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Katie – Thanks for posting the new thread! I hope Andrew is ok in the snow. I do NOT do snow – it terrifies me, so I totally understand your worry. It is freezing rain here and getting very slippery. I hate winter! I’m so glad you worked it out with your BIL. Hopefully this makes everyone happier

Sunshine’s Mama – Happy Birthday month! It is a good month…my mom and DH were both born this month (Mom today and DH the 3rd). on DD’s itchiness…sorry, its not funny, but it kinda is. My lil’ sis had a thing about buttons when we were growing up – they made her itchy too and she refused to wear anything with buttons. I thought my mom was going to lose it!

Kurimi Sophia – A Curious George exhibit sounds wonderful! I have to look in the local happenings in our local news or something. We never take DS to anything fun and he is getting old enough to appreciate things so I need to get my butt in gear.

Kelly – Hopefully Ruby will stop the clawing/scratching soon. Shortly after I complained on here about DS doing that, and got a nursing necklace, he decided it was time to be gentle with mama again…thank goodness!

Jeanine – Good luck at the dentist (my least fave place to go). Drive carefully – 8” is a lot!

Frida – Happy February to you too!

Wendi – I’m so glad you found hope . That was Mighty-Mama’s “word” if you will. Her last birthday cake even said hope on it. She would have been proud of you, as we all are; what you are doing is difficult and you should be proud of yourself

Lindsay - about the cat. DS is in love with our dog. My dog feels your cat’s pain!

Sanguine Speed – I’m so glad Oscar is happier! That is wonderful for all of you. Is that a full shirt bib in your pictures?? That has to be the greatest invention on the planet! Where did you find such a thing?

Faliciagayle – I’m with you on the CIO phenomenon – don’t do it. I have my mom and DH saying the same thing all the time and I just refuse. I tell DH that since he never gets up with DS he doesn’t get a say so just shut up! I know, I should be nicer, but it really gets me when people advocate CIO. How could that possibly be ok or suggested? I just don’t get it. I’m so sorry about your car accident, but am glad you are both ok. How scary. I’m glad the kid did the right thing though and I’m sure you are too. As for cars in the snow, I don’t advocate that (personally). I’m one of those horrible SUV drivers though so I’m just going to leave it at that. A larger car with AWD is your best bet.

Well I went to the store and picked up DS’ medicine for his nebulizer today. I can’t even believe I have this noisy piece of medical equipment in my home. It makes me so I just hope and pray that this doesn’t turn into some sort of long-term lung problem or asthma. I don’t think I could ever forgive myself. That is reason alone to stop working, huh? I did call the daycare center today though and spoke with one of the owners about the problems I’ve been having with the teachers in the infant room. I didn’t yell or lose my cool (so proud) and just had an adult, professional conversation with him about it. He was very reassuring that they would speak to the women in the room and thanked me a hundred times for letting him know what was going on. I feel better now and just hope that things get better.

I just gave DS the first nebulizer treatment about an hour ago as he was falling asleep and I am happy to report that he is sleeping so soundly with no coughing. I guess it could be a good thing. He certainly needs the rest (and so do I).

Here’s to a new month, a new start, and lots of good things for lots of good mamas!

I love you all! XOXO Jessica
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Originally Posted by Fridaxsky View Post
Sunshine: Ooh.. I've been thinking about getting a MT. I have an Onuhimbo (sp?) that I love but I trired on an MT at a local meetup of AP mamas and I LOVED it. Let me know if you put it on the TP.
I will....I love ONBU's......so handy when they are bigger. I'll let ya know and post a pic of it...It's sooooo pretty........ Just wish the straps were longer. She made me two and one has the longer straps and one normal length so I don't reach for that one....

It looks like it's snowing out but when you step outside and it's iceballs.....

We went to lunch with my friend and had a nice time....server ate L up...thought she was so cute in her little hat (that used to be mine 32 years ago....lol)....She gummed and scraped her two teeth against a breadstick and that kept her happy......


She grabbed a HUGE pickle round and held it and shoved it partly in her mouth and happily sucked away.....It was pretty funny.....her big sister did the same thing around the same age.

falicia: we have a "secret" giggler here too...i almost went to college in Wisconsin but didn't bc I visited in mid January......:::

sanguine: so nice to hear from you.....Oscar looks pretty happy with that sweet potato!!!

lactivist: YAY FOR A NICE DAY!! I think Goose and I need a just mommy out day....I've had that starting a new life thing recently bc I am not getting much help and it's rough....but the dream keeps me afloat for now.....Just dream of me and the girlies back on the island I used to live on, watching them frolic in the sand and Gulf.....

Ok, Goose is in the kitchen doing something as I can hear her........so I need to check and see what's up....L is asleep in her moses basket bc she still fits in it for now.....not carry around fit but lay in fit
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Sanguine- What great news! I'm so happy to hear that Oscar is happier. That must be such a relief. I love the pictures!

