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Dear Kim,
We have not heard from you since your first post. As I am sure other MDC'ers are, I am wondering how you are doing since you are your husband returned home.

When you are ready please don't forget to let us know how you are. You have lots of love and support here please keep this close to your heart.

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Just wanted to echo my sorrow, love, and confusion for your family

I wish you peace and strength and, of course, love.
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I am sooo sorry. There are no words...please know that we will all carry you and your family in our hearts and thoughts...may you take strength from that in the days and months to come.
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hugs kisses and precious wishes. soooooooooo sorry for ure loss mine 3 years in july it gets better . U will see her again one day and she is always with u. Try to have another it wont replace the hurt but it sure helps. There is a reason for everything even though u may not llike it and u dont know why.Cherish all the memories u had with her celebrate her life try not to dwell on her dearth and it hard. u can cry scream all u want u must grieve. There are a lot of books that helped me. any by john edward or sylvia browne joel rothchild try it consult a physic. Get on a antidepressant . Good luck. u r in my thoughts.
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Hey all I have been corresponding with Kim and she gave me the okay to post this to you all to let you know how she is doing. Anyway here is a note from Kim.


That would be fine to let them know how I am doing.

We are hanging in there. It has been one month and four days...I can't believe it. Some days are easier than others, but they are mostly all hard.

Today I had a hard time...we have put all of our things in storage. It was one thing to pack up all of Emma's things, I was packing the whole house. But, putting it all in storage, that was hard. I couldn't help the whole time, it was just too much.

My dear sweet husband is still in shock I think. He is taking care of me, which I think doesn't allow him to fully feel all his grief. I continually tell him not to protect me, but he can't help it. I think that when we have another baby it will really hit him hard.

We just moved to Utah. It was a long drive, but it was nice to go to my baby's grave the other day. The move to Utah was planned...just not so soon. My husband was going to go to graduate school at the University of Utah next fall anyway...Emma just got us out here a little sooner. We are now staying with my parents for 2 weeks, then with Jeremy's Uncle and Aunt.

I miss Emma everyday so much. It is nice to be here near her grave and have a place to go and talk to her.

We are trying again, but I haven't started my cycles back yet. I was full time breastfeeding when Emma died..so we are patiently (not really) waiting for them to return. We wanted to get pregnant this fall or winter anyway, so we decided to stay with the original plan. We both feel such a strong need to fill our arms again. Without Emma everything is so quiet...we need that to change.

Thank you again for your love and support. We both appreciate it so much.

Much love to everyone,
Kim and Jeremy
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Your heart is already full to bursting, and I am wishing you an arm full of baby as well.
I don't know you, but I look at my daughter playing on the floor and know that I could just as easily be you. Much love to you and your family.
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Kathy-jo, Thanks for keeping in contact with Kim. This must still be such a difficult time for her and it will be many months before she can come back here and post. (((HUGS)))
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