.68/$40 gas
3/10 no-spend

: = Unnecessary
= Unplanned, but necessary
= No spend
= Necessary/planned
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