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Originally Posted by dctexan View Post
Oh god. I am so jealous of this. Our house should probably be condemned (at least the roomba functions as dustbunny birth control)
We're so lazy we don't even use the Roomba.

And DH wants to fire the maids and take over cleaning the house! :!!!!
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Originally Posted by cmu204 View Post
The more the merrier, I say. If our next kid is a girl, I totally want to name her after Julia!
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Originally Posted by rock_dr View Post
Question: Are you guys keeping 'baby stuff' around after your lo outgrows it? Like even if you think you might ttc again in the next 1-3 years? We're done with the cosleeper and the papasan swing chair. They take up alot of space (and as you know I hate clutter). But I also hate to give them away just to have to buy one later...
I've kept very little of Rachel's stuff. I don't have a lot of space, and I seriously doubt I'll ever have another child. I very very very much want to, but I'm still single, and odds of me finding Mr. Right aren't great.

I did keep a few newborn clothes and a couple other special outfits. I gave away all my maternity stuff, except for the bathing suit. Not sure why I still have that.
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Liz and Marie!

Natalia... Aidan is gorgeous! Thx to all who have shared their baby pics. I love that we do that from time to time. I'm always up for seeing y'all's LO's.

CJ... OMG I'm so happy for you! Breastaurant, ain't that the truth! Moving Ollie to his own bed/room seemed to be the key for us too. He slept in our bed for a month cuz he slept best there for awhile, until it was clear that no-one was getting sleep anymore. There was about a week where he'd still wake up a couple times a night, but just the fact that I could take care of him/nurse him in his room and come back to my own bed and space made me so calm about the night wakings. A week later we had our first 7 hour stretch, and except for the occasional night here and there (like last night) it's continued.

Long week. Both of us working now and trying not to have to pay for sitters if we don't have to, so we're exhausted. But it's been great working again. Now I have nine days off before the next 5-day stretch of crazy busy times. (I know, my schedule is really weird). I'm looking forward to 9 days without him having to get formula. I still feel so weird about that, even though I know I didn't have a choice... this boy eats so much! On days when I watch him all day and then go to work and there's only one intermission which is barely 20 minutes long, I can only pump about an ounce or two, and he'll take 10 oz. while I"m gone. So I know I had no choice, and he still gets plenty of boobie juice, but the perfectionist in me didn't want formula to ever touch his lips. I've GOT to let up on myself. Why do we moms have to do everything JUST RIGHT or is it just me?

As for baby stuff, I plan to hang on to everything we use because we'll likely do this again in a couple years. At least one more time. (Maybe twice ) Not a lot of storage room but that never stopped us from keeping too much clutter around!
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Angelcat, where did you get a maternity bathing suit that lasted? Mine fell apart after two months. (I was swimming 5X a week though.)
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As far as I am concerned the threadkeeper has god-like (goddess?) powers and can pretty much do whatever she wants to the first post - change colors, add/alter text, switch order, whatever.

Baby stuff - I have no idea what we are going to do. We have very little storage space but DH is a hoarder. He hates hates HATES to throw away/give/sell things that he might need in the future. Even teeny tiny nonimportant things like phone cords (seriously people, we have a friggin' BAG of cords plus a whole other BOX that are full of cords and cables. I have no idea what any of those cords go to but DH refuses to part with any of them and gets VERY upset if I even bring up the idea). So I doubt we are going to part with our baby stuff (which means MORE clutter. Lovely). I don't even know if we are going to have another baby. I mean, maybe. But maybe not. Definitely not until Benjamin is at least 2.

Marie & Liz
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So miss A was four weeks on Thursday and since then she seems to have decided that now that she's a grown up she NEVER NEEDS TO SLEEP AGAIN. Ever. And really doesn't need to eat either except for in two minute spurts every hour or so. It's very cute that she's awake suddenly and alert during the day but really not so much at 3 or 5am.

On the plus side she smiled at me yesterday, totally the best day of my life.

Baby stuff, we're keeping ours. My sister is due in June so I'll probably lend her some of it but hopefully we'll be using it again soon (not TOO soon )

Housekeeping, the ONLY good thing about my MIL living with us is I can count on her to keep the floors clean and take the garbage to the garage at least. Otherwise we'd be living in filth, the only thing I've been able to keep up with is the laundry and that's because it's on the second floor and if I don't then I'll be out of diapers.

