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My doc was pushing for induction at 37 weeks and I was so miserable that I was fine with that, but I was induced at 34w4d and my girls had no lung problems at all. Both had light meconium.

I forgot to mention earlier, but here's a strange thing that sometimes helped my itchyness: I would have someone lightly scratch my back (not even a scratch really, more like gently run their fingertips over my back), and it seemed to calm my nervous system down and the itching would subside for a few moments.
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thanks, D'Anne-- I also went back and re-read the cholestasis thread in Pregnancy. Lots of great info!!

Like you, my docs are paying attention to the issue but don't seem alarmed. I may try the steroids to get some relief from the itching -- did they end up helping you at all? I've been on the Actigall/Urso for three days now and the itching hasn't subsided at all.

My legs/feet are also swollen. The prescribed "compression hose" (ugh!!) work to bring it down, but are so itchy I could just jump out a window. I wore them for six hours today and had to take them off...and now the feet are ballooned back up. My acupuncturist thinks there may be a connection between the cholestasis and the swelling, and is coming over tomorrow to give me a treatment. Can't wait!
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I didn't get any relief from the steroids (at least not for the cholestasis... I ended up getting PUPPPs after delivery and they did help with that). Really, nothing helped at all. I got so frustrated and angry when people would suggest all the anti-itch remedies they could think of (which usually consisted of "Have you tried Benedryl? What about cortisone cream?") that I would want to scream! My doctor seemed to have experience with steroids helping some of his patients though, so it's worth a shot.

My doc also prescribed Ambien to help me sleep since the Benadryl just amped me up, and the Ambien gave me 2 hours of sleep a night. If it wasn't for that, I don't think I would have slept at all.

Did the acupuncture help? That was something I wanted to try but never got around to it.
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I was prescribed Ursodiol for my cholestasis and my OB moved my "we'll c-section on this date if you're still pregnant" date a week earlier. If the Urso hadn't brought the liver acids down, she would have been more concerned. The OB said Urso was the only drug approved for pregnancy in Canada. I wonder if it's the same drug mentioned earlier under a different name or if it's different. I have no idea.

It didn't end up affecting my delivery date because baby A was Interuterine Growth Retarded and needed to be delivered at 33 weeks.
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