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Originally Posted by 2happymamas View Post
We got a few things as gifts with the last pregnancy and I am not sure if I want them used. DW's ex-stepmother bought a sleeper and stuffed animal when we got pregnant in September. I am not sure that I can use that sleeper on the next baby. Odd, I know. But I get teary just seeing the sleeper now. I am not sure how I would react seeing it on the next baby. I think I will put it in a box for now and maybe bury it with the placenta from the previous pregnancy this spring when we plant the babe's tree.
I don't think that's odd at all. What our hearts tell us to do isn't odd, it just is.
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*waves* hey! I've been 2wwing since last week! guess I wasn't clear.

please move me to waiting to know. kthx.

Jen *hugs* so sorry to hear of your red friend. tell your dw to quit whining or i'll come give her my teacher look.

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Oh! I Have A Ddddc!!! Thank You!!!
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LOL! Tiger!! : That is an I can haz Cheezburger DDDDC!! I iz so jelluz!
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Originally Posted by starling&diesel View Post
As for us, maybe it's because we're doing FETs and I am prepared for disappointment, but we're not going to purchase a thing until week 25 or so.
I say that now, mind you, but in my mind I know EXACTLY what will go where in the nursery...

Snoopy ... I've been off this thread for a while, so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you're healing well and that you and Trupage are holding each other close and minding your tender hearts.
thanks!!!... we are doing pretty good i think... but what's FETs?

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Originally Posted by frog View Post
I don't think that's odd at all. What our hearts tell us to do isn't odd, it just is.
yes i think that makes total sense and is a beautiful plan.

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Originally Posted by smartycat View Post
LOL! Tiger!! : That is an I can haz Cheezburger DDDDC!! I iz so jelluz!
yep! I am the lolttc.
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FET = Frozen Embryo Transfer
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Well, after 5 months of charting, I thought I could be reasonably sure that I usually ovulate around CD 20-22. Actually, I was fairly confident that we've been insemming too early, at CD 19-20ish. Our swim team is scheduled to arrive on Monday (CD 20) and I was feeling pretty good this month.

Yesterday my temp went up pretty far, and I just chalked it up to our bedroom being too hot at night. This morning it was still up there, and I realized that I've had that crappy hot-poker breast tenderness that I usually get right after O for the last couple of days. I haven't checked my cervix yet, but CM is white and sticky. I'm pretty sure I O'd early already and we missed it.

I'm still doing my OPKs for a few more days just to be sure, but I'm not feeling too hopeful at this point. I'm just completely at a loss here....I mean, there is absolutely nothing I can do to catch an early O like this, short of peeing on sticks for three weeks out of each month! It just seems so, I don't know...unfair? Not quite the right sentiment, but I'm just feeling crappy right now....
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shazam, busy day!

I am spending much of the day on the couch with a pulled lower back! Whoopee! : But I luv my chiropractor in a big, big way. She did some GOOD work today! And people have been taking care of me.

Miep: we welcome you with or without teacher look!

I can't speak to what I am gathering pre-conception because they are all old things from my son but before having him, the only really indulge-the-baby-whim stuff we bought early in the pregnancy (not before pregnancy) was a pair of plaid flannel lined cords with a little squirrel patch that we found at Lands' End that made us actually happy to have a baby vs just miserable with morning sickness and really hormonal and weepy.

Happy February!
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Cramps after IUI ????

Hey all !

I have a question.... First, my situation... I am 60 hours past IUI, 3DPO (i think... when do you start counting?) and my ovulation was triggered by HCG shot 36 hours before IUI.

This morning I had cramps on my right side, the side from which the eeg came from... it was pretty intense and felt like bad ovulation cramps...

Has anyone had that before ? Of course I'm worried that it means it didnt work... or that something is wrong...

Oh and to the one who asked... we are also testing on Valentines day (which is also our 9th anniversary of meeting...). We were told to test 15 days after IUI.


PS: Thanks Frog for starting the thread !!
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Hi all. I'm technically in the TWW, though I suspect it won't be but a few days before I'm back to waiting to O. I'm 10 or 11 DPO with no symptoms, typical monthly breakout, and a BFN this morning.

We've got one more vial of the donor we've been using for several months now, so I think we'll switch if the next insem doesn't work.

We haven't bought anything for the hypothetical baby (as we often refer to it), but I have started knitting a little sweater. I just learned to knit last fall and this is my first project more ambitious than a scarf - it's very cute! Well, the back of the sweater which is all I have so far, is very cute.

I suppose this month isn't a bust yet though. So here's hoping.
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Hi mhiccup! Looks like for the time being, we're cycle buddies . I'm 10 DPO and I too had a BFN this morning, but I'm not giving up hope yet. Do you have a chart? Just wondering how things look on there for you. I haven't really had any symptoms either, but my cervix is high, which I hear is sometimes a good sign of early pregnancy. Maybe I'm just trying to convince myself that it worked, though. FF is saying AF is due next Wednesday, but that would make my cycle a lot longer than it ever is. I am thinking I will know by Monday if it's going to be here and possibly even sooner.
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Originally Posted by 2happymamas View Post
How much do you all exercise during the 2ww? I would like to continue, but I have this vision of the baby being ripped from the wall of my uterus. Yeah, so working out. What do you all do?
Coming out of lurkdom to give my two cents. I exercised as I normally did during the TWW and from my reading exercise helps prevent miscarriage if your baby is chromosomally normal by up to 40% over a woman who does not exercise. Of course if you exercise too much (I think more than 7 hours a week) or really vigorous activities that's not good for the baby. Hope that helps and good luck to everyone in the TWW!
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Kia ora all, still here, had a few internet issues but slowly getting to know this posting thing. AF arrived just over a week ago, so I'm gearing up for cycle 3. It's nourishing and strengthening to read all your posts, where you're all at. I'm looking at using egg-white in place of my fairly non-existent FM this cycle. Wish me luck. The only thing I'm collecting so far for this baby is possible names...my Maori family are big on ancestor names, so I've been doing a bit of research. So far Riria (Maori for Lydia, my grandmother's name) and Rangiwaititi (my Dad's middle name). Wonderful to be a (new) part of the forum. All the best to everyone. Wish me luck (Maybe I could be in the 'Waiting to O' list...?)
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Maorimama...good luck!! I'm here waiting for cycle 3 also. Yes...waiting...just waiting. Getting close though I think...got my first high monitor reading this morning...so won't be long now.

