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infant seats, or convertible seats?? - Page 2

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Buckets, for most of the reasons stated.
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Buckets. I hate big strollers but I'm planning to get a double snap n go b/c with a 3 yo we will have to go out.

Also, they make some of the buckets to a higher weight limit now so they last longer.

Can you borrow some from anyone? OR hit up a twins sale?
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Buckets here, too.
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got a huge blessing this week!

Well ... guess what!!

I got a call from a woman who goes to my church (whom I've never officially met), and she has twins. Her girls are turning a year old. She wanted to get rid of her 'twin baby stuff', and wanted to give the things to another twin mom. My priest let her know that I was PG with twins, and she called me, with the offer of ...... 2 infant car seats, 4 bases, a double stroller, and who knows what else!!
Woo hoo!

Looks like my decision has been made for me!!
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That's great news!
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Originally Posted by DiannaK View Post
I'm debating on what type of car seats to buy for the upcoming babies.
I'm torn between buying 2 infant car seats, knowing I'll have to buy the 'big car seats' later. I'm contemplating just going ahead and buying the convertible seats.

Any thoughts??? What did you all do??
Hey--I bought the Graco Snugride infant seats (GREAT safety rating), in the Darius pattern..I think they're so damn cute! I like knowing that when the kids are here I can just carry them in their seats inside if asleep, take them wherever without having to get them out of the seats. Plus the bases to the seats (one comes with it) are just $40 on Target.com or Amazon--so my mom is going to get two of 'em. Plus, I'm thinking that since my babies will likely be a bit smaller I'd rather an infant seat. The Graco Snugride is for 5-22lbs. I got them from Babyuniverse.com, with some coupon code and free shipping---it was $200 for two. Not cheap, but I'm not skimping on a carseat! Hope that helps, Sammysue78
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