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High fevers and autism

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My dd always seems to get high fevers ( 102-105). She will sometimes be lethargic, but other than that, no other symptoms. Does anyone else's autistic child get frequent fevers with no other symptoms?
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yes our boy does... his only other symptom is extreme sudden linguistic/developmental progress.
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yes, our son does. when he gets a fever it's always high. sometimes it's breif with no other symptoms. have you read the threads about developement bursts and fevers?

teach me to wait too long while posting. shaggydaddy beat me to it.
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yup, ds gets them as well. sometimes a little runny nose will acompany them, but most the time they have no rhyme or reason.
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Wow, interesting. Yes, I have read the other thread about fevers and development bursts. My dd also does show improvement in her behavior when she has a fever as well. She shows major behavior improvements, is cooperative, more even tempered, helpful, etc. I'm surprised to see that their are many of us that have kids with high fevers with unknown causes.
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when ds has a fever, he behaves and babbles well, at least until it gets to high, for him its around 101, he has a low threshold, and will get extremely lethargic and wont eat/drink, and has no idea what he wants, he wants comforting but doesnt want to be touched etc. So we use tylenol alot.
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Yes, my dd likes to be held, but doesn't like touching. I rubbed her back today and she said don't touch me. Oh, well, at least she likes being held and big hugs.
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My spectrum kiddos both get fevers with no other symptoms. I always just thought it was their bodies fighting something off.
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My boys got lots of misc, random temperatures as wee ones. I remember our first pedi saying "think of all the junk their bodies have to learn about, it's no wonder little kids have runny noses and unexplained high temps every now and then". IMO I don't think it's necessarily a function of autism, but rather a function of the body doing it's job to stay healthy, and perhaps a functional side effect is a fun little developmental burst for some children.
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