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February No-Spend Challenge -- How did you do? What will you do differently next month? What... - Page 22

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Well, I ended up not having to pay anything at the dermatologist yesterday, but will be billed by them after my ins. pays. We did have to take our DS back to the doctor yesterday, though, so that was a co-pay for him.

2/1 - 182.28 (Walmart) - on groceries, shower gifts, medicine for sick DS
2/2 - 17.36 (Fred's) - went trying to figure out their coupon doubling policy - took DH and DS and we spent more than I expected
2/3 - 12.54 - additional part of wedding shower expenses
2/4 -
2/5 - - 4.42 Milk for DS; - 3.77 2 movies for this weekend (used rent one get 1 free coupon)
2/6 - - 2.52 for gum and water at Target; - $20 copay at Dr.; - 2.46 pants for DS at Target; - 18.69 dog food at Target


- No spend day
- Spend - planned and necessary
- Spend - planned but not REALLY necessary
- Spend - unplanned but necessary
- Spend - unplanned and unnecessary

$500 - groceries and household items
10/29 - no spend days - CURRENTLY AT 1/10
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So yesterday ended up a planned spending only day. Nothing frivolous yet. I'm on a roll.

2/1 No Spend
2/2 $174.94 groceries; $50 household (Costco membership)
2/3 $43.00 donations; $86.69 groceries; $53.24 gifts for Valentines Day (budgeted)
2/4 $88.00 bowling fees; $56.76 gas; $26.00 allowances for kiddos
2/5 No Spend
2/6 $2.34 coffee; $9.30 clothing (much needed sweatshirts for myself) $2.21 household (lunchboxes for kiddos) .80 school supplies; $53.18 DS birthday gift and balloon; $21.34 milkman

My back window blew out of my van yesterday, so today will be a stay home day. I have a meeting tonight, so I will be getting a coffee for myself, but it will be a relatively low spending day. I am planning 2 hours of decluttering/organizing also.


My Plan

Groceries: $282.97/$750
Household: $52.21/$150
Gas: $56.76/$200
Coffee: $2.34/$25
Frivolous Spending: $0/$100
Birthday for DS #2: $53.18/$50
15 no spend days: 2/15
25 no stores days (grocery or Big Box): 4/25
No Credit Cards: 6/29
2x eat out with hubby and/or kids: 0/2
22 hrs decluttering: 2/22
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1 - , drove
2 - 83.11 groceries, drove
3 - , no driving
4 - , no driving
5 - , drove
6 - , drove
7 - 178.01 toys & homeschool toys for dd. not budgeted but she got 200 from ILs for chinese new year

no-spend days 20/28
no-drive days 10/28
hang/rack dry laundry
try to keep tv off as much as possible
use coupons & sales

no-spend days 5/20
no-drive days 2/10

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02/01 $20 Lunch at McDonalds for four (Pre-planned school event) (NO STORE day) $15.00 Movies (Budgeted)
02/02 $10 basketball game(planned) $45 Joann's (budgeted) $1 pack of gum $4.20 Tolls $75 MADE at Murder Mystery Dinner Theater (YAY ME!!)
02/03 $50 Grocery Store $5 Football Pool
02/05 $5.00 McDonald's
02/06 $49.00 Sam's Club (planned)
02/07 $10 Breakfast with the "Girls" (planned)

29/29 Save ALL receipts.
15/29 Stay out of all stores
14/29 true no-spend days
/$50 social spending
Money earned by *me*
Save anything possible this month.
Track $/$0 out of budget spending

= True no-spend
= Spending within budget
= Un-budgeted, but necessary
= "Bad Girl" spending (un-budgeted and unnecessary)

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WAY TO GO, DENNIE! There will be future jewelry sales, like you said. Maybe around Mother's Day, if you are ready by then.

Today is going to be a spend day for me. I'm going to US Toy to get decorations and presents for DD's birthday. I will try to keep the decoration spending under control - we are going with a cowboy theme.
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From yesterday--

05-$6.38 lunch
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07: $1 on snacks for kids. Could have been avoided, but I didn't take thetime to prepare Better luck next time!
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2/1 - - Snowed in!
2/2 - About $9 in groceries, necessary. Otherwise
2/3 -
2/4 - Paid dr bill, but Made sister cookies for her birthday instead of buying a gift, she loved them!
2/5 -
2/6 - - $20 in groceries.
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Doing this early today so I don't forget...

Joint spending:
2/1: $1402 mortgage--budgeted
2/2: $185 Costco (food stock-up, much needed towels, & membership fee)--budgeted
2/3: $15 movies, $30 dinner--budgeted
2/4: $37 co-op (budgeted), $90 Target (over budget)
2/5: $24 online for Pyrex (over budget)

Personal spending:
2/1: $2,000 monthly contribution to joint, $63 on swap food; $25 charitable giving--all budgeted; $3 cash on soda
2/2: $37 on swap food--budgeted, but I'm going to go over, since that's my whole budget and I haven't shipped anything yet; $35 credit card payment
2/3: $38 swap shipping (over budget), $5 other shipping (in budget), +$8 from Amazon.com
2/4: (spend $4 on a prescription, +$18 for two shirts I returned at Target)
2/5: (+$15 return from Amazon)
2/6: $4 postage (over budget), $26 V-day present for M. (in budget), +$45 return on boots I bought last month
2/7: ($632 CC payments)

+$44/$100 misc. spending
$142/$100 swap/postage spending
3/14 no spend days
0/2 thrift shopping trips
0/5 lunches/coffees
$667/$700 credit card pay-down
7/29 no credit card days

Joint goal for Feb: just one--STAY ON BUDGET!

