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For those of you who do this...(or those who know)

Do you 'doula' too?

If you do how do you delineate your scope of practices?

What type of things do you do as a montrice but not as a doula?

What type of training/experience allows you to define yourself as a montrice?

Just curious...

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I'm very interested too! I'm also wondering, how much do you charge for your doula services vs. your monitrice services? How much experience with vitals, fht and vaginal exams did you feel you needed before you started offering monitrice services?
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Ohhhh, I am waiting for the discussion on this post as well. : I am a HB midwife assistant and an aspiring midwife and a birth doula. Once I start my MW training, I could easily fit into the role of a monitrice. At that point, I would have to question my membership with CAPPA, as their doulas are not allowed to perform any medical tasks. I am thinking that I could no longer be a member if I am doing BP's, palpations, VE's, FHT's, etc. On the other hand, not all pregnant couples want a monitrice. Maybe I can still do both and keep my CAPPA membership? And what to charge? Goodness knows, my favorite part about hospital births is laboring at home as long as possible.
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I was a montrice while I was apprenticing... I also did 'labor sitting' for midwives who had more than one birth etc... which is pretty much just a montrice who calls the midwife at a certain time. So I had experience with monitoring mommas and babes and felt comfortable with exams and deciding when it was time etc...
I would think you would charge more than a doula charge since you have more responsibility ~ because not only would you be labor support, you would also be checking heart tones, temp, pulse, blood pressure and probably a vaginal exam... But if your doing all that - might as well just catch that babe
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Maybe I can still do both and keep my CAPPA membership?
Make a separate contract for monitrice services.


Interested in replies too.
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: Curious too!
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But if your doing all that - might as well just catch that babe
I did some doula work when I was an apprentice and I found that although I offered to do VEs or check FHT to reassure mom of baby's well being, most of my clients preferred I didn't. They had chosen to place their trust in their HCP and not in me. I guess it may be the part of the country I'm in, partially, because even having a doula is such a new thing here.

But my experience was that if they weren't willing to have a home/birth center birth, they weren't willing to put their trust in me for those clinical tasks, either.
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