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Originally Posted by lexbeach View Post
lol. This made me laugh.

I think maybe it's all about the "accessories." Playdoh can be much enhanced by a pair of dull scissors, some dull knives, and birthday candles (among many other things, but those are the favorites in our house).

It is pretty funny. And it isn't just me. I walked in last night to find my husband and his mother sitting on the floor playing with play doh for the girls.

I am totally going to bring out the birthday candles and plastic knives and stuff. They are very intrigued by knives and cutting right now anyway, so I bet they will dive right in. Thanks for the idea!
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thanks my ds and I just made the play-doh!! how fun. He only played a little and tried to eat it twice. and shivered after too!! lol. MAybe in a few months he'll like it and play longer. How do you store it?? I rolled it in a ball, put a sprinkle of water. then does it go in the fridge?? and how long will it last??
thanks all you vetrans!!
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DS (22 months) just tried it last week on an airplane (someone mentioned that it is a good in-flight toy because you have the trey right there...) and was only slightly interested. It was a small amount, and we didn't really have any tools for it.

I'll be trying again soon!
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I just made a batch with Max- we used Lexbeach's recipe. it turned out great! I thought my arm would fall off from stirring the thick dough... but I made it. :-)

So what kind of tools do you give your kids to play with the dough?
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id say my kids were about a year my 18 month old just plays with the cookie cutters and playdough toys and playdough sissors by putting them in the basket and dumping them out my 3 year old likes it much better just recently.
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It depends on the child. I had one who just over a year who like squishing play-doh and we had no problems with her putting it in her mouth. My second who put everything in her mouth was close to two before she'd play with it without having to constantly tell her not to put it in her mouth.
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Originally Posted by cdahlgrd View Post

They all taste it everytime, but don't actually eat it. If they did, we would put it away for awhile, or make edible dough.
Edible dough??!!!?? Do you have any recipes to share?
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