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Congratulations! I'm glad she's doing so well!
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SO Awesome, Julie!!! Congrats! She is B-E-Utiful! Can't wait for the full story...
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I'm finally out of the hospital and being pampered at my moms house. I still feel pretty tired and weak from the blood loss and stress of those last few days in the hospital, (did i mention i HATE hospitals?) but my girly parts can't even tell they've given birth recently... she was just so darned small! My uterus is really sore from the manual removal of the placenta, and my boobs are pretty engorged and sore. I pump often and nurse her often, but there is still plenty to go around. lol.

I feel like I have "lost" an entire week by "wasting" it in the hospital... such an awful place to spend those first days with your baby... I was pretty hammered and strung out by the time we left. Feeling MUCH more taken care of the entire month I was there than the last 2 days.

Sadness for me, as we accidently left the placenta at the hospital in the fridge, but by the time we went back for it, it was gone. They tossed it out almost immediately.
I am unsure as to how I'm going to come to terms with that... that darned placenta has been nothing but trouble... first, an abruption, THEN retained and hemmorage... THEN they just THROW it OUT?!

Everyone says, "but at least you got to bring home your baby."
If I had been home, I wouldn't be mourning the loss of our placenta.

Mama's help me get past the loss of it? I honestly feel like something was taken from me/us. And just tossed in the garbage to boot...

On the upside, Ember seems very happy and healthy. We feed her tons of breast milk with a syringe and finger, as she's not entirely convinced her mouth will fit over my nipples, but other times, she takes the breast with the vigor of a full-term baby. I'm told over time, she'll adjust and get better at it. I'll be glad to be nursing full time, as the finger supplementation is awfully awkward and time consuming. I'm glad dh likes the job. He's good at it too.

I have some healing to do yet, both physically and emotionally... but I can assure you, looking at this beautiful little girl all day does wonders for that!
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I'm sorry you lost your placenta. What would have done with it if you had it?

I kept a few inches of my last baby's cord. I lost it too. I'm irritated at myself for losing it. The sad part is that I'm the one who probably threw it out.

So what does amniotic fluid smell like?
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Originally Posted by DBZ View Post
So what does amniotic fluid smell like?
It's a clean and sweet smell... just like a brand new baby. I smelled my baby every single time I changed my pad for an entire month before she was born... to smell her and not be able to touch her for that long was really bizarre.

She's not been bathed yet. She still smells like that.
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Can you go post that in Birth and Beyond?
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So glad to know you are out of the hospital and in the comfort of your family. No doubt it will do wonders to help you heal.
I'm sorry that they did not treat your placenta with the respect it deserved. Troubled as it may have been, it was worthy of bronzing after having nurtured your beautiful little girl to such an excellent state of health when she made her arrival. I believe that you will be able to find peace as time wears on, and life finds it's rhythm once again, but no doubt the loss of it is still painful.
Try to heal and relax mama, and just take it as it comes while you're smelling that sweet babe.
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So sorry you missed out on the home birth (including placenta) you had imagined for yourself... and also so glad you and babe are back where you want to be.

My son had trouble latching- the lactation specialists ordered a special bottle for him - I want to call it a Heimlich, but I know that's wrong - something else German sounding and begins with H. Anyway, the idea of it was that you used it to strengthen a baby's jaws for the nipple - it had increasing pressure settings, and of course a smaller nipple than most mammas, so for the littler babies with less strength yet it was like PT. Our baby was able to latch fully by 2-3 weeks with help from it. It was a quite the ritual: trial of actual nursing, feed with H bottle, then pump each time, q 3 hrs, but it was worth it.
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Originally Posted by Kothi View Post
quite the ritual: trial of actual nursing, feed with H bottle, then pump each time, q 3 hrs, but it was worth it.
hey, that sounds pretty familiar!
I try to nurse her, give her a thumb and feed her with a syringe down the corner of her mouth, pump enough out that she can FIT my nipple in at all, try to nurse again, pump out all the milk, rinse, repeat.

Takes 4 times longer than nursing... yes, it's worth it.
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Congrats on your beautiful and healthy little girl!
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Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl! Great hair and name too!
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What a beautiful baby! I am sorry that they discarded the placenta though! How rude. Hope you can rest at your mamas and enjoy your babymoon!

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So sorry about the placenta mama. As for the special bottle another mama mentioned, its called a Haberman feeder by Medela. It was a lifesaver for us. You can usually find one on E-bay. The nipples come in regular and small but the only difference is how much milk they hold...not the actual size of the nipple...and the bottles fit the medela pumps and other nipples too as well as Avent bottles, FWIW.

Sending you and your precious little one tons of prayers and blessings!
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Thanks to you all... The full birth story is finally up.
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Julie....I am sitting at my desk at work with my eyes full of tears and a huge lump in my throat. I read each sentence with anticipation...your fears, joys, let-downs and triumphs!

This part....

As I became WE, I looked up to see Mark reaching for her, and I knew she'd be ok. I knew I could let go. I knew her papa would hold her and make sure nothing happened to her. I was able to let her go. Just the two of us, and now the three of us
that's what really got me.

You are so blessed.
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