Feliciagayle - could Chaya's not napping and sleep problems be teething related? The green poop (and sleep issues) could be an allergy or intolerance to something you are eating. Have you tried eliminating dairy, soy, chocolate...? I'm glad you and Chaya were not ibjured in the accident!

Wendi I'm so glad you had a good day with Eaven and you are feeling better.

Yann was pretty fussy this evening while I was trying to make dinner, so I put him in the wrap. He just got more and more fussy, until he was really crying hard. I finally realized that his arm was caught in the wrap so that his wrist was bent in a weird way. Luckily he stopped crying as soon as I pulled his arm out and his wrist is ok.
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Sanguine: Those pics are adorable! So glad Oscar is happier these days.

Wendi: Your quality time with your son sounds great! I'm looking forward to when Otto is old enough to do those sorts of things (although, I am of course treasuring right now!)

Leanbh: We just got NCSS as well. Haven't started it yet, but I am also hopeful! Let us know how things go. Oh, and I am super jealous of the Ireland trip.

I am so looking forward to this weekend...it will (hopefully!!) be the first weekend in 3 that Otto is not sick! Yay! That and I am getting my hair done (changing colors again) and that's always fun.
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i missed a whole bunch of ppl so i will bbs.......
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what sunshine's mama said.

It took me all day to realize why the old thread was so quiet.
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Well Andrew left a couple of hours ago for drill He's going to call me from his hotel when he gets there to let me know he's okay. So far so good though, Liam just woke up from a nap on the couch and is playing in his exersaucer and grinning at me.

Falicia- So glad you and DD are okay!

mrsb - I hope DS is feeling better soon, I remember my brother using a nebulizer as a kid and they're not much fun.

Sunshine - My house is getting hit my iceballs right now too, I can here them in the fireplace chimney.
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Felicia, sorry about the accident. I can't believe another one of our moms was in a car accident. Glad you're all fine.

I went to the dentist today. First cavity of my life I guess that Aili used too much of my calcium during pregnancy. The dentist said that it wasn't too bad, so no filling; he'll just keep an eye on it.

We didn't get the house Dh and I were dreaming of what life would be like in that house. He was planning on finishing the basement and I had visions of snuggling on the couch in front of the fireplace and reading to Aili, seeing her learn to walk on those floors . . . oh well. Its price was at the high end of our budget, so now we're thinking, get a house that is a little less expensive and may not look exactly as we hoped and put in some of the extra money to make it what we want.

Aili was trying to make kissy faces today. She is so stinkin' adorable!! I love love love my little girl!

I've gotta go eat dinner . . . feeling woozy and I am way behind in my knitting.
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Sabo bummer about the house. I hope something even more perfect comes along.

Katie have you heard from Andrew yet? I hope the drive was easy.

Plaid I hate it when that happens. Dahlia sometimes fusses in the sling and I will realize her foot is bent. It always makes me feel so bad.

mrsb I am so sorry Marty is sick and that most likely he got it from incompetence at daycare. I really hope that calling the director has some effect. I hope he gets well very quickly.

Felicia I had a really hard time adjusting to being a mother to my first. It took more than 6 months for me to really get the hang of things. I am so sorry about the car accident and glad you are both alright. Congrats on the BS that is quite an accomplishment!!!

I am having a pretty good day. I am glad the weekend is here.

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Wendi - He called maybe an hour ago? He said the fastest he could drive at times was 50, and that the whole car was covered in ice. At one point he said he stopped and knocked it off the front of the car and it came off in one big piece. He left to go get something to eat and was supposed to get online to talk to me but I haven't heard from him yet. I really dislike this weather.

ETA: He just called, I guess he got lost on his way to find dinner. Bad news - He cracked his laptop's screen this afternoon because he fell in the snow and is just now noticing it. Good thing there's a waranty.
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So glad he is safe and made it there. Bummer on the laptop screen. I hope it is covered and fixed quickly. I don't like the super snowy/icy weather either.
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He's pretty mad about it, but I'm pretty sure it will be covered. I've dropped my laptop a few times and had to have it replaced so they're quite familiar with us
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lactivist~ that's so wonderful about your special time for Eavan.
I'm going to try to keep up w/my little run of undivided attention for Lily. After my freakout yesterday I wanted her to know that love was all around her and I played w/her off & on all day, and took time to do chores together. I don't want to spend so much time rushing around & forget that part of what she really wants is to do chores with me.

Does anyone else celebrate the sabbats or wheel of the year? By some calendars today(others tomorrow) is Imbolc. For those who don't know about them, Imbolc means "ewe's milk", and the nursing time of the young, in general.
Perfect timing, I'm having some issues already about nursing, but then it's always balanced out with some beautiful moments between us. This time is so incredibly beautiful. I think this is my last little baby to nurse. : I love my girls so much.

leanbh~ Ru has definitely noticed our cats, too... but is way too slow & the cat's too wary... my 4yo has them clued into kids. They definitely have a relationship forming, tho!

sanquine speed~ I agree completely w/whoever said it's good to see you no matter what but WOW! So glad to hear of the turnaround! And he is SO CUTE!

