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He finally fell in love

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With Eliot (my first) it was love at first sight for him (and me of course), he was a mamas boy from the beginning. Simon is a little more cautious of everyone. He is more calm and lets people besides me hold him, but he 'fish eyes' everyone and looks like he does not trust anybody. It's funny but kind of eerie the looks that he gives sometimes - like he knows way too much for a newborn.
Well anyway, it took 4 weeks but he FINALLY fell in love with me. I think he is going to be a tough cookie - it only took 4 weeks of constantly being there, being his only food source, waking up with him during the night, changing his diapers, sleeping next to him every night and most nap times too - I have never had to work this hard to have someone fall in love with me. But it was all worth it because last week Simon couldnt keep his eyes off me, he kept straining his neck to look at me and smile the sweetest most lovely smile ever and he looked at me with the loveliest eyes ever. I didnt want to get too excited because I thought it might be temporary but it's not!!! He loves me, he permanently loves me!!!
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awww!!!! I am so happy for you!
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Aww - how sweet!
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so sweet...
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ya choked me up over here! my lo is three weeks old and sounds sort of like your babe. i can't wait for the love!!
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