Personal goals for Feb:
-stay on budget (including no more than $100 misc spending, $100 swap spending/postage)
-no credit card spending
-at least 14 no spend days
-no more than 2 thrift shopping trips
-no more than 5 lunches and/or coffees at work
-pay at least $700 on credit card

No-spend days: 12/31
Lunches/coffees purchased: 6
Off-budget spending: -$400
Credit card payments: $793
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2-6: :

: no spend
spend in budget
out of budget spending
out of budget but necessary
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I'm starting to realize how much I was spending on the little stuff here and there . . .

So far:

2/5: $10.33 at Target for a work baby shower gift (unbudgeted, but necessary -- and I spent LESS than I planned, and walked out of Target without anything extra )
2/6: $18.00 for ds to go skiing with a friend

Dd has a bday party this weekend, but I think I can do $10-15 and get a decent gift. Have plenty of gift bags to reuse, so no money there.

I'm so inspired!:
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I blew it yesterday and spent $33.00 dollars at the thrift store. I was soo stressed because my best friend, the sister of my heart, was sent from her drs. office to the ER via ambulance with chest pains. She has an aneurysm on her aorta and I was so afraid for her. I live 1800 miles away and after picking my dd up from school I couldn't face going home to wait for the phone to ring. I engaged in retail therapy instead.

She is home now, and seems to be okay although they are watching her closely. Note to self. Must find better coping strategy.
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Heather -- I hope you hear good news about your sister.

Jill -- Way to go!!!
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05.. Undisclosed amount...Indian food
07.. $8.03 McDonald's

5/22 No-Spend Days
2/10 Let the Car Rest Days
6/29 Fast-Food-Free Days

Grrr....: That demon McDonald's... :
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2/2: Yay, made it through the rest of trip without impulse spending! Also came home to check mail and find $100 Wal-mart gift card (work bonus), $10 cash from relative, and $40 extra check from husband working a few hours last week. Since husband is seasonally laid off this is all really needed!
2/3 - found a new way to save money today after realizing I was paying double the price for trash bags with the drawstring. I think I spent $6.50ish on a years worth of trash bags today!
2/4 :
2/5: So I spent $3.47 on 5 great pieces of clothing, but it was not in our budget, and they are out of season, so they weren't exactly needed yet, unfortunately, clothing is not in our regular budget right now. I spent part of my son's haircut money for the clothes.
2/6 : My husband forgot his lunch and had $3 to eat out, I figured he'd get some dollar menu items, but he ordered a value meal putting us $2.27 over spent

: No Spend
Spent Within Budget
Necessary but Unbudgeted Spending
: Impulse or Unneeded Purchase/Spending

$0 Added to Savings
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Originally Posted by umarider View Post
Wow! 3 no-spend days! My debit card is missing me!
Yeah!!! Keep that debit card lonely!! Way to go

Originally Posted by Patrick's mummy View Post
Bought candy for myself...Totally totally unnecessary and I don't think it's helping my pregnancy be a healthy one either - why can't I get a hold of myself?
I'm having a very sugary pregnancy this go around too...I crave sugar ALL the time. I don't have any advice, just a because I know what you mean. It is tough.

Monkey's Mom -- you are doing FANTASTIC.

Kimmy -- Yeah!!! You're back!!! We missed you. Glad to have you back in the thread.
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Paying off a loan to get another one for something not emergency? Sure you want to do that to your heart hun? I know how it is being young and married with children and the looks you get. But in your heart you know what is important!
Good advice, Kimmy. I'm so glad you're back.

That is a tough call, GlimmeringHope...but she is right. Ignore those looks. It doesn't matter what people think about you. People don't know if you are in debt or saving money either, but it is so much nicer to be in the latter group.

Many married people don't wear rings. I haven't seen my ring in years...and our marriage has been going strong for 15 years. The ring is symbol. Could you and your husband choose something else to symbolize your love for each other? A pendant? How about your children? They are also a symbol of your love.

Then when you are out of debt, you could start saving for that ring and buying it with cash would be sooooo much sweeter.
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Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom View Post
Monkey's Mom -- you are doing FANTASTIC.
Awwww...thanks! It helps to live rurally sometimes. When we lived in suburbia/metro area it was MUCH easier to spend, spend, spend.

Today is not going to be a no spend day. My in-laws called at the beginning of the week to say that they wanted to stop and spend the night on their way out of town this wkend. Well, a few weeks ago, our stupid cat peed on our guest room bed. We pitched the mattaress and weren't planning to replace it for a while.......and my MIL did say that they would sleep on an air mattress, but I just can't do that. We need to have a functional guest room. Soooo, my husband just picked up a cheap mattress ($165? I'll have to check the receipt.). Sigh. So, not bugeted, but not fluffy, impulse spending either.

Plus, he's picking up a few things at the grocery.

Oh well.

Now if we could just collect the money owed to us.
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then ran out to Crackbucks for a tall mocha
That made me laugh...I'm going to start saying that too.

Dennie -- Yahoo! I just read further and saw that you found a ring afterall. Great!!!! Even if it is not your style, someone at some point liked it, so I bet it looks better than you think. Isn't it amazing how sometimes if you make a need known, something comes up that solves the problem for you?

I'm really happy for you. And very wise of you and your DH to realize that sales come up often...you'll be able to catch the next one at a time when you are in better financial shape.
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Progress so far:

$148/$300 Groceries (went over budget this week)
6/29 no spend days (Had to spend some $$ on copays and prescriptions but will get reimbursed for those expenses)
2/6 no drive days

I may go out tonight and use my GC for a humidifier.
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