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Okay. I just realized that I was going to end up posting about a dozen thumbs-up and big-smiles

Instead, I'll just post once here to say that you ladies are so incredibly inspiring. I feel truly motivated when I read about your progress -- and struggles

Thank you for rocking the clutter, mommas!
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I'm in, I have 2 garbage sacks to take to Goodwill, I've taken 2 there already, so from here on out I'm saying 500 more.
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I'm working my way through my house area-by-area. this weekend i hope to tackle the office closet and me/dh's closet.

i have started keeping a running declutter tally on the sidebar of my blog to keep me motivated.

my dd will be at my parent's house this weekend, which is always a good time to get rid of toys because she can't veto me!
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Oh my! I just got rid of 4 bags of clothes, 6 bags of stuff, plus about 200 children's books! I still want to get rid of a lot more stuff but I'll do that tomorrow after I drop off some stuff at the Salvation Army! I gave the children's books to my mom, who is a schoolteacher, to take to school.
I am trying to get rid of as much stuff as I can before baby #2 comes, we live in a small 2 bedroom house.

I still need to:

-give away the plastic CD cases, I put all of our CDs in a book.
-give away the DVD cases and put them in a book
-clean my drawers
-reorganize my jewelry box

After seeing what we had, I am never going shopping again! LOL
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We were just told we might have a buyer for our house, if we can get it ready for next weekend. YIKES! (Did I mention that dw is 36w2d pregnant?)
So today I am also working my way room by room--starting with the nursery/study (which has the change table, kids clothes and computer, we all sleep in the other room).
So far so good! One huge bag ready to go out, 2 big boxes into storage and a clean clear change table & set of bookshelves.
Now I am supposed to be tackling the desk...better get offline!
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I spent over 5 hours in my daughter's room today!! Dh took the kids for most of that time and I was able to purge, clean and reorganize. It was very horrible.

I have a bag for her to sort through before we take a Goodwill run.

But for garbage/recycling...I'm estimating around 500 pieces!! (Who could count all those gum wrappers, random Hama beads, rubber bands, scraps of paper etc....I just had to estimate!)
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Whoohoo! I made 2 carload trips to Salvation Army today (3rd trip this week.) I did it all by myself and I am 28 weeks pregnant DH isnt too happy with me but he is a slacker, he wont do it, someone has gotta do it!
I keep seeing more and more things around the house I'd like to get rid of! I cant sit down and relax unless I bag things up and sadly I am out of garbage bags!
Off to rest! Happy Decluttering to you all!
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Well, I'm not as admirably meticulous as some of the PPs who count their declutter victims, but I'm counting how many 13-gallon kitchen trash bags I can fill. Thirteen so far!
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I just got ride of 20 more items...480 to go
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I'm probably not going to meet my goal for the month, but I've accomplished a TON anyway! My desk is cleared (there were several stacks of paper that NEVER seemed to get filed) and the house is nearly "ready" for the new baby. We've been trying to wrap up some projects and clean/declutter before #2 arrives. So far, so good.

So, I only have 2 items to report today -- being pick-up by a Freecycler.

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I am a magazine aholic (sp?) anyway got rid of about 50 magazines so that is 50/200 so far. I have been really sick but next week hitting the organizing thing hard. 150 more things to go this month wow! I am sooo behind
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I got rid of some boxes, magazines and paper stacks (recycle center run!) yesterday.

A trip to the consignment store and the thrift shop are scheduled for later this week, so I should have a higher count after that!

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Dh is gone for a few days so I am back on with a little time in the evenings to declutter. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going. My livingroom has stayed pretty clean all month with not a lot of effort and in the process I have also fixed a number of things that were broken. Wow....if the rest of the house was similarly simplified....I might have time for.....
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Got 25 more items here and there (mostly dd's outgrown clothing)

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