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I have gladstar's book and really like it.  If you're new to paganish herbal books, which one would you recommend?  Magical Household, Cottage Witchery or??

Cottage witchery is one of my faves :D  The rituals in it are not at all similar to Wiccan ones (ala Cunningham etc)... they are simpler, more natural feeling to me... less showy, more about intent I guess? 


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Wow! I love this thread! I use many of the different herbs mentioned in my cooking and teas. I love drinking infustions and so does my daughter. Just before reading this thread I made and infusion of rosemary for her to wash her hair with while taking a sea salt bath. While she was still in the tub I gave her baby brother a back rub with olive oil that i had simmered garlic in.

There are so many new concepts that I read in this thread I wish I had taken notes! I do not have any books on herbs and healing although I took a few seminars years and years ago. I hope I come across a good book on medicinal herbs and Wiccan/Pagan ritual uses for herbs in the near future to keep me active and informed.

Blessed be

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