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Glucola ingredients

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Inspired by another post. Does anyone know what the ingredients are for glucola? HFCS? Real sugar? Just curious. Isn't it orange? What food coloring do they use? Anyone know?
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All I could turn up about it was that it's gluten-free. Couldn't find any actual ingredients list for it ANYWHERE (and I'm usually pretty good at that!).
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It's got glucose syrup, water, and FC&C dye, usually red 5 and yellow 6.
It's not HFCS - that's about 55-75% fructose, and that wouldn't do. It's not sugar, that's sucrose, or 50% glucose and 50% fructose.
I suspect the origin of the glucose syrup is corn b/c that's where most glucose syrup comes from, but I don't have evidence for that. It's just a feelin'.

I am sceptical of any scheme to come up with a sugar alternative to the test with orange juice, jelly beans, etc. b/c the test is supposed to check clearance of glucose. If you put any slower-metabolizing fructose in the test, you might be altered, higher results, making the test be false-positive.
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It also has some type of flavor, though, so that's not a complete list.
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Oh yeah. I suspect it has artificial orange or fruit punch flavor. Natural flavors have other ingredients that might mess with the test, including HFCS, and/or fruit juice + alcohol.
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