These are my two fav pics of her 1, 2
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Thread Starter 
So cute!!! Isabella has that grey and pink striped outfit, too. One of my favorites.

I like the idea of getting rid of the folks who didn't post in March. That way there's warning. I was thinking of doing that using January, but (and not out of laziness) I think doing it in March makes more sense. I can totally help.

I'm up for alphabetical order too, but will need a slow day at work to tackle that!

Sleep was okay last night...

Bad news on the housing front - looks like we'll be here for a while longer.
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Sarah, I think it's no coincidence that just when yer ready to throw in the towel cuz you can't take any more sleep deprivation, they start smiling or doing something else cute that makes it all worthwhile. Totally nature's design! Still, hope you get some sleep soon!
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so i think i told you that one of my new years resolutions was to make new mama friends (irl). so last night we had a double date with a couple where i know the woman from bfing support group. it was sort of a disaster in that dh, who can be very task-oriented, wanted to see art in the museum, whereas they wanted to eat at the $ museum restaurant and chat. dh has announced no more new parent meet ups for him.

dd is talking up a storm. i am bummed that she said dada/daddy before mommy/mama. she clearly means him, as she says it when he appears: ":hi dada! dada! dada! dada!" she does however acknowledge the boob, with the name "oomba." sorta like emily's coveted vacuum cleaner.

ok, she is insisting on being liberated from this leapfrog exersaucer i accepted as a hand-me-down and now feel totally guilty about. julia, re perfectionism, i think of it as a gap between what i believed pre-parenting (no containers like exersaucer) and what makes my life easier/saner now that she is here. so my pet thing in particular is against electronic toys that are directive or that introduce academic skills out of context and at developmentally inappropriate ages.

dh is in with this celeb online video of one of obama's speeches put to music. dd is in love with obama. i have to admit that when i was in law school i had a huge crush on him too.

okay, time to pay attention to dd.
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Pie, can you share the link to the obama video? We're big fans in our household.
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Here it is on you tube:


or just search for yes we can i think it's way popular

dh and i are a little bickery re what colors to paint the apt, what chsandelier to buy, etc. apparently his masculinity -- no, heterosexuality! -- is threatened by the color purple. or anything too bright, too dark, or too muddy. whatever the h that means.

emily, dh has a whole drawer of cords! i threw them all out in a decluttering frenzy my 3rd tri (i still hear about that) but he lready built up a new one. boyz!
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Here's my monthly post...I'll try not to write a book.

Funny, I was looking through the names, wondering if I was still on as I may have posted once last month. I lost track of the thread soon after...so active. I have limited time to do my stuff (at night after putting DS down, who wakes between sleep cycles..and lately he wakes up after DH tries to put him down after rocking him back to sleep..so I come to the rescue with booby), and I'm afraid that I am not internalizing names very well.

re: keeping stuff John is wearing 6-9 month stuff now, and DH wants to sell his old clothing on craigslist, but I've asked him to save it since I want another one. We haven't really outgrown any gear yet...we have limited gear!

Things I'm occupied with now...starting a class for my teacher certification, and need to take my test (and study for, since I took the prep class before John was born), researching vax, and obsessing over my TED (day #10, not that bad, but now having the occasional mucousy poop starting yesterday when there wasn't any...sigh).

Holy run-on sentences, Batman. And me a future English teacher.

Oh, I don't remember if I shared these prof pics last month... http://www.karenjacot.com/clients/john/
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Betsey those pics are gorgeous!!

Pie what a cool video!
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Phew I finally made it to the February thread! Looks great Elizabeth, thanks for hosting!

Natalia I love the pics of Aidan!

Liz and Marie!

Lane thanks for the compliments on Mathilde last month. I think she's adorable but I know I'm biased.

CJ congrats on the sleep! Woo hoo!

Emily I agree with your suggestion about removing names from the list. I didn't realize how long it was til I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled just to get past the first post!

Julia I'm glad you're getting past the guilt of supplementing with formula. It's super hard, but you know you're doing the best you can for Ollie. You're a great mama!

