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Trimester Swaps?

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I know other DDCs have done a swap for each trimester. They would have to be organized through the Swap forum and someone who meets all of the qualifications for an organizer would have to organize.

I was thinking it'd be nice to start one around the time the last of us hit 12 weeks, then do another one around 24-28 weeks and another around 36-40 weeks? And I think one of them should be a bead swap to make a labor necklace...I guess that would have to be the 24-28 week one so the early labor ladies could have their necklace done?

Does anyone have any other ideas? Do you like the dates or would something else work better?

Anyone want to volunteer to organize?
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What's a trimester swap?
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yes please fill us in more i have no idea what you talkin bout girl
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A "Trimester Swap" is just a swap that happens during each trimester. I've seen diaper swaps, baby clothes swaps, baby gift swaps, mama pampering swaps, and bead swaps.

For example, with a bead swap, everyone who wants to participate signs up, then when you have a final number of participants, you get that number of identical beads from somewhere (or if you're really creative, you make them). Then you send them all to one person (we'll say me, for example) with a SASE big enough to hold all of the beads, and I put together 30 packages with 30 different beads and use the envelope to send them back to you. Then you string a necklace with the beads and when you're in labor, you can wear or hold it and know that everyone who gave you a bead is thinking good labor thoughts for you.

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I would love to be involved. Sounds like fun...
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That sounds very cool. * Jaime
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well that sounds cool, i would love to join...im in canada though so remember that
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I would be in. I love swaps.
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Sounds fun, although I'm in Europe.
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I'm in - but I've not done a swap before, so I'm no help with the organization of it.

(Also willing to ship to Europe so all our friends can play!)
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Reviving this old thread to see if there's any interest in this. I've never organized a swap so I'm not sure what's involved, but this sounds fun.
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That does sound like fun. I'm game.
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I was just at my friend's birth who is in the FEB DDC and she wore her DDC birth beads at her birth. I got choked up seeing her with them - it was empowering to have the visual of so many women who supported her through her pregnancy and were now a part of her birth. It was beautiful and I want it! LOL!
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So who is eligible to coordinate it?? Anyone??
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I think to be able to coordinate - you just have to be a member for six months and have over 150 posts.
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i'm still in i have lots of beautiful stones here from when I was still into making jewelery!
So does everyone make something and then send it to someone else?
Like secret Santa?
I'm still not quite grasping how we would all get beads....

ok nevermind i re-read it... so someone has to buy all the beads and then send it to someone else?
i think i have some serious pregnancy brain
Maybe the secret santa thing would be a better idea. Once we have everyones name together then we could give everyone a different name like a secret santa swap....
I'm a sahm mom so i can definitely help organize
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I would love to be involved!
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trippy - I think in a "regular" swap - it's a bit like a secret santa. everyone puts their name in, and the organizer matches up who everyone sends to and receives from.

for a birth bead, I *think* it goes like this ... if you have 28 mamas participating, including yourself, you'd buy 27 beads and send them out to the 27 other mamas. in return, you'd get 27 beads from 27 mamas and have enough to make your birthing necklace. make sense?
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Awesome Idea!

This sounds really cool, I would love to participate but I have not been a member long enough
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I would like to participate too...
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