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All the baby pictures are so cute!!! I'm so amazed to see so many teeth in these baby mouths Not babies for long... I'm secretly thrilled that Romi is toothless, makes me think she's still a tiny baby (albeit a fat one).

Hanno: those bruises, ouch!!! And Ion is just soooo cute! I love his intelligent little face!

Romi pinches while nursing too. It comes and goes and a nursing necklace really helps.

I just bought her an amber necklace on Etsy. I'll try anything if it makes her sleep longer. I'm running out of things to try!
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Originally Posted by doudat View Post
All the baby pictures are so cute!!! I'm so amazed to see so many teeth in these baby mouths Not babies for long... I'm secretly thrilled that Romi is toothless, makes me think she's still a tiny baby (albeit a fat one).
No teeth here either... both of my other kids got teeth around 7 months old and I kind of like that Chloe still has 'baby' gums. Especially since she is my last baby...

to all the sleep deprived mamas!
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We're still at 4 teeth.

We survived the first birthday party at a pizza place for lunch. Now we have to get through tomorrow's. Sophia did well, but didn't get a good nap. She likes to play with her toys once you get her settled, but she hates being put down.
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Just 2 teeth here, at 4 mo, and teething ever since!!!
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Caroline has had 2 teeth since 6 months and then just last week while she was SUPER sick and we all are super sick she cut 3 yes 3 top ones all at once! so now we have 5 teeth! tho 2 of the new 3 are still barely through but one is coming in fast!
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Hey there mamas,

These threads go so fast, and I never have time catch up on reading them!

I have a question: Can you tell the difference between babbling and real words? Sometimes Seamus says mama with such a demanding voice that I think he must mean me, but I'm not sure because he also does the rambling mamamamama thing.

Valentine's Day: Dh bought me a new pair of red Earth shoes for my Vday present. I've given up on trying to be surprised, and now I just tell him exactly what I want. I figure they're red, so that's a perfect gift. Oh, and the saleswoman tried to kiss him! Weird.

Anyway, we don't have plans to go out because it seems like a hassle. I'm thinking I might send the kids to a babysitter on the Sunday after so we can have some quiet time alone at home-- maybe that will be my present to him.
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lunabelly - Seamus is so adorable! re: babbling - I wonder this too. Sometimes Scout seems to call both DH and I "Na na na" ....but she says it in her whiney voice, so "Na na na" may just mean, "Hey pay attention to me!" or "Pick me up!" There has only been one time when she seemed to call me "mama" on purpose, but she hasn't since then. I'm not sure what to write in her baby book, since she's been saying "mama" and "dada" for a long time now...but aside from that one time she called me mama, she has never said them in the right context.
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Oh, I didn't answer my own question! I think we are actually going to have my sis come over and watch him, so we can go on a date by ourselves...I actually considered leaving him overnight at my mom's : but I'm not sure he's ready for that - they would totally cosleep and everything, but he is super persistent that both mommy and daddy be next to him when he falls asleep (he won't go to sleep if if it is just one of us).

My DH has a job interview tomorrow...so we are hoping that goes well..

And..I spent all night puking : but the thing is I'm less bothered about being sick myself than I am about possibly having Johnny get sick again...that was AWFUL - and I just finally caught up on the laundry (it was clean, just all piled up in the crib instead of put away)

Oh yes...I pulled out 12-18mo clothes today and as I've been doing laundry I have been packing away the 9-12mo clothes...this is the first he has been wering clothes "ahead" of his age - I can't believe it..and these clothes look so...toddlerish.

One more thing....he took 2-3 steps several times last night! He also learned how to open the front door - he hasn't succeeded yet, but he looked close. I put one of those door knob covers over it but our house is old and it doesn't work very well...I think I might need to get a deadbolt for it. He is also trying very hard to climb everything, has not been overly successful yet (thankfully) but he makes me nervous.
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Geez, I just have the hardest time keeping up with you mamas!! I can't believe there are 4 pages already and it's only the 2nd!!'
Romea is 10 months today and will soon outgrow her 18 mo outfits
Oh, we call her Romi too!
Here are photos!


