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detecting twins?

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If you do not use ultrasound what is the earliest you can detect twins? Can you hear two heartbeats early on?
I am panicking thinking that i am pregnant with twins and want to know now, but do not want to have an ultra sound this time.
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It is not reliable to detect twins by listening for 2 heartrates, for many reasons. One twin could be hidden, making it hard to detect the 2nd heartbeat, or the heartrates could be so similar they sound like one. You will defenitely be measuring significantly ahead by 20 weeks, but most likely sooner. Later on in the pregnancy, the midwife may be able to palpate both babies, but it is not a guarantee. Ultrasound is the best way to rule out twins. How far along are you? Why are you suspecting twins?
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Peeking in from May. It just depends. I'm 25 weeks now and we just don't know yet. My midwife hasn't found two distinct heartbeats yet. I'm measuring fairly far ahead, but we still don't know.

At some point we may get an u/s to confirm one way or the other.

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Thanks for your response. I am 11w tomorrow. I am measuring much bigger than with my ds, but i know that with your second preg everything happens faster. I have my fist mw appoinment in 2 weeks so i have not really been examined yet.
The reasons i am suspecting twins are 1)that i just have "that feeling". 2)I have been having dreams about it. 3) Their are some in my mothers family (her sister has twins and she had cousins that were twins)4) I feel very tired this preg much more than with my first (but i am also trying to keep up with my three year old)
Thats pretty much it. I am hoping that i am only being paranoid which i sometimes am Twins seem impossible to me and its a very scary thought.

Thanks again.
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Good luck to you! I can't wait to see what you find out.
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Funny thing you mentioned "twins". Today I went in for my first prenatal with the midwife. She wasn't sure but thought she heard two heartbeats!

Now, I have miscarried twins. My husbands sister is now pregnant with identical twins, and my mother in law, her father was a twin.

Oh boy! I am thinking I would like to have a us soon because my midwife won't deliver twins. I don't want to have to pay her then go to the ob and pay him (he charges whether I come in at 1 week pregnant or 30 weeks pregant it's the same charge).

I don't know when is it safe to do an early us? In another 4 weeks I will be 17 wks along.

I don't have any "feeling" just got a good chuckle today at the possiblilty of having twins!
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I don't know when is it safe to do an early us? In another 4 weeks I will be 17 wks along.
Many people believe 20 weeks is a safe time. I would at least wait til you are in the 2nd trimester, which you almost are.
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I know this goes against what lots of people here believe, but I had an u/s at 6 weeks which detected my twin pregnancy & also had an u/s at about 6 weeks with this pregnancy to rule out an ectopic pg. I believe these u/s's were safe, and both went a long way toward answering my questions and allaying my fears.
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GL mama Hope you get the answer you want. The earliest i would feel okay wiht an US is 16 weeks....
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Well were pretty sure I was having twins early on because of my jump in hcg and my uterus was measuring well ahead. Even with out the ultra sound I 'knew' But with hearing the heartbeats its hard because in the beginning its hard to distinguish them. I heard the heartbeats at 10 weeks but we couldn't tell which was which.
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Let us know if you are detecting twin!!
I am going in for an ultra sound Feb 18 so I will see if I am carrying twins.
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I am not sure when i will know for certain or not, but i iwll def tell you when the time comes. I am 11 weeks now and will prob go for an ultra sound after 18weeks.

Let us know what happens with you.
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I completely understand your wanting to know NOW!! It was a fear of mine with my 2nd pg and now with the 3rd (who was a surprise). My midwife felt around today to tell the size of my uterus, because I have been feeling bigger, too. I think it's just because it's my 3rd in 4 1/2 years, though, because she said I'm not measuring ahead at all. For me personally, if my m/w said she thought my uterus was bigger than we thought it should be I would get an u/s. I would just HAVE to know for sure.
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I was curious about detecting twins too without u/s. Twins have been in the back of my mind. I swear I ovulated from both sides the cycle we conceived and I'm showing *much* more than w/ DD and filling out up top too. But my ms is gone now and wasn't too bad...just felt nausea in the evening and feeling great otherwise so I don't really think I'm having twins. I'm almost 11 weeks.
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