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oh hbm, this has just been sooo awful for you!!! are you still having surgery this week?????

po7, that is such awful news!!! to this day, i still get all sad when i think of my baby calf that died that i bo't at auction. i was about 9, probably. she will be fine, but it know it is so super tough!

plady, yeah on the birth certificate!!! i remember what a big deal that was for ds2. phew! yeah!!! not really sure how long i'll be in austin; it may only be for march & april. we're working hard on figuring out things. i must say, we are making some big time progress in our relationship, prompted probably by my job-challenge.

we got 6" of snow today and are supposed to get an additional 18" by tomorrow. it was 92 degrees yesterday in austin (but has cooled down since.) nevertheless, knowing we're flying into shorts weather, we are enjoying the snow immensely.

oh and katie, on the diss proposal!!!
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Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
Po7-How awful. Poor dd. How is she doing?

So I went back to the doctor today and now have:
ear infection
sinus infection

I have 4 scripts. I'm so hoping this clears it up.

Then this afternoon, Jojo pulled a cup of hot tea off the counter onto herself. She has second degree burns on her left arm. It's bandaged from fingers to shoulder. She had a shot of morphine (her first shot ) and is pretty drugged right now. It has eased the pain though, so that's good.

We have to take her to the doctor for the next 4-5 days for dressing changes.

My poor baby. It was just heartbreaking.
Oh no, HBM, that is so awful.

You have had such a bad run of luck, mama. My heart breaks for you.

I hope there are many blessings in store for you when things turn around.

dd is doing ok. I told her that she would be sad for a while but her heart would heal. She has been carrying his halter around all day. Tonight I am going to send dh to crawl in to bed with her because I know her tears will flow when she is alone to think about it.
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Oh...Poor poor HBM and Jojo

Oh no Po7...Poor dd

So much sadness
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
Oh...Poor poor HBM and Jojo

Oh no Po7...Poor dd

So much sadness
You're not kidding. Hug, hug, hug for all the dingos. It can only go up from here.
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Po7...that's just aweful.

HBM...what kind of surgery are you having?

MB..I was shaking in yoga yesterday. I'm impressed with how yoga conditions. I need to find your website and do some of that too.

loftmama...things sound like they are looking up!

It is cold for GA today! I will probably not be running...except to the pharmacy to pick up some vicodin not looking forward to 10 AM root canal! not not not!
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aw shucks, HBM - that sucks. s for you and poor little jojo.

we got 9" of snow overnight, so i'm hanging out and taking my time before heading out to the office. this is school vacation week and they don't plow the roads as well when the school buses don't need to travel.

my plan is to run this afternoon three miles or so on the treadmill.
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about to hop on the mill....indeed poor HBM and family. (the extra one is for HBM's mom) drugs, not hugs.

and po7, I'm so sorry for you and dd.

my goal is to run (slowly) through two episodes of weeds, about 60 min.

oh for those who have asked, I have been doing Dave Farmar podcasts. He is on itunes but also if you click on the other link "Liberated SYndication" you can download it directly to computer or other player, which I do. be warned, it is TOUGH. but it tones, fo' sho'.
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oh my HBM! it has certainly been some winter for you guys stay strong mama

i am so behind on the thread! i am also running late on sending out secret sprinter has everyone already started? hoping to get something out this week...

my trip to ojai was so, so nice. my good friend treated me to a massage at the ojai spa [swanky], her dh cooked some amazing meals [homemade pasta, salmon on cedar planks, fresh greens] our kids played together amazingly well, giving us a lot of time to talk, catch up, commiserate....

while ojai, and california in general, is really expensive, i would live there in a heartbeat if we had some work reason to be there. my friend was telling me there is some native american belief that ojai is a 'healing vortex' because of the way the mountains surround it, therefore there are a lot of healing arts practitioners there and just beauty everywhere. sigh.

anyway, here are two pics from my saturday morning run i took with my phone. i felt like i was in tuscany or something. i did some affirmations and thought of y'all the whole time.

ojai run
ojai run2
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Poppy - i thought the pictures were going to be of YOU! Oh well. Beautiful ROAD though there are supposedly 7 "spiritual vortexes" in the world, but i find it surprising that now 4 of them are in the western U.S. (Mt. Tamalpais in Marin, Sedona AZ, Taos NM, and now Ojai ..) But then again, we ARE all so deep and spiritual and artistic out here in the west

Plady - WOOT! PM me Fo' Sho' (when, how long...)! We have a spare room (I dont want to overstate; it is the play-room/office/guest-room ) if you want. Ohhh Im so excited.

Lofty - sil lives in LA. How cool, what is a dp?

Totally irritated w/Dh. He says yesterday afternoon "oh yeah, I have a test to take tomorrow morning ..." - the time I had planned to run and had canceled the babysitter b/c he would be here. So, I may try dd2 in the stroller for the first time, but so far she's not content to be in one position for long unless she's asleep, and I dont really want to get 2 miles away and have her start screaming - not really the me time I was hoping for but alas, you do what ya gotta right - sigh
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saskiasmom - yes, it was a pretty road i was out there alone so there was nobody to take my picture [not good at the arm's length thing]. that's interesting about the spiritual vortexes and i am not surprised about them being western. whole different energy out there, kwim?
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HBM!!! Oh No! Poor baby! I hope she's feeling okay today. What a month you're having!!

