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Spinoff- How big were your twins and how much did you gain?

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I've been reading Dr. Luke's book and the thread about twin weights. I was just wondering how her recommendations work in normal, day-to-day life outside a clinic. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and WAY below what she says is the "minimum" I should have gained by now (I've only gained 5 so far, supposed to have gained at least 15!). So far the babies are keeping up with singletons of their gest. age, but that'll be checked at tomorrow's midwife appt. I'm eating all the time (sometimes till stuffed) and getting in bunches of protein (now that the hyperemesis is subsiding), but still not really gaining weight, just getting a wider tummy. So... How much did your twins weigh at birth and how much did you gain? If you followed Dr. Luke's diet, do you think it helped or not?
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Well mine were 6 lbs 10 oz and 6 lbs 5 oz although I did not follow that diet. I gained only about 25 lbs until the last 3 weeks in which I got really swollen and gained 15 more lbs. I didn't actually gain any weight until I was about where you are. It also depends on what you weigh before the pregnancy. If you are eating well and taking care of yourself don't go by your weight alone to determine whether they are ok. Oh, and I didn't actually start to show until I was about 18 weeks or so. Everyone's pregnancy is different and as long as the babies look fine then don't worry too much about your weight.
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My twins were born early at 30 weeks (no reason for why) baby a was 2 lbs 14 oz, and baby b was 3 lbs 3 oz (both VERY healthy) and I gained 60 lbs! ETA: I was very thin when I got pg with them so being overweight was not already a factor for me. It was mostly water retention, I lost over 40 lbs before ever leaving the hospital.
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My babies were born at 37 weeks and were 5 lbs 7 oz and 6 lbs 11 oz. I didn't read that book until later, but I did eat a diet very high in protein and with a lot of calories. I gained 22 pounds by 20 weeks, but after that my gain tapered off a lot. I wound up gaining 45 pounds total.
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I gained 80+ lbs (I stopped weighing myself at the point I hit 80ish) I went a few days "over" and they were each 8lbs 15oz. I lost 45lbs just from delivering, a good amount of that was water retention.

I did follow Luke's diet.
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I gained over 80 lbs but I also gained 50 lbs with eahc of my singletons so I think I just tend to gain more. I did follow Dr. Luke's recommendations.
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I never added it up, but at time of delivery (33 weeks, 5 days) I'd put on a bit less than 30 lbs, but that included the 10 pounds i lost in the first 15 weeks or so due to nausea.

Babies weighed 4 lbs 7 oz and 5 lbs 7 oz, so good size considering their gestations. No breathing issues, NICU stay as feeders/growers.

I'm not quite 5'2" and I just dont think it was possible for me to gain weight like Dr. Luke suggested (I followed a high protein/high calorie diet). There was no room in my body for 3500 calories a day, just too short.
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I really tried to follow Dr. Luke's recommendations (and usually did a good job, LOTS of protein, LOTS of water). Mine were born at just over 38 weeks weighing 7-4 and 7-0. I gained just over 30 pounds the entire pregnancy, but started out about 15 pounds overweight and lost a lot of weight during the first 17 weeks of pregnancy.
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I gained 65 pounds; the boys were born at 39 weeks, weighing 8-0 and 7-14.

I never heard of Dr Luke (my twins are 13 years old). I tried to make every calorie count, in terms of protien, fruits and vegetables, with minimal junk food, and I drank plenty of water. A Korean friend even made seaweed soup for me a few times.

I lost 45 pounds before I left the hospital.
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I gained 62 pounds and they weighed 6lbs 12oz and 7lbs 12oz at 38w3d. FWIW, I gained over 50 with my singletons (who were both over 9lbs at birth).

I didn't exactly follow Barbara Luke's diet, but I pushed the protein and water like there was no tomorrow.
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I had trouble gaining. I was over weight to start, but during my first tri, I lost 15 lbs. By 20 weeks, I gained 5 obs back and by 38 weeks, I gained 20 lbs (-15 = 5 total).

my boys were 7 1/2 each.

