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Kombucha and breastfeeding

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So, I've been reading on WAP about how wonderful Kombucha is for detoxifying. Would it be safe during breastfeeding? I'd like to start making it, but don't want to detox into my breastmilk, KWIM?

Anyone know?
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I searched for you and didn't see any info about breastfeeding, but I did see this (I think I've linked it before).
Q. Can I drink kombucha during pregnancy?

A. If you are used to drinking kombucha, you can drink it while pregnant. It would be a good thing to drink 4 to 6 ounces with meals. However, if you have not drunk kombucha before, don't start while you are pregnant because occasionally someone has an adverse reaction and we don't want that to happen while you are pregnant.
It's here: http://www.westonaprice.org/faq.html#pg under the title Pregnancy and Feeding Infants
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simply anecdoctal advice here- i breastfed and drank kombucha and my friend breastfeeds and drinks kombucha. it just tastes good. theres really nothing in it besides tea, water, yeasty stuff and maybe flavor from fruit if you buy the GT's brand.
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I've heard of people drinking fermented concoctions to increase their supply (I know a person who drank non alcoholic beer after her micro-preemie was born). I wonder if kombucha could help boost a supply. Anyone know?
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I see this an old thread, but I just discovered kombucha and I love it! My only concern is since it's a raw food, it could lend itself to bacterial contamination (like what happened to Odwalla). But it's not a huge risk.
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I know someone IRL who started while nursing and noticed scary behavioral changes in her twins. She stopped as soon as she realized it was due to all the toxins that were being mobilized and transferred to them, but she had to do some health stuff with them to correct it.
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Changes in Kids behavior due to Kombucha?

I just discovered GTS Kombucaha last week and cant get enough. I have been drinking 1-3 bottles a day (it's about 100 degrees) and lots of water. I am nursing my 15month old son and have noticed some hyperactivity maybe? Not sure, but I noticed someone else posted that and have read online that Kombucha stimulated the energy chakra (I think) and as children are already so energetic it puts them into overdrive. As adults we are "clogged" and the drink promotes a balance. Any other experiences or info?
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I don't have any advice about kombucha and children, DS drinks a very little bit per week, not enough for me to notice.

I do know that if you already have been drinking it it's OK to continue while PG and breastfeeding. But it's best to not start it while being PG or breastfeeding just because it may make you have a reaction.

Basically what TwilightJoy quoted from the WAP page.

As for contamination, if you notice your acoby is contaminated just throw it all out in the compost and get a new scoby to start over with.
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I decided to go ahead and start drinking kombucha while breastfeeding (I think DS was 8 months at the time). I did a bunch of research (don't have the cites right off the top of my head though) and decided that I would start slowly (4 oz. a day) and work my way up. The taboos around starting while BF seem to be mostly anecdotal and it's hard to know all of the circumstances involved. If I noticed anything weird from DS or myself, I'd stop. No problems though and now I'm up to drinking 32 oz. a day and occasionally a bit more.

FWIW, since your DD is actually quite a bit older and likely getting most of her nutrition from food, I would think it would be safe to start as long as you start reasonably slowly. Just my two cents
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I'd just start slowly and watch your dc and yourself for signs of detox. As long as everyone feels/acts normal, I think you're fine. I just started making my own and drinking some GT's when DS was about 6 mo. I have a lot of changes to make to get healthy, and if I waited until I wasn't pregnant or bf, it would be 5 more years before I could start (I'm hopeing for at least two more children)
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