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Originally Posted by Nani View Post
Geez, I just have the hardest time keeping up with you mamas!! I can't believe there are 4 pages already and it's only the 2nd!!'
Romea is 10 months today and will soon outgrow her 18 mo outfits
Oh, we call her Romi too!
Here are photos!


What cute kids! wonderful pictures nak
eta I love the "facial" pic and the martha one
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Seamus and Romea are adorable!!

Funny you call her Romi, we had people think her name was Romeo at the hospital, we had to say her name like 8 times for people to understand. Romea is such a pretty name!

Clothes: romi wears ahead of her age too... Funny how the clothes Liam wore when he was almost 2 fit romi right now! What a tall/chubber I've got on my hand!

I'm a tad discouraged today cause her eczema patch is getting worst and worst and I'm at wits ends trying to make her better. I think this is what makes her cranky these days. Poor thing. She's all itchy
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Oh, Seamus has eczema, too. He has a patch on the top of his arm that's always really bumpy and looks like one of those old immunization shots.

Kewpie: I'm having the same baby book question. Am I going to have to wait until he says some complicated word like rutabaga before I can write it down?

Nani: Romea and Sophia are beautiful! I need to update my photo of Seamus because that one is from Christmas.

Seamus doesn't have a nickname yet. I want to call him Sea (pronounced like Shay), but dh doesn't like it. Right now I mostly call him Buckaroo.

Are you all starting to think about birthday parties? Is it too soon for this? Olivia's bday is in this month (#11!), so I've got it on my mind. Seamus only has one friend to invite to his, though. I guess they say you're supposed to invite the same number of kids as the age they're turning, so that works!
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Hmm...my baby book has one entry..what a bummer about 5 ladies I used to work for went in on a really nice one (from one of those stores normal people don't even set foot in, but awe at the window displays lol). I figure what I need to do is just print off all my DDC posts

DH took Johnny with him to a Super Bowl party and I'm home alone..I need sleep to recover and don't want to pass germs but I just feel like part of me is missing without my baby!! Though yesterday I got some home alone time too and it was sort of nice...maybe that's all I need, I've been thinking of upping my PPD meds but maybe I just need more "me" time!

Bday party...I'm stressing it way too much because we a doing a joint party with Johnny and his cousin (so the NY family only has to travel down once - their bdays are 21 days apart)...it would be fine but my SIL is SOOOOOOOOOO hard to deal with My plan was just to rent a pavilion at the local park eat pot-luck food, burgers and cake and let the kids play on the playground...maybe throw a few balloons up...I know my SIL is going to want everything to be just perfect..she'll probably want games and everything..blah blah...she'll probably want to decorate some certain way and make them wear certain clothes too..

What about 1yo bday gifts? I really don't want gifts lol, but I KNOW our families and I KNOW they will want to give gifts..even if we say not to. I just don't want a lot of clutter...I'm ok with some clothes, I'm ok with people grouping together and getting something (I know they won't though because for Christmas we asked DH's family to all chip in and by us a set of baby gates for about $50 and instead they all spent like $30 EACH on a bunch of annoying flashing squealing toys). I just can't really think what to ask for or how to ask, yk? Like I would love wooden trains or something if everyone went in on it together..or each person but one teeny piece or something...maybe a sandbox...stuff like that - I don't want 9345786 little toys to pick up off my floor...is that selfish? Ohh..I just though of children's books, he loves being read to - it's the only time he sits on my lap other than nursing...maybe that is something worth asking for....
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Oh, I have a LONG story to write on eczema!!! Sophia had it BAAAAD, I cried every single day, cuz she seemed allergic to anything and everything and it was a TOUGH road for us. It almost amde me not want a second child, since my first one suffered so much. I tried EVERTHING on the planet, literally, exept we didn't do to a typical allergist, since I knew that would have been a waste of money. I'm so excited now that it is almost gone at age 3.5.
Let me know if any of you have questions on that topic. I spent three years reseaching this stuff to help my dd1.
Romea has no signs of allergies.