I've been busy fighting with my husband. The worst fights we've ever had in almost 15 years. Ugh this baby is so stressful. The Prevacid isn't working. I'm hoping she has a urinary tract infection. I know that sounds awful but it would explain her crying uncontrollably every time she pees, her general crankiness and why she goes through 20-30 diapers a day. Calling the ped first thing in the morning.

There's good news though! My neighbor is an awesome woman who took care of my dogs while I was in the hospital having Mathilde. I was wearing M in the Moby the other day while talking to her and she casually mentioned that she used to wear her babies 25 years ago and that she got her sling from LLL. She used to babysit my other neighbor's kids and they consider her family b/c they're so close. I just asked her if she'd consider watching M for a few hours a day and she said yes! Then she told me that she has a degree in early childhood development, used to watch all the kids in the neighborhood, breastfed her kids 2-3 years each... OMG I feel so lucky! I don't know what to pay her though. I asked & she said that's based on what I can afford & she's not doing it for the money. Well I can't actually afford anything since I live on loans, but I want to pay her fairly. Any ideas? I live in the south, about 1.5 hours from a major city. I couldn't find any child care info on Monster.com, so I don't even know what the range is. I'm considering this an investment toward getting my degree, b/c I'll actually have time to write. DH still wants a Wii. :
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dee hugs on the fighting with dh. that sounds pretty darn awful. but the babysitter next door is a dream come true! i am still driven to distraction over the lack of childcare options on our plate.

elizabeth, what happened with the new house? is the sale off or postponed?

dh sorta bungled negotiations with our landlord over what we're liable for when we move out, so that's a little stressful.

okay, gotta deal with job applications -- which is what is really stressful!!

emily, have you tried swaddling benjamin with his arms out?
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what are yall doing for valentine's day? i am not ready to leave dd for a date. dh is torn -- i think he wants a date but he also doesn't want to part with her. i can see myself being ready for a date (this is new) but just not yet.
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Valentine's day... hadn't even thought about it. Last year we just had a candlelight dinner at home so as to avoid the crowds, we'll probably do the same again this year. We don't usually do much... in my opinion it was invented by Hallmark to make money but I still am a girl and like to be acknowledged as DH's great love : so I'm torn.

Emily... how's Operation Deswaddle going? You're paving the way for us, cuz we still swaddle and will have to stop someday. Not looking forward to it for lack of sleep's sake, but I'm a terrible swaddler so I'll be happy when it's no longer necessary.
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Yeah, I'm actually not generally a fan of going out on Valentine's Day - it's so hard to get into restaurants and things tend to be "special" overpriced menus. I hadn't really thought about it, but I'll probably make a special dinner for us here, and we'll eat/celebrate V-day after putting Willa to bed.
I'll actually have just gotten back from a trip with Willa. DH can't travel because of his show, but Willa and I are going to join my mom out in Colorado this weekend for part off her women's ski week. I love all her friends who are out with her too, and I figured between my mom and numerous other baby-loving women her age, it shouldn't be hard for me to get a few hours each day to head out to the slopes. We'll just be there for a few days, but i'm SO looking forward to it. Chicago in winter is just not fun, especially with all the snow and cold we've had this winter.
And Jocelyn - I'm with you in that I can't wait to get Willa onto skis too! Probably still a couple years away, but I'm already looking forward to it.
She was weirdly fussy today. She'd be fine one minute, and then suddenly, with no warning or apparent cause, arch her back and start screaming. It was really weird. Dee, your post about the UTI actually made me wonder a little - When we took Willa to the doctor this week about her fever, one of the possibilities he mentioned was a UTI. I had pretty much ruled it out, since he said her pee would most likely be cloudy and smell really odd, but a couple times when she started crying it was right when she peed. Her fever has gone down though, now, so probably not the case?
I dont' know, but I definitely feel like something is off. She didn't seem like herself today...
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Ladies I'm at the end of my rope, Ave doesn't stop crying. She doesn't sleep at night anymore - I was up with her from 1 to 4:30 and then she got up again at 7. She won't settle in her swing or chair anymore, she won't settle when I rock or bounce her, nothing works. DH can't take it anymore and now we're fighting, he left early for work instead of helping me with her this morning and went to bed last night without helping. I don't know what to do anymore, I don't know if it's reflux or colic and I'm exhausted. I feel like one giant raw nerve.
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