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AF already ?????

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with dd#1 AF came back when she was 6 months old.

so why am i bleeding this morning? dd#2 is only 6 weeks old. lochia stopped 3 weeks ago. is it really AF?

and why the difference between pregnancies????
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i've heard a few women mention that they had something that seemed totally like AF at around 8 weeks pp and then didn't actually get their period again for many months.

does dd2 sleep for longer stretches? i hear that can make AF come back sooner.
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i had the teensiest bit of spotting for a coupla days earlier this week along with some pms-y crankiness. my mw said some women have amini-period around 6-8 wks pp but it's not your true cycle returning. i'm all clear now (fingers crossed!). hope yours isn't the real deal!
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I thought AF was back about a week or so ago. My lochia had stopped at about 3 weeks. Then I had some spotting/bleeding for a few days. It started back up yesterday and is more like lochia and blood both this time. My NP didn't seem to think it was anything abnormal, though, so I'm not too concerned. She said it could just be my body's hormones adjusting again.

...I had the same issues with Anna-Lee but thought it was the hormones in the Mirena. Turns out it's probably just what's normal for my body.
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I have also been told by my mw that it is normal to have a new bleed at around 6 weeks pp. She calls it the 6 week bleed, and it is the result of some kind of final hormone shift. I believe it's usually less bleeding than a typical period, except in my case, it looks just like a period.
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Thank you forthis thread! I was getting nervous! 7 weeks pp and some very minimal spotting today after 2-3 weeks of nothing. Hoping it is hormones here too!
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Me too. I also did it with my 1st but thought it was b/c of a failed minipill attempt. I could never remember to take it.

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Argg. Five weeks, 2 days PP and hello AF. Grrr. This is so unfair. I'm nursing Cyrus every two hours. Hell, I'm nursing him every five minutes. Arrrghhh. That six week bleed thing is interesting. It's definitely lighter than a regular period. Hopefully it doesn't last as long.
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I'm 2 days shy of 8 weeks, and I woke up to AF this morning. At least that's what I think it is, as it's heavy and I've had nothing for 3 weeks now. Also, I have a sharp pain in my right ovary area that showed up at the same time, and it hurts more tonight. I'm trying to decide if I should talk to my midwife about it. Maybe a cyst? I've never had pain in my ovaries except a slight twinge at ovulation, and only occasionally.

I was aggravated at first about starting so soon, but at least I can start to track my cycles again and know where I'm at!
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I dont think mine was AF. It was 2 days with two spots that were the size of a quarter or a little bigger. i guess I will just wait and see.
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Well when AF visited me at 9 weeks it sure seemed like a period. It lasted 5 days. I'll update soon if I get it again this month. It should be early next week if I get it again.
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