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My Belly Button Hurts!?!?!?

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Hey all,

I'm 39wks3dys and my belly button has been sensitive for a few weeks, but nothing i was worried about, but now that i'm having contractions, it hurts sometimes during the contraction!

Is that weird? Has anyone experienced this?

Last PG my belly button stayed a "hole" but this time it's more pressed out, but not all the way...

Why would it hurt? What could it be, i hope it's not a hernea (sp?)...

Love to hear some thoughts... Thanks.
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I had the same thing with my last pregnancy. My belly button flattened out and it hurt, especially when the baby was moving and it also itched like crazy. The pain was like a stabbing ache, is that what yours feels like? I don't know what causes it but I think it's pretty normal. I hope it goes away soon!
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it is really sensitive kind of like a bruise... especially if i touch it or if AJ kicks me or jumps on me right on the belly button...
But only today noticed during a BH or a contraction...
I think it is so weird, i mean, what is in that spot of the body that would cause a 'painful' feeling??
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I used to have this to from time to time when I was pregnant! A very painful stabbing pain right on my belly button. It also happened in the postpartum period both times, too. I always thought it had something to do with the skin stretching out and then tightening up. But it used to make me panic because it hurt so bad! It was always fleeting though.
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I've been getting this too, although my belly button is flattened out to almost nothing and the bruised feeling is right below it. I think in my case it's aggravated by being right at counter level so I manage to bump it every time I try to cook.

I figure it's got something to do with all the stretching. the belly button is a scar, after all, and scar tissue doesn't stretch as well as regular skin. That's what it feels like...bruised with a hard knot of scar tissue beneath. Sometimes there's a stabbing pain briefly, during BH. I don't think mine would feel as bad if I could bring myself to stop poking at it constantly.:
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I don't know what's going on w/ your navel, but, as someone with a herniated bellybutton, I can tell you that my belly button hernia, which appeared at 37 weeks, did not hurt while pg or during labor. I still have it & will have a surgury consult *gulp* to see what needs to be done to fix it.

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The reason i am thinking hernea is because my dad recently had an operation to have his "fixed" and his belly button stuck out. it was gross! Anyway, mine kind of looks like that, but it hurts only like a brused area would hurt, it isn't very painful, and it doesn't have any sharp or stabbing pains...
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Ooh..ooh...me too!

Yes, my flattened belly button is very sensitive nowadays and sometimes hurts like it's gonna burst open. It helps to have dh tell me it wont

I would have thought that my navel piercing would hurt but that isn't what is bothersome at all.
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