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Plady don't know what to say but it sounds like you are doing well dealing with a tough situation and finding a way to honor the good in it.

I ran six miles today !!!! I have not run that far since 2001!!!

I am feeling a little chubby today because I have been eating with a vengence.

Have a great day.
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Katemom, sounds like a good race!

Thank you all for the birthday and race well wishes!

My 10-miler was great! Awesome weather for Feb. in Maine. The course was hilly, weaving through the salt marshes. The first 5 miles I averaged slightly over a 10 min/mi pace, and the last five miles slightly under, with miles 9 and 10 being the fastest. I finished just shy of 100 minutes. I feel really good, my goals were to run at a 10 min/mi pace and finish feeling strong, both of which I did! The highlight was seeing the kids cheering at mile 9.75, that always makes me tear up.

And mil gave me a cool HR monitor watch thing w/chestband, which I am excited to get out and play around with.

Okay, off to eat cake!

to you all, A
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I hurt one of the muscles in my hip/hamstring. It feels like it is warmish and aches deep in the muscle..like right where your glute and hamstring meet and then yesterday my inner thigh was feeling achy too. I think it happened in yoga of all things.

What do you do with 8yo girls? DD will be 8 in April. She's always been so sweet, but currently we have a stranger with attitude. Whoa!
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Queso Fundido

the NYtimes had several recipes for cheese dips/fondues. Here is a similar recipe to the other one. Sorry, I haven't signed on with the dingos cook yet.

A GOOD APPETITE; A Little Nostalgia, A Long Fork and Lots of Cheese

Recipe: Queso Fundido Time: 15 minutes

3 ounces chorizo, sliced 1/4 inch thick

1 teaspoon olive oil

1/2 to 1 jalapeño pepper, seeded, if desired, and finely chopped

1/2 pound Oaxacan cheese, mozzarella or Monterey Jack cheese, diced small

1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro

Corn or flour tortillas, for serving.

1. In a medium skillet or a flame-proof gratin dish over moderate-high heat, cook chorizo until golden, about 5 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon, leaving any rendered fat in pan.

2. Stir in olive oil and jalapeño. Cook for 1 minute. Add cheese, and reduce heat to medium-low. Cook, stirring constantly, until cheese is fully melted, about 3 minutes. Garnish with cilantro and chorizo and serve hot from pan with tortillas for scooping up mixture.

Yield: 4 servings.
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Congratulations to Kate~mom & Aguacates!!!!

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The mystery DDDDDDDCer is at it again. I'm glad Callie's marathonger didn't get taken down with the petrified compost. I'll admit to holding bck on a few DDDDDDDDDDDCs for fear of the powers that be noticing that some have been there forever.

Back to work -- DH has E at the store, and K is playing with a neighbor. I've done 10 reviews today : I'm about to tackle the 100 page proposal. I fear my backpack these days.
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went snowboarding for a solid three hours today, most of it in the trees so I am worked. leg muscles are very sore. hoping to get an ab workout in if the abs aren't too tired and then a little picking up about the house.
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<---- OMG that is so funny. I will have to tell my DH, because he has been teasing me about my compost debacle all year

and Wendy, yours is just even funnier :

WTG kate~mom and aqua

Yall both rocked!!!!

WTG tjs, towson, and modmom for the distance increases!!!

DrJen - I agree w/ BBM - I really like doing progressive pace in LRs bc it keeps it interesting. I'd probably alternate that approach (ending the last few miles of your LR at goal race pace) with doing some slower (goal race pace + 40-60 sec or so) LRs on your increase weeks, and then close to or at race pace for your shorter LRs (like on drop back weeks). Also a longer tempo run (closer to 10K pace) mid week on most weeks will be good too!

Jo - I'm glad you mentioned about the multi, I've been slacking on my multis and my calcium and I can tell a difference! I need to get back on that!

Plady - thinking about you today too

hollysmom - come on baby!
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Hooray, kate-mom and Agua! What amazing accomplishments.

I'm off to study with a friend now for our monster Biomechanics midterm tomorrow. I feel pretty solid with the info, but it will be nice to discuss it with a (super duper smart) classmate.

We just finished watching "The Namesake." I really loved it.

Nevie has been taking a HUGE nap since we got home from church -- almost 3 hours now. She was up late with our new church pals, so she really needed this sleep. She's all splayed out in her crib with one hand grasping a rail (or stile? the uppy-down part). Way too cute for words.

OK, time to get my stuff together. I will be missing the Big Game, but there will be Superbowls after I graduate.
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Well, 7ish miles done. I kind of went half way with bbm's idea. I ran the first 5 ish at 10:31 pace, mile 6 at 10:20, and mile 7 at 10:10. 7.08 total, then added on a warm up and cool down for a total of 7.73 (my treadmill automatically slowly builds up speed for 5 minutes for a warm up, and slowly decreases for 5 minutes as a cool down.) I think I'm going to try and stick with roughly this pace range as my long runs get longer. I think I tend to not push myself hard enough in training, and as a result don't have the confidence in races. This run felt reasonably comfortable - I was working hard, but had some left and could have kept going. Then I worry that because it's on the treadmill I'm not working hard enough, although I try to compensate by running at a 1% grade. Overall, it's amazing how much thought and effort I put into figuring this stuff out considering how slow a runner I am in the grand scheme!

kate~mom and aqua - Congrats on your races! And happy b-day aqua! (Mine is soon, too.) kate, you are amazingly fast!