I now seriously believe that Sophia's C-Section versus Romea's Home waterbirth are something to be considered in the search for answers on allergic potentials.
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can't write much right now...

nani--did you ever try neem oil on her eczema?? just wondering. my ds1 has it but doesn't seem too uncomfy from it--but he has a lot of patches of it and it seems like it's the worst winter with it. i wonder if i should cut wheat...but he is, of course, sooo picky with eating now--it would have been easier to cut wheat when he was 1 or 2.

doudat (or anyone else) -- have you ever tried a peewell dipe??
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Nani: what finally worked? Liam has slight eczema, but nothing drastic. Romi has a mean looking oozing flaky patch on her chin that won't go away and is really driving her insane. Because of the drooling, it's hard to keep the area clean... I've been putting some hydrocortisone & lanolin to try and heal it, but it keeps on coming back
Help :

Kris: nope, never tried a Peewell. But they're affordable and cute, so I say go for it!! You know what I'm loving right now, Clovers. I've got 2 mediums (the fit is large) and they're great. Not cute prints, just cotton velour, but really simple and nice. I think I'm gonna sell my 2 GM prints to fund some of these
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hey mamas

New here, but my boy was born on Earth day: 2007. I was just nosing around these threads...all of your babies are sooo sweet and beautiful! thanks for sharing. I've been doing a bit of eczema research ( I make organic herbal body care products) and came across some of these suggestions. I haven't tried any myself, but if you are feeling adventurous...a simple salve made of honey, olive oil and beeswax and also topical b12...I was thinking of crushing some up in a mortar and pestle, adding some evening primrose oil or rosehip seed oil and applying. anyway, love to all!
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Originally Posted by lunabelly View Post

Valentine's Day: Dh bought me a new pair of red Earth shoes for my Vday present. .
I hadn't heard of those before. I looked them up. Which kind did you get? I'm sold by the ad stating: burn more calories with every step. Oh god - I need to wear those constantly...
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Nani: love the picture with the pink bow! So girly!

Birthdays: Sophia's birthday is about a week before Ellysia's so we are going to combine them to the same day. I think I will do separate cakes. Ellysia wants her theme to be "Super Why" (it is the Super Readers tv show on PBS) so Sophia is going to have an ABC theme to tie into the reading theme. I know my sisters and parents are going to get Sophia a little tykes kitchen. (4th girl is hard to buy for...) DH doesn't know yet. He swears we have too much big stuff, but the girls love playing with a kitchen set and I know Sophia will grow into it.

eczema: Claire has a lot of it. From my reading you want to make sure you have enough fatty acids in their diet. You might consider getting in some fish oil or flax seed oil. I rub evening primrose oil on Claire and that helps a lot.
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Re: Eczema...
what finally worked is really figuring out what she reacted to and the list was much longer than the list of what she could actually eat. I cut everything from our diet, except rice, chicken and broccoli for a whole week. Since I was still bf (Sophia was about 10 months old), it was really hard on me. She just had breast milk and rice and greens. Then I slowly added foods back in, and I'm still doing that to this day, she still hasn't had any tomatoes, egg whites, soy and a lot of spices.
I kept a food diary for every meal for severral weeks and it can take up to four days for a reaction to come thru the skin, so it's tricky. Her skin is so beautiful now, she just outgrew most of it as I kept it out of her system as much as I could.
I gave her lots of dha oils, primrose oil, borage oil, veggies. At first she didn't even tolerate bifi/acidophilus, but we started experimenting a lot to add healthy things into her diet and ended up creating a fabulous shake for her using rice protein, Udo's oil, Vit.C, and B, plus banana, rice milk and minerals. It became her staple food. My story is endless about all the things we did to make her life tolerable. I had to bind her arms and legs, taping her ankles and wrists so she wouldn't scratch herself bloody. It was heart breaking. Never a dress, not even in summer time. Always in tights or taped pants and shirts. She would just itch herself to a bloody mess, screaming and crying on most days. And yes, cortisone cream up the wazoo, but as little as she could handle. i also made my own creams and salves, also with neem oil, but nothing cured it externally. The healing had to happen from the inside, from the guts and her digestion.
Hey, my writing isn't that bad after the Superbowl Party and two margaritas
Oh, and we did the NAET treatment, it worked temporarily, but it was good to find out what caused her problems at least by doing the muscle testing. She was allergic to my breastmilk! She got trated for that and then it was better. Things have steadily improved since she was about 14 months or so...
Now she has asthma.
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