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Tell me about your first NIP experience!!

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DD is my second DC but my first nursling. She'll be 2 wks old tomorrow and I know eventually I'll be out and about and have to NIP.
I want to hear about your first time NIP'ing. Were you self concious? Did a lot of people stare?
I live in a very BF unfriendly area. I have only seen one other person BF'ing IRL in my entire life!!
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Personally, I think my first NIPing experience was in a park, and DH was hovering around trying to help me hold up a blanket and it was incredibly awkward.

But we were in a pretty sheltered area and there really weren't very many people around. Also, DS was only a few days old and we were still getting the hang of nursing in general!

Since then I have NIPed quite a bit and I still feel uncomfortable sometimes but I don't feel like I need to erect a tent or anything anymore. I have nursed in restaurants, bookstores, grocery stores, parks, etc. I have never gotten any reactions from anyone other than smiles.

Tip: Learn to nurse in a sling. From when we learned to do that (which took awhile) until DS was about 6 months old I loved nursing him to sleep in the pouch and it worked as a cover-up at the same time!
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DS was 2 weeks old, and we were on vacation. : I nursed him in a Ruby Tuesday. At first I tried to nurse him at our table but quickly found out he didn't want a blanket over his head, and there was an army of elderly men sitting at the table next to ours. So I went to the lobby where people sit while they're waiting on a table and nursed him there. One older lady did come by and say, "Oh, he's so sweet!" so that made it a positive experience.

I've since nursed in doctors' offices, Target, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, my son's school, the mall, etc. etc. etc. And I've learned that my LO won't tolerate anything over his head/face, so I've just learned to bare it all and not worry about what others think.

Congratulations on your sweet baby! She is beautiful!
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My first NIP experience was about 20 years ago and I, too, had never seen a nursing mother other than myself in a mirror. My own mother was of the "stick your finger in her mouth, rock her, and get on home as fast as you can" camp and I could tell that wasn't going to work very well relying on public transportation and living in San Francisco so I decided that dadgummit, if an alley was private enough that I might have smoked a joint there in my younger, wilder days, then I could nurse my baby there!

So sad in some ways, but I didn't know any better and it was a start.

My first NIP experience with Terran was a bit different. I needed a few things from the store and couldn't send the older kids, since I only had checks and no cash. I managed to get the two of us dressed and Terran in the sling and latched on. Between my size Large T shirt and the top rail of the sling, I doubt if anyone saw anything that trip.

The only other time I've taken him out of the house, I showed him off to a (male) neighbor and it didn't occur to either of us to be self-conscious about the fact that Terran was nursing. He's a sleepy baby who needs me to be aware that he gets enough to eat and the neighbor is a reasonably new daddy himself.

I'm so grateful to you for breaking the cycle and normalizing breastfeeding! Perhaps the teenaged girl who glances away nervously the first time you NIP will grow up to have a first NIP experience that is more like Terran's than Phoenix's, all because of YOU!
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Thanks for sharing your stories! I wish that BF'ing were more accepted as normal in this country so that first time NIP'ers wouldn't have to feel nervous or self-conscious! I don't want to look unsure the first time I NIP because if a another BF'ing momma walks by I want to radiate with confidence so that I may inspire her to feel comfortable NIP'ing as well.
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Good thread....

I have been a bit nervous myself about NIP... I know there I can't stay at home forever and wouldn't want to! I am just a pretty shy person, I don't think anyone ever had even seen my boobs until the day I gave birth
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My first experiece was probably when DS was 5-6 weeks old. DH and I went to a dinner maybe at Fridays (I can't remember, it been a while). Anyway, I am a very modest person, I would never wear a shirt that showed cleavage or anything, but I honestly didn't even think about it. My son needed to eat, so I fed him. I did try to use a blanket, which of course didn't work. DH spent the whole time staring at my chest letting me know every time he saw a tiny glimpse of skin. I was totally fine though, and looking around the room. No one else was looking at me at all, or was the slightest bit concerned about what I was doing. Our waiter did notice what I was doing and didn't look at me when I ordered, but I wouldn't say he seemed bothered by it. Honestly, DH was more stressed out about it than me, he has since relaxed a lot.

I've since gone on to breastfeed all over the place, in many different cities/states and all kinds of places. No one has ever said anything to me. Just do your thing and don't worry about what everyone else is doing.
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I went to the mall with my mom to get out of the house! I nursed at a table in the food court with my Hooter Hider and it went great. Much easier than I was expecting. That worked for a while, but now DD doesn't want anything over her face!

I tend to take her to the car to nurse when it's not too cold because she's going through a phase where she pullls off and looks around A LOT! It's just more comfortable for me.

I also wish that it were more socially acceptable, but I can't help feeling weird about complete strangers seeing my nips!
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I first NIP at the doctor's when DS was 4 days old! His doctor goes to my church and I had a sheild at that time, and couldn't get DS latched w/o seeing him, so the Doc saw everything, but he didn't make a big deal out of it.

Then it was the chiropractor's office, and the church nursery, and then the chinese restaurant in the mall which didn't work, so we found a hallway with a bench in it.

I have enouch practice now, that when DC#2 comes along, I really won't care!
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I honestly can't remember the first time that I NIP'd. Is that bad? I remember nursing him at a restaurant with my aunt when he was about 2 months old, but I can't remember if that was the first time or not
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I was window shopping at an outdoor mall and I decided to sit down on a bench and nurse. I was brand new to nursing at the time, and had one of those nursing covers for privacy. After about 10 minutes getting myself set up and covered up, I realized I couldn't even see the baby through the mesh at the top of the nursing cover and was having a hard time latching him on. Then a breeze picked up and the whole nursing cover blew up into my face exposing everything. I remember feeling pretty mortified, but I had to admit it was pretty funny... I must have looked ridiculous!