Geo - I love the ddddc! But I'm glad you are back on board and organizing the camping! I cannot wait!
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hey hey hey....can I claim the ddddc? It's not often I'm funny so I relish the idea that ya'll found them funny.

I had an awesome cross country ski today. Yay! I drove to ski trail alone, skied 45 minutes by myself and then knitted in the car for another 45 mins because dh was late bringing kidlets. ...I then skied with dd1 and dd2 (in sled behind me)
for another hour and came home.

Napped during the stupid bowl. Then I realized, crap I've got loose ends to tie up at work (at 9pm). I trudged up there and
did not get them all tied up, specifically I needed to find food coloring and a hair dryer for a lab tomorrow. So it looks like girls and I will be headed up there tomorrow morning to solve that. this split shift stuff is fun for being with my kids but sucks when stuff like this goes down.

Hope everyone is well.

Pof7 and anyone else who wants into the yahoogroup: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/dingosmeet/
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ab workout is done for today. made it to the office early and have plans to run 3 on the treadmill this afternoon.
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i feel pidly, but
i ran .6 miles this morning. with the dog, through the snow. it was freezing. it was short. but it was a start!
call me a dingo, im getting on the waggon.
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Just back from 4.6 with the stroller. It felt great-best run I've had in a long time. Woo Hoo! And I really needed it after eating so much at Mamabeth's Superbowl party last night. :

Conniebonnie-Good for you for getting out there!
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HBM nice job
ConnieBonnie - you too! It's a beginning and it's .6 more than nuthin'!

I got a very easy 3 this morning. My legs are sore a little from my 10 and then speedy 4 yesterday.

I've started trying to do lunges, squats and a modified plank.

I finally gave up doing the manly planks. Everytime I would try my effort would be for such a short period that it didn't even seem worth. So, I found myself never doing them. But basically I do them like a girly pushup and I'm getting results...and I can do them longer so I feel like I'm getting something out of them. Maybe I'll trying doing the regular plank for the first one and then the girly ones for the next two.
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I think I'm finally healthy enough to run again. It has been 2 weeks, and I feel sluggish. I think I will have to take it slow. I'm going to aim for a 3 mile walk/jog today and see how it goes.

My mystery pian has gone away. It has been gone for several days now. That sure had me stressed out. I feel sooooo much better now. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts and vibes. to everyone

My oldest dd is turning 10 on Wednesday!! I can't even believe I have a 10 year old.....where did the time go?
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WTG HBM!!!! go you and Jojo!!!!

(and I'd like to add that I did NOT run today after eating so much at my own Superbowl party ).

I need to whine a bit.....feel free to skip over as this is totally stupid.....but I cannot find a bra to fit! ds nurses maybe once a day, very occasionally twice, but I still feel like I need to wait until he is done to get a good fitting and all that. My bra is FRAYED at the edges (cheapo Target bra) and baggy. argh. argh. any ideas of nice cotton bras (I'm not a silky girl) for 34DDD or something would be appreciated. /whine

Plady, I'm glad you had a nice day. But it totally makes sense to me that something else like that would be sad....grief is so weird like that. I hope it was not too terrible, how did it go?

Some yoga today, but no running. I ran yesterday just to stretch everything out from my long drive and it felt good, but I was hacking all kinds of stuff this morning. blech.

take care mamas, must deal with ds's lunch issues
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Good start, Conniebonnie! And Welcome too .

Happy Birthday to your DS, Po7!

Great race Kate! And great racing to you too, aquacates!!!!

I got to the Y this morning and ran a total of 4.5 miles. There was this tall, gazelle-like woman running on the TM next to me. Hers was set at 8.2mph, mine at 6.7. We were running the exact same foot-strikes, just her stride was SO much longer than mine . Oh, the woe of being only 5'2"!

MB ~ sounds like a great party! Wish I could help on the bra thing. My DD is on the same nursing pattern as your ds (1-2x a day at most). My boobies have shruk back to their glorious 34A size though !
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po7~Glad to hear you're feeling better!

I've decided to officially start training for the half in May. I'm not going to actually register for the race until I see how the training goes. I know, I know, total cop out! My first day, today, is a rest day so I think I can manage that.
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Hey mamas,
I just barely got in my lower body workout today. The gym was packed since it's closing early for today's holiday and I got there later than usual because dd1 is home from school. Anyway, I was pretty rushed but I did make time to stretch. I have to make that a habit now, it felt really good.
I'm still not feeling the ab love so I think I'm going to start doing some girly planks too.

MB - Yesterday went okay. We didn't stay for long and I was hands down the wallflower of the party but big Alison was obviously so happy to be able to show off little Alison that it was well worth it. And she said before we left that it felt like closure for her (of course she hadn't been able to sneak away from the last party even though she was totally rocked too) so it really was a good thing. I got my cathartic crying over with during Extreme Home Makeover and then AFV. Our usual emotional rollercoaster Sunday night line-up. I wondered if they reversed the order last night because the home show was so sad.

Conniebonnie - .6 is way more than nothing! It's the first step and you know what the zen folks say about that. All of us started by running .6 for the first time right?

po7 - So glad you're finally feeling better! I'm sure you'll be back to full speed in no time now!

Okay, I've got to head out to the playground and get my vacationer outside!
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