I ate as much as I could and I ate very healthy (any sugar would make me SICK!). Basically I followed Dr. Luke. The weight just didn't go on me. However, my butt has never looked the same drop:
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I gained 62 lbs, despite losing 6 lbs the first trimester. Once I got my appetite back it was easy for me to gain weight because I love eating. My twins were 6 lbs 10 oz and 8 lbs 4 oz at 40 weeks 1 day.
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I gained over 90 lbs. I'm 6'2" and weighed 153ish when I got pg. My normal weight is 164. My twins were 8 3 and 6 9 at 41 weeks. I gained well over 50 with my singletons.

I tried to follow the luke diet but it was too much and made me feel sick. I ended up just trying to be mindful and added a protein supp to my diet.
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I tried to follow the Luke recommendations. By 24wk I'd gained 22lb, and by 37wk, 48lb. When I was pg with the babies, I actually for a week wrote down from MDC all the weights of the moms and gestations. I was obsessed with it. And in my "research" I found that the moms who gained less than 40 usually had the shorter pregnancies.
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I gained a little over 60 lb total but I was under her recomendation for weight gain for a long time. I was very sick early on and lost weight but once I got my appetite back I had no trouble putting it on! I gained 50lb with my singleton too. I kind of followed Luke's diet to an extent. I ate lots of protein and drank lots of water but I would not eat fast food like she suggests. That is just one area I do not agree with her.

Oh yeah, my babies were born at 40w 3d at 7lb 15oz and 8lb 2oz
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The last time I was weight was at 27 weeks, at which point I had gained 35 pounds. I had my babies 2 weeks later - 3 pounds and 2 pounds 13 ounces. Pretty decent weights for their GA.
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I had gained 42 pounds -- girls were 5.7 and 6.2 when born at 37 weeks. I threw up every day from week 6 to 26 or so... so it was hard to gain. We found out about the twins around 19 weeks and I think I had only gained 12 pounds (argh... memory is fading... I know it was NOWHERE near the 24 at 24 weeks). Once the throwing up stopped, I was able to gain more. Didn't follow Dr. Luke's exactly, just the spirit of it (tons of protein, water, making bites "count").
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Originally Posted by SlingWearin'Mama View Post
I gained 80+ lbs (I stopped weighing myself at the point I hit 80ish) I went a few days "over" and they were each 8lbs 15oz. I lost 45lbs just from delivering, a good amount of that was water retention.

I did follow Luke's diet.
Me too. I gained between 70 and 80, over 20 in the first trimester before we even knew we were having twins! My babes were nearly 6 lbs each, born at 38 weeks and I lost nearly 50 lbs just from delivering. I was back to pre-pregnancy weight by about 4 mos post-partum w/o any real effort (and plenty of ice cream!) on my part.

I will say that I didn't indulge in McDonald's while pregnant in spite of the fact that Dr. Luke thinks the extra fat and calories are actually okay for a twin pregnancy. I have however, occasionally indulged since our twins' birth because I've found the drive-through love.
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I indulged in some Taco Bueno tonight. Beef BOB.....yummmmmmm

I'm 24 weeks and have gained 20 pounds; 5 more than my singleton pregnancy totals. So we'll see!
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I wouldn't say I followed her advice exactly. I didn't care for her book but had heard that her nutrition info was real good so I skimmed that. I know I hadn't gained the recommend amount by 24 weeks (I think I had maybe gained 19 by then and didn't find out about the twins til 26 weeks). I just wasn't hungry! It was very hard to get myself to eat much, though I tried. I aimed for 100-120g of protein a day (which I know is less than a lot of people here say, but this is what my mw told me and was about all I was able to do anyway). I didn't know about the gallon of water a day (which I'm not too sure about - there IS a point at which too much water is harmful and a gallon is an awful lot). I did take some herbal supplements to support my liver & such, as recommended by my mw. I don't remember what else. When I first found out about the twins I tried SO HARD to get more protein in but when it got to the point that I literally had tears dropping into my food b/c I just couldn't force another bite I realized that something had to give. I was only going to make myself vomit at that rate and then what good would it have done to eat it anyway? So I cut myself some slack and worked hard to log what I could eat so it was easier to make sure I at least met my minimum, and I did. Anyway, back to your question! I gained 39 lbs (which was less than with my first singleton), no swelling/water-retention, lost it all in 9 days, and at almost 2 years pp I'm down an additional 20lbs thanks to nursing twins! My twins weighed 6 lbs 14 oz & 7 lbs 13 oz. I believe strongly that genetics plays at least as big a role in baby-size as diet, although diet is of course very important too!
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