Astraphell...maybe you should try a fertility monitor? I know some people don't have very good experiences with them...but mine has been great. You do start POAS early in the cycle...and it reads your estrogen and LH rise...it tells you when it's getting high...before the peak...so you can be more prepared. For me...my cycles go from 28-33 days...so there's definitely some fluctuation there. Although...my LP is always 13 days. So...yeah...that first part is a mystery for me. I was leary about the monitor at first because...well...you pee on the stick in the morning and I've read that's what you absolutely should not do with an OPK. Anyway...I guess it works differently than an OPK because I DO think it's pinpointing my O just fine. It always matches up with my temp shift, CM and O pain I get. Plus last month for good measure I did an OPK about 4 hrs after my peak on the monitor...and bingo...positive (it was negative the prior day). So...anyway...like I said...it might not be what you're looking for...and they are a little expensive...but just my 2 cents.
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I am currently on CD4 and started 100 mg Clomid today. When I did the last IUI in September, the US revealed one mature egg and the IUI resulted in pregnancy. Now, my meds have been increased because the doctor expected more than one mature egg on the 50 mg dose that i previously took.

My question: If you had an US before the IUI, how many eggs are too many? What if you had three mature eggs? Five mature eggs? Seven mature eggs? At what point are you not going to allow the insemination to occur? DW and I have been talking about this. While this scenerio is all speculation, I think my limit is three. Three eggs...bring on the sperm. Four eggs....forget about it. I suppose we worry because we only had one egg last time and it fertilized. As much as we want a child, the thought of several children gestating at once is terrifying. Two would be okay. Three...gulp....we'd deal. Four or more...oh shit!

What is your limit?
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Changes made to here, I think.
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Originally Posted by mhiccup View Post
We haven't bought anything for the hypothetical baby (as we often refer to it), but I have started knitting a little sweater.
I think that knitting or other forms of handwork that create something for the baby is because you can work all of your energy, thoughts and hopes into the piece. Plus it gives you something to do! And with me it almost forces me into a meditative state because I have to sit still and be quiet while do it.

2happymamas you asked about exercise while in the 2ww. Maybe I'm overdoing it but I keep up my normal skating schedule regardless of where I am in my cycle. On the next 2ww I may ramp down a bit, but the hard part for me is that I'm training for an inline marathon on March 16th and I'm trying to keep up a fairly intense training schedule in order to have the endurance to carry me 26.2 miles. (Fat lotta good it did me training so hard, as it's how I threw out my back. : live and learn, I guess.) So I would say that you should keep doing what makes you feel good, but I am not an expert on this. I will say that the ONLY thing that made me feel better in my first trimester of constant-nausea was getting out and exercising to the point of working up a sweat. And I had the blessing of my midwife to skate until 20 weeks or until my balance felt different to me.

I hope someone else sees the ridiculous comedy in this:

It is very hard to use a Diva cup when you've thrown out your back.

coco: sounds like ovulation cramping to me - good luck! :

astraphell: how frustrating! I hope it was a fluke.

2happymamas: I may recant this statement at a later date, but right now my strong feeling is that I am not willing to use Clomid or any other drug that prompts my body to pop more eggs than it normally would because I do not want to artificially increase my chance of multiples. If it happens naturally, then fine, that is my fate (I believe that everything that happens to me was meant to happen and happens for a reason), and I will rise to the challenge because I was meant to live it.

This, of course, is just my outlook. If I were in your shoes, I would draw the limit at 3 eggs because I think that I could handle twins if 2 of them took. I have two breasts to nurse, I have two arms to hold, I have two hips to carry. The chances of advocating for a low-intervention pregnancy and birth are also greater with twins than with triplets. (I would fear that a triplet pregnancy would automatically be classified as 'high-risk' although I don't know this for sure.) I think I personally would have great difficulty with triplets even though I know that there are plenty of women out there who are naturally blessed with 3 babies who do fine (usually with help from others).

May you entertain some retreating eggs.
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okay, so we tested today, ostensibly 10 dpo. BFN. okay, I thought, maybe we're just too early.

only, I'm starting to spot, which always happens the day before my period. which means, then that we INSEMMED TOO LATE. Which means that my OPKs were junk. which means we wasted a lot of $$ this month.

and now i'm confused and annoyed.

so. tell me, as apparently the directions in the OPKs are total sh*t,

which fertility monitor should I get, and what price is "too good to be true?"
and what time should I test?

please, why have I had absolutely no CM for the last 3 months? at all? as in, there is no spinnbarkeit/eggwhite quality at all.

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