Fast forward 5 years of nursing... NIP looks like this. Sit down, whip out breast, latch baby on, relax...
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ds is 5 months old and out first "total" NIP experience was just last week at the court house. my family supports BFing but always insists that I use my hooter hider to nurse ds when we are out together. i had NIP'd with the hider several times, but when i was at the courthouse, i didnt have it. he was hunggry so i fed him! and let me tell you, i had never felt so liberated in my life! ds hates the hooter hider anyway(he thrashes about and ends up knocking it away) so he was calm and nursed without freaking out. and the best part was, no one even said anything. it was awesome!!
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I nipped for the first time in a restaurant. I never felt self-conscious until DS turned one. Then it seemed like I got a few stares but I got over it and was proud I had managed to nurse him so long. I stopped nipping when DS was about 28 months. He wasn't interested anymore because there were too many fun things to see and do and now he knows "na" is just for at home.
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i'm not sure that remember the first time..

but i remember the beginning and the awkwardness. and i totally remember the times when i felt so liberated and confident. here's what i did:

i had a c-sec, so we didn't go very far for the few 4- 6 weeks anyway. after that time passed ( and we went through a ton of crazy bad latch and bad nursing and mad pumping in that time) i was so shack wacky and ready to get out.

i started by doing it at friends and family house first. then i moved to the car at the mall...then inside the mall in the nursing or changing rooms. then the main mall on the bench with the stroller in front of me...then...etc.

it was really baby steps for me i was never approached by anyone who was disgruntled or nasty. anyone who was uncomfortable either said so behind my back or just left the area i DID remember getting lots of smiles and good thoughts sent my way.

another thing that made things easier for me was losing the nursing cover or blanket. the more i tried to cover myself up , the more of a spectacle that i made. i had FAR better luck just wearing a nursing tank ( my faves were by bravado designs www.bravadodesigns.com ) and a front opening shirt over top. the tank covered my belly, the babe covered the nip and most of the boob and the over shirt covered anything else that i wanted. it seriously was really easy.

practice a few times at home until you are comfortable. you can do this!! and it is a really cool feeling being able to go anywhere with your child and know they would be ok as long as i had diapers wipes and my breasts.

good luck and enjoy the freedom
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My first "public" experience with my firstborn was at a LLL meeting. I had been once during pregnancy, and my second time was when my dd was 3 days old. I was quite nervous, unreasonably so considering where I was , but everyone said I didn't "show" anything while getting her latched on. It gave me the confidence I needed to go on to nurse in public wherever I was for the next year, and with my next baby as well. I have never used a blanket, I just wore large shirts.
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I nursed pretty much anywhere using a cover for the first 2.5 months after DD was born. I mostly did it because I was still getting used to latching her on and I was nervous about flashing boob everywhere.

Then we went to Disneyland when DD was just over 2.5 MO... she was getting so wiggly that it was very tough to nurse her under a cover. So I threw caution to the wind and nursed her without a cover. Nobody stared. I didn't flash anyone. And I felt soooo liberated!

Now she's 7.5 MO and I've nursed her at restaurants, theme parks (went back to Disneyland a few weeks ago), church, stores, benches at the mall, the airport, and just about everywhere else. No one has ever given me a hard time about it and I don't live in a particularly crunchy area.

My advice is to just go for it! Chances are, you'll inspire another mamma to do it too!!
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My first time I NIP, I did it in the bathroom of the restaurant we were eating at my DH's request. A long talk later and I was doing it where ever and whenever. Usually I have to find somewhere to sit since DD is a pain to latch on if I'm standing for some reason but I've nursed in malls, restaurants, friends' homes, doctor's offices, in the Children's Museum, and while I was getting my staples out from my c-section and getting a u/s to check if I could have an IUD.
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I was fairly young when I had my first over 8 years ago and lived in a smaller town. I would worry so much when we would go out that she would need to eat. Sometimes I would nurse in the car.

Now, I try to plan ahead with my clothes and blankets, etc... We don't go out a lot, except to relatives houses. I wear a nursing tank under my clothes and if I need to be more descreet, I put a burp cloth or something over the top of my boob.

You get better at it the more you do it. It's sometimes hard when they're older and squirmy and tend to pop off more suddenly.
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My first NIP experience was at a bus stop. We were the only ones standing there, but there were other people around.

At 6 weeks, when my aunt was visiting, I went on a walking tour and had to nurse in the middle of the tour. I turned away, got situated, tucked E up in the Moby wrap and rejoined the group. Apparently you couldn't see anything because the tour guide decided to point out that E was his youngest group member ever during the nursing session, directing everyone to look at us! After that, I pretty much have nursed anywhere and everywhere.
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I cannot remember the first time nursing out either.

But I do remember the first time I needed to lose this constant self consciousness... My FIL came shortly after the birth and since DD had this "meal sensor" and needed to nurse as soon as I sat at the table, I spent 2 dinners and a lunch with my shirt open in front of my FIL and that helped me a lot. It was weird for the first little bit, but then I stopped thinking about it.
So maybe you can do something like this as a "practice". Nurse at home in front of people to slowly expand your comfort zone.
DH now talks about me "just whipping it out" and although I hate the expression I know he is proud of me and my confidence in nursing DD wherever, whenever :-)
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