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infrequent poop

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Baby is on an every other or every 3rd day poop schedule. I know that's ok for a breastfed little guy, but he gets progressively gassier and fussier until he poops.

And while it's the right color and aroma, it doesn't have the milk curds in it like the others did...is that "normal"?

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Thanks for posting my question, too! Fisher is miserable until he poops and we're going on day 3. I feel like he's being tortured! He seems to be gassy, too, but we just can't get it out of him no matter what we try.

Thank GOD for gripe water!
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Does it help? I have to drive 35 miles to get any and I didn't know if it;d be worth it.

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It's normal for our house! We rarely have the seedy poops, I only remember ds1 having it a handful of times, this little one has never had it. He is a major fusser before he poops.
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Alex is 4 weeks today and besides the mec poop he had within the first 12 hours of life, he has only had 4 poops. He, too, is gassy and fussy and generally unhappy before he poops, he has a BIG blow-out, and life is all sunshine & rainbows. My midwife said for me to drink copius amounts of orange or apple juice to help Alex poop--it worked once, but otherwise gives me the trots. Right now we need to buy stock in the English version of mylicon drops--they help us all remain somewhat sane.
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Gripe water TOTALLY helps us, even if just temporarily sometimes. It soothes the stomach and for some reason, Fisher gets instantly calm when we give it to him and sometimes that relaxes him enough to get some farts out. It doesn't make him, poop, though.

i've been watching him straining and pushing for 3 days now with no sign of a poop. it's horrible! He looks like me when I was pushing HIM out.
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I may have to make a trip for gripewater. He pooped some today...I expected a diaper full after 3 days of no poops, but it was just a moderate amount.

I am just grateful that he is showing no signs of colic and/or reflux like my other two. He fusses and cries, but so far has always been fairly easy to console. We'll get through this gassy, no pooping phase...as long as I know there isn't something wrong with him (and now I feel better about that, thanks)

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have you tried massaging his tummy in the 'i love you' pattern?

" • I Love You – Make a single “I”-shaped stroke with your right hand on the left side of your baby’s belly. Then, make a backward, sideways “L” going from your left to right. Make an upside down “U,” going from your left to right. (This is one of the trickier strokes to master, but the idea is to follow the direction of the colon and large intestine, and to move clockwise.)"

also holding him in a squat as if you are ec-ing might help.

sounds pretty normal though (nak)
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Mine only poops a few times a week. I don't notice that it coincides with fussiness for us, but the infrequency is very normal. It's funny because Lane has a cousin just 3 weeks younger, and she poops like 10 times a day! They are all so different.
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I'm dealing with the same thing here. My dd poops about once a day, and she'll do about 3 in a row (filling a diaper each time ) I wouldn't mind so much if I wasn't expecting her to be like her older sister. She pooped during every single feeding
Its nice to hear that is normal at this age.
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I'm only concerned because Fisher was pooping daily then suddenly stopped. If he was pooping once a week from the start, that would be different, but now we've gone from at least once a day to... NO poop for 4 days.

AND... his farts are NOXIOUS. I mean, they're worse than dog farts. Babies aren't supposed to smell this bad, are they? it's like something is rotting inside him. I know, this belongs on the TMI-Stinky thread.
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Originally Posted by weliveintheforest View Post

also holding him in a squat as if you are ec-ing might help.

sounds pretty normal though (nak)
Wow did this ever help! I've held him like that twice when he was fussing and straining nd he pooped both times. And he slept better last night.

Makes me consider ec (which is funny csidering I've only put one cd on him since birth and didn't even leave it on long enough for him to wet it)

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Silas is doing the same thing. He has pooped every day since birth up untill about 10 days ago. Now he is going every 2-3 days and is really gassy. The gas isn;t smelly, but he has gas.

We are doing gripe water, and we EC so he is going into that position a lot (it does help him fart) but no poop and we are now on day 4

I will try the I Love You belly massage...that sounds awsome

I am sure this is normal but I really wish he would start pooping ever day again.

Oh well, on the up side his Fuzzi Bunz are staying much cleaner now!!
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