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February Decluttering Challenge!

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The December Declutter Challenge was fab, but I totally slacked in January I'm ready to make up for it this month Anyone in?
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count me in! good luck mamas!
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I'm in!

I exceeded my goal in January and I want to keep the momentum going this month

I think I'll set my goal at 200 items.

I'm due at the end of this month/early March, so I'm hoping to get most of the de-cluttering done early, so I can relax near the end!

Today, I tossed a worn out pair of slippers and plan to attack the guest room closet later today.

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me too, though I am running out of things to declutter. I do have a closet I could go through today. I'll aim for 100 things this month.
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I'm in! I'm going to aim low though for 50 items... I've been doing so well I don't have much left go pitch!
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Yeah, I'm new and a chronic "re-user" so I'm setting the goal for 50 items, too. Better to exceed a low target than miss a high one (how's that for pessimism? I'm REALLY sick right now--so I can't even believe I'm thinking this is possible)
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I'm in. I have pretty much decluttered every room except the office. I WILL get to that room before the end of the month.
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I'm in. I've been going on a decluttering rampage all week. Ahhh, it feels so nice.
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I'm in! I've already tackled the canning closet and tossed out 32 items. I'm aiming to declutter 300 items this month.

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I would like to join in, please. Just last week (I know this counts for January) I went through my boys clothing and a little bit of mine. I bagged up SEVEN trash bags full of nice, good clothing for my mother to give to a family that could use it on her bus route (she asked in advance). It felt good to give the clothes to a family that can use them (I am pretty poor myself, and love hand-me-downs). I also had 2 more trash bags that I threw out because of tears, stains or just worn out.

I am going to try to get rid of 50 more items for the month of February.
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Hmm... seeing as I have about 1000 items ready to go out the door tomorrow, maybe I should shoot for 1300? I'm serious... maybe more than 1000 items. Clothes, fabric, ribbons, lace, yarn, dishes, towels, placemats, knick knacks, toys, kitchen gadgets, baby stuff.... sooo much!
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OOh, I'm in. I think I will aim for 350 items decluttered this month. Today I put 6 shirts and a pair of pants in the donate box so...
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I'm in!!!

I need to do MAJOR work on this place. My goal for February is 500 items OUT OUT OUT!
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What an interesting concept - My DH is a packrat, so it's difficult to get anything out of the house without him rescuing it (or looking for it later! Who would have thought he needed a specific size/color scrap of leather leftover from his HS leathercrafting days? Not I!). I did manage to toss about 30 wire hangers this morning, though.

Best of luck to all of you!
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I'm in. Still need to work on the basement. So much
clutter so little time.
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Been tackling the media cabinet this morning. 48 items gone so far!

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We finally got our list together this weekend
  • Maintain clear living room and dining room tables
  • Finish painting the crown molding in dressing room
  • Clean out and organize cabinet in dining room and shop for a new, more useful credenza
  • Paint and hang doorbell cover
  • Caulk and paint crown molding in dining room
  • Organize workbench in the basement
  • Go through and reorganize boxes in basement
  • Get rid of or put aside for spring yard sale 100 items

Whew. I'm glad February has an extra day this year!
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Originally Posted by anthasam View Post
I exceeded my goal in January and I want to keep the momentum going this month

It seems my momentum is fading fast :

Anyway, I have a few things posted and hopefully they will be gone by week's end. I did manage to catch up on my magazine pile this weekend -- all 9 are now gone.

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Ooh, I'm in. We've been on a huge decluttering binge since early December. Its time to hit the study and especially my desk again. Its definitely my junk collector area.
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I'm in for 200!
Goals: Go through kids books and laundry room. Attack DS closets!
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