Originally Posted by saskiasmom View Post
Plady - WOOT! PM me Fo' Sho' (when, how long...)! We have a spare room (I dont want to overstate; it is the play-room/office/guest-room ) if you want. Ohhh Im so excited.
Clearly you're not thinking about what you're offering! It's me, dh, dd1, Ali G, the cat and the dog in two cars with a 10' trailer. However, if you know of a cheap motel with pull through spaces nearby I'll be all over it!

Re: vortexes, I honestly don't know if this is true but back in '98 I met a group of real estate agents from Sedona who claimed to have started the vortex story to drum up their business. But I didn't feel anything special there when I went and I tried! (like that song from A Chorus Line you know? "I feel the vortex I feel the vibe! - I felt NOTHING!" )

MB - Thanks for that link! Now I can't figure out how to save the podcasts to use on my mp3 but I'm still inspired to get it going!

RR: I had a schedule change today which normally makes me throw in the towel for the whole day. However, I thought that I could meet up with a friend who walks the track every day so I did that for a bit. Then, because I knew I should and didn't want to be a total loser I went to the gym and did my lower body workout like I was supposed to. I feel so much better about my mental discipline for having gone. And, later today I get to go for a swim. It probably won't amount to too much exercise since dd uses my only pair of goggles but still.

Thanks Dingos for being my constant inspiration!
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I'm going to try that body blast workout again today....it kicked my butt last week. I paid for it until Monday.

R is taking a nap on me right now, so I will let her rest before I get going.

poppy~ those pictures are beeuuuteeefullll. What a nice place to run.

HBM~How is jojo today?
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What's the body blast workout? Can you break it down for me?

I did another 6.3 this morning with jgmommo - I wanted to show her a new route I found. We did 10 min miles on average. So this week I'm already at 19 miles...I hope to do an easy 3 tomorrow, 4 on friday, rest on saturday and then we have a 10 mile race on sunday (total miles for hte week = 36).
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poppy~Those pics look like they're from the "Rave Run" section of RW. Gorgeous!!!

I don't know if the vortex stuff is hooey or not but sometimes I wish I lived somewhere where people bought into that kind of thing a little bit more. I get tired of feeling like the weirdo all the time, yk? I'd have to transplant my entire extended family with me though because I wouldn't want to move from them.

rr~I took my dog for a walk today as my "cross-training." That's a bit of a stretch, I know, but at least it was forward motion. I just glanced ahead on my training schedule and the runs are definitely getting longer. I can't imagine ever doing 10 miles!!! Yikes! I can't seem to get past 6 mentally. I'm so grateful y'all are here to help me meet this challenge!!
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Po7 - I am so sorry about your little horse, that is heartbreaking! Give your dd a hug for me.
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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
I spent 3 days on that hill when I was in college sitting next to a GPS receiver for my undergrad research.

My office floor is wet again from the roof leak in this building. 3 days shut up in my baking office, and I now have an inch of mold. Movin' operations home...
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the kid question is open for discussion again at our house.

what do you think, should we stick with one or try for two? i'm torn.
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poppy, those pictures are so beautiful!!! i'm so glad your trip went so well. how did your ds do?

Originally Posted by saskiasmom View Post
Lofty - sil lives in LA. How cool, what is a dp?
director of photography

plady, can i just say how much i admire you running so much and getting in those workouts in sma? when i am there, working out is the LAST thing i want to do - with the high altitude and ALL THE WALKING!!! plus, you just had a baby. you inspire me.

bbm, can i say how much i admire how far you've come in your running? it's so nice you have jgmommo to run with. i touched base with one of my running buddies in austin this morning and we are already hoping to get in a run next week. we will have so much to talk about that hopefully i won't notice how much pain i'll be in since i've not been running as much as i used to. (how do you like all those dangling prepositions?)

po7, how is dd doing?

geo, that just stinks! good luck getting something done with a wet roof!

no run today- hoping for a ski tomorrow (my last of the season!) we got 6", then 18" and are supposed to get another 10" tonight. so we've got some awesome powder for skiing. plus, i'm planning on yoga tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
What's the body blast workout? Can you break it down for me?
Warmup-easy run 6 mintes then do a caricoa step(cross left foot in front of right, right foot steps right, then left foot crosses behin the right) twenty seconds each side, twice

Run at RPE(rate of perceived exertion) 7, 9, 7 for 60 seconds each.

Push Ups - 3 sets of 10-15

Tempo Run RPE of 8 for 6 minutes

Inverted Rows (like a pullup on a low bar with your feet in front on the ground) three sets of 10-15

Run at RPE 7, 9, 7 for 60 seconds each.

Reverse Crunches 3 sets of 15-30

Tempo Run RPE of 8 for 6 minutes

Dips 3 sets of 10-15

Sprint 30 seconds, recover 30 seconds X 3

traveling lunge for 60 seconds, rest 30 seconds, repeat

Tempo Run RPE of 8 for 6 minutes

Prone Cobra 2 sets of 10

Finish with a 5-10 minute easy run
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loftmam~ She is better today. Still sad, but better. I might take her to spend some time with her grandma and her horses soon. I think that would make her feel better.
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