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Help me with meals for my meat loving fam.

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Help! I am getting burned out on the same foods. Heres my situation. My sons and husband only like meat and potatoes. No veggies at all. No rice. Just meat and potatoes, oh and they like fish too. Nothing with any veggies or pasta or sauces. HELP ME. I am sick of cooking

plain tacos
bbq chicken with mashed potatoes
baked chicken with baked potatoes
bacon and eggs and sausage
pepporoni pizza
stews with meat and potatoes

Arhhhhhhhhh!! It is getting on my nerves! Anybody got any ideas for meals?
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They really don't like any vegetables? Even pasta sauce? The only thing I could think of would be to make a meat casserole and add some frozen veggies. Could you add steamed broccoli and cheese to the baked potatoes?
Does your husband cook? If he agrees to cook, you eat what he makes, but make the vice versa true as well.
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I'm about in the same boat. Potatoes are almost the only veggie my kids like. They'll try others, but potatoes are the only ones they'll readily eat. I just keep offering.

We do baked potatoes that they all like and I let them put anything they want on them. Will your family eat fish? You can do alot with fish. I add veggies to things that often get picked out but I'm sure some actually get ingested. You can do alot with potatoes too beyond mashed or baked.

My kids love quesadillas and I can usually sneak some veggies in those. We eat fried potatoes with meat mixed in too that they like.
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What about meatloaf? You can hide A LOT of shredded veggies in there.
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You could also puree cauliflower into the mashed potatoes and into the sauce of the pizza you could puree some veggies, too.
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I stick carrots in sloppy joes and it could go in spaghetti too.
I put oatmeal in my meatloaf.
When I make pizza I put broccoli on it-- you can chop it really fine- carrots tend to make it too watery.

How about some pocket meals?
I make these: http://rachelscooking.blogspot.com/2...bierrocks.html
I've also made a regular roll bread (like: http://rachelscooking.blogspot.com/2...mon-rolls.html)
and similar to the beirrocks, but with ham and cheese, Turkey and swiss cheese, or pizza filling (pepperoni, cheese, sauce, broccoli, onion and bell pepper)
You can take leftover meatloaf or diced polish sausage and fry it with diced potatoes (the potatoes take a while to cook like this- I normally fry them for about 30 min before add the sausage).
Also potatoes and bell pepper in the crockpot with browned turkey sausage is pretty good.
If you wanted to try to sneak in rice, you could make porcupine meatballs.
Regular meat balls would be good too.
I make a fried rice- you could lessen the rice alot and it would still be more meat. Carrots and corn are normally more excepted by people who don't like veggies.
I would be tempted to give the ultimatum: either you eat the veggies on the side or in the dish.
You could always give them the option to having 2 or 3 rice or pasta dishes a week and allow them to choose the fun thing they can spend the saved money on.
New things take time, and can be possible. Though I was married to a guy that refused to eat rice- so I can sympathize with that.
Just thought of some others I make that are have alot of meat:
http://rachelscooking.blogspot.com/2...our-cream.html (this can be served over mashed potatoes)
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Cottage pie? It's basically meat with mashed potatoes topping, but I put veg in mine. I make it by frying ground beef, then adding water and about 2 tsps of tomato paste. I add veg to the pan, pretty much anything I have; corn kernels, chopped baby corns, peas, chopped zucchini, chopped carrots, chopped peppers in any color, and cook on the stove till they're just slightly tender. Then I put it in a baking dish and top with mashed potatoes. Top that with shredded cheese and bake about 20 minutes or so. It holds up well with leftovers, too.
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Originally Posted by wife&mommy View Post
You could also puree cauliflower into the mashed potatoes and into the sauce of the pizza you could puree some veggies, too.
I used to puree the tomatoes & beans for chili. Then it just looks like meat. My girls used to only eat it this way. I even liked the consistency. What about hummus or bean dip?
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are you asking for meals with more veggies or for meals you know they will eat?

since they like tacos and fish, what about fish tacos? Do they like pork? Tonight I made pork chops with a shallot/sherry cream pan sauce, couscous, and an apple/celery/goat cheese salad. DD skipped the sauce and salad but ate the pork with couscous.

Cook potatoes in different ways to get them used to all the incarnations I love slicing potatoes thin and putting them on an oiled pan to cook in the oven. You can add salt, pepper and parmesan cheese or herbs or whatever on top.
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I suggested this on another thread, but what about roasts? They can be served plain the first night, then the leftovers can be made into taco's, sandwiches, enchiladas, etc. Ham is also very versitlile. It can be eaten simply baked the first night then the leftovers can be made into soups, beans, sandwiches, etc. Also try making varying the way you cook potatoes. I make baked home fries alot, they're quick and easy. My family also likes scalloped potatoes au gratin, in addition to baked and mashed potatoes.

If I were you, I would always make side dishes with other vegetables in them. You might be the only one to eat them at first, but maybe your family will try them and find they like them.
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Are you looking for more meat and potaotes recipes? Are you looking for more variety? How old is your son? Will he eat fruit?

Do they eat ham (I am craving a good old fashione dboiled dinner right now! lol) Turkey? Pork loin? Meatballs (you can make these out of anything) Seafood? Do yams or sweet potaotes count? Red bliss? Do they liked roasted or seasoned, boiled new potaotes? Maybe baked french fries? Would they eat spagetti with shrimp? (a long noodle is a long noodle). Can you season things? Are stews ok? What do you use to flavor your food, broths etc? There are some fab non- american ways to prepare these foods. Spain and Portugal are good with potatoes and meats.

What do you eat? What cook books or cookign websites have you used?
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