Felicia Gayle~ Oh my! So glad you're all okay. It does get better! When you've got the 1st figured out better, you'll have another & then you start all over again.

I can not fathom 3rd, 4th or 5th right now!

I've been fantasizing over a particular space that probably won't happen for us, either... it's hard when you've already "spent time" on your couch there & whatnot.
"ours" would take some big contracting work, it's a downtown building that I want to put a garden on the roof of, put my chickens up there, live on the 2nd floor & run a store out of the street level. It's a longshot, but I'm trying to manifest it. I do believe that we all end up in the just right place, tho.

*This* is such a comfortable place, it's very warming to think of all of you kind mommas out there across the lands.

Thanks, everyone again for all of the advice. A life coach is something I may do someday. For now, since I don't have a counselor right here, I've started back up in my blog and we're going to arrange a Wed. a month to see the counselor I really like.
I danced & danced today w/Lily & really had a good time... what do you dance to? Today it was Miles Davis live at Carnegie Hall, Sun Ra Arkestra space is the place & I'm not sure what else.

I wanted to respond to everyone but there isn't enough time! My back is aching because I'm contorting myself so I can nurse a baby & type w/out a sling. Lots of love all across the world! Blessings, mamas!
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Ok, I'm STILL awake......

I NEED to go wake L bc she's been asleep for WAY too long if I don't want her to be awake all night...

Goose just passed out here on me....

I've now been wide awake for 19 hours....grrrr.......

I have read, but not retained anything......

I'll do better tomorrow after I get some sleep tonight.....

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We dance to Swing Low Sweet Chariot by UB40...she loves loves it...and it calms her...happened by chance.


and this when she's almost sleepy but not quite we rock in the chair to this...


it's not quite long enough so i loop it.....dean martin can sing that to me anytime....(aged myself here...lmao)
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WOW! It's still the first and you ladies are already nearing the end of the 2nd page!

Fridaxsky and Sanguine - It's so good to hear from both of you!

Lactivist - at your ddddc and glad you had good day with Eaven yesterday.

Sunshine - um...yeah, there was oj in it, yeah : I hope you're sleeping.

Katie - good luck in Maine, especially if your mil goes. Mine are thinking of going to South Carolina for a month or two (I'm in California):

Falicia - I'm glad you're ok. where do you live? I'm assuming in CA since you were going to Sac. I'm in the mountains, in between Chico and Reno. And I lived in Wisconsin until i was 16, and then went back for four more years when dh went to school. Where would you be going? I agree with MrsB about suv's : I would definitely look for something with 4wd or awd.

MrsB - i hope both marty and the daycare situation get better soon

sabo - sorry about the house, i hope something even better comes along :

hope you all have a good night!
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Hello Everyone! And Happy Febuary!
Here's to what I hope to be a better month for all of us

Thanks for the last Friday. I'm feeling better and will just move on into this month with the hope of some sleep.
Especially since I woke up last Saturday morning to DS's first tooth! The second one appeared yesterday. Hopefully, this was the main reason for the lack of sleep last month.
DS has been full on high needs this week that I've barely been on line but I'll try and catch up with this already fast moving thread.
I did have a chance to update DS' blog

Fridaxsky and Sanguine: so good to see you!

Ok, ladies, time for some sleep while the boy is sleeping.
Nighty Night
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Today's Imbolc (at least for us in the N. Hemisphere) so I'm embarking on a cleaning spree and having some nice milk based foods today. w00t for yogurt. :-D

Lots of dancing around with Akane this morning. We listened to NaS, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Audioslave. Right now it's the Beatles "Leaving Home". I'm feeling better about the world as a whole. Things are getting better, I can just feeling it.

I'm feeling peckish...so food is in order. Just thought I'd pop in this morning to wish everyone a wonderful day.

(And "Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" is funny as hell. Just saying.)
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First time on this thread

I have never posted on this thread (new to MDC) and this is my first baby- DS was born 9/18.

It is nice to hear what other babies the same age are doing, and what other mommies are going through...

This is my first baby, and I feel lost so often! The advice of most friends and even the pedi is not really in line with how we are parenting, and it is hard! For example... sleep.... we co sleep and DS wanted to nurse every 30 min the last 2 nights... uggg.

Also naps... how do your babies nap throughout the day? We rarely get longer than a 35-40 min nap, and by the end of the day he is a crankpot!

Nice to read about all of your cute (sounding) babies!
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Welcome SuzyLee! Lots of babes (and moms) here have been sleeping poorly lately. I don't have any answers for you, but you're not alone! As far as naps, my babe naps on me. If dh is home and can help my big kids with stuff she'll get a decent nap. But if he's not here, which is usually the case, she wakes as soon as I have to get up and do something for the big kids. Usually she has quite a few short naps.

Nikkihoi - glad things are going better for you.

Guess what? It's snowing here. Again. Like the 8 inches yesterday wasn't enough. Oy.
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