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Bumping to see how folks are doing. Are all the July twins here? devilish_fetish, what about your boys? I know the Queen of Carrots got hers awhile back.

We are, I think, growth-spurting it. I thought we had done the growth spurt, but they are doing the exact same thing (frenzied feeding for nearly 48 hours, then marathon sleeping) just a few days after round one, so maybe it's a multi-round thing?

The boys just had their 2 week appointment today and they are gaining nicely. Noel was 7 lbs, 15 oz (I told him he'd have broken the 8 lb barrier if only he hadn't peed....) and Linus was 8 lbs, 5 oz. We had a visiting nurse at the house on Monday and she weighed them as Noel: 7 lb, 12.6 oz and Linus: 8 lb, 1.2 oz just two days ago, so they really are doing well. They had regained their birthweights (almost on the nose) at one week, which was the first confirmation that all was going well in that department.

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and have been on antibiotics for one week. Crazy, but I finally am feeling the "normal" postpartum fatigue and pains, rather than the ramped-up ones. The normal twin postpartum "feel like dirt" rather than the version of "feel like dirt" I was muddling through before!

The babies are beautiful and I'm really happy with them, but I must say I'm so glad to have them SLEEPING again, after two days of marathon nursing.

Is anyone working hard to get their pair on the same schedule, or any thoughts about NOT doing that? We do a fair bit of tandem nursing, but I prefer nursing them individually and (except during these feeding frenzies when I start to lose any sense of sanity) I am okay with doing demand feeding for the most part. Linus typically sleeps more than Noel, and I feel like I should respect where they are, developmentally. But....the every-hour thing of the constant growth spurt feeding really wiped me out. Insane.
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Twins run in my family and every time I get pregnant the thought is always there... could it be??? I've really enjoyed following you all through out this pregnancy. to all of you and I hope all of your babes are doing well!
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Hi Amy! Glad to hear things are going better with you and that the boys are doing well.

Things here have been busy but not super crazy. The hard part for me is trying to manage my older two dc's. Both Sam and Claire have been growing really well and are now about 9lbs. They have a 2 month visit coming up in a little over a week and I am assuming they will still be doing well. Sam weighed less than Claire at birth but he has since caught up and passed her and I think he will continue on that trend.

So far I have been practicing demand feeding so I'm pretty much nursing all the time. Probably more so than a single baby because I don't have the free time to rock, lull a baby to sleep so I choose the easy nursing way. So far, Claire is sleeping wonderfully at night. I think she only wakes up to nurse once in a while because Sam does. Sam wakes up very often and is a very restless sleeper. During the day they switch and Claire becomes the fussier one . I do tandem during the day sometimes but I'm finding that it isn't a big deal to nurse them individually because they are quick nursers. If they each took 30+ minutes I would probably be tandemning more.

Overall, things are good .
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