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Did YOUR mom do CLW?

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I am interested to hear if there are any adults here whose mom did CLW. Can you remember nursing? I want to know about this!
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Heck no. It was soy formula for day 1 for me.

But my aunt did. She breastfed all three of her kids until they weaned themselves, in the 70s when around here only "hippies" breastfed at all. My youngest cousin nursed for the last time a few weeks after she started kindergarten, and she can remember nursing.

The family STILL hasn't stopped gossiping about how weird that was. When my middle cousin had her kids, the talk was all about how long SHE'D nurse her kids, like was she gonna be "weird" like her mother was. (She weaned her first at 2, and the others at around 18 months.)
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No, she breastfed me on a 3 hour schedule, giving me water in-between if I fussed. I was weaned suddenly at 3 months old when her doctor was shocked that I was still nursing and told her I needed to wean immediately to gain weight. She "rebelled" when my younger brother was born, nursing him on demand until he was 9 months old.

My mother went with the "status quo" for the time, but I was raised with the knowledge that all three of my cousins were born at home and nursed for several years each. I also remember being in Sunday School as a child and being told that it is believed that people in Biblical times nursed their children for years. I suppose I have always taken it for granted that breastfeeding practices are greatly cultural.
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I wish. I was FF'd.
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Nope, FF from day 1 when the docs said I was too small to BF.
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Weaned around 1 year old. I was my mother's second baby. When my older sister was 2 months old, a doctor told my mom that she had to immediately quite breastfeeding and use formula as the baby was not gaining weight. She did not nurse my sister ever again after leaving the doctor's office. (This was 34 years ago)
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My mother weaned each of us around 12-13 months.
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Kind of?

With the first 4, we each nursed until about month 6 of her next pregnancy. None of us were really comfort nursers, and we weaned ourselves when the milk disappeared.

With the last, she did don't offer, don't refuse until she was 3 and then went on a weekend trip when my sister was down to once a day.

I don't remember nursing (I was 18 months when I weaned due to her pregnancy with my next sib) but I remember her nursing babies (I was 13 when my youngest sister was weaned).
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My mom nursed each of her kids until about a year. She has no qualms with the fact that I plan to nurse longer though.
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My mom nursed us (I am a twin) exclusively for 5 months and then was given horrible advice from a doc that she needed to wean b/c she was having gallbladder surgery. Nursing us was her proudest accomplishement and I credit her for being a breastfeeder today. She always talked about it as being wonderful, natural, etc.
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No, my mom nursed me for like 5 months and then went to cow milk. She nursed my brother until he got teeth and bit her.
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I was nursed until I "weaned myself" at 11 months. Nursing strike I guess??
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Nope, I was ff'ed from day 1.
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Nope, I was FF from birth as well.
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Originally Posted by bright-midnight View Post
Nope, I was FF from birth as well.
Me too.
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No - she gave in to societal pressure when I was 2yo. I don't remember nursing per se, but I do remember climbing up into my mommy's lap with our special pillow, and being really really happy she was home and we got snuggle time.
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Nope, FF from day 1. I remember asking my mom if she nursed me when I was about 12. She had a look of shock and horror and said, "Don't you know what that does to your breasts?" : I felt sad and embarrassed I'd even asked.
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No. She nursed me till 6 months and that was it.

My MIL, however, CLW'd all 6 of hers!
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My mom was bf until about 22 months, when she was pregnant with my younger brother. She said her OB encouraged her to wean, but that I was losing interest as well, so I'm not sure if it was officially CLW or not.
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My mom tried sooooo hard to bf my oldest brother, who was born in 1958. My dad managed to take a beautiful role of pictures of my brother at the breast. But my mom had difficulties and had absolutely no support. She had 4 kids and we were all ff'ed.

She is so in awe of my successful bf'ing. She's still a little sad about the way things turned out for her, over 40 years later